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Kitcheners Disco, Cheese & Funk Party Vinyl Edition

What Is It? Inspired by the 70s, 80s and 90s dance music culture, Angel Gurrant and Sumthin Brown bring you the vinyl edition of their discotheque themed night featuring SNO, Soul_Br_thr, Nchelux In The House(LST) at Kitcheners Bar. Come through for an epic night of throwback sounds and groovy dancing. Not to be missed. When […]

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GLOW at Katy's Palace Bar

What Is It? Disco divas and dancers, this one is just for you. Katy's Palace Bar want you to GLOW with them this July. They will be hosting a 'funkadelic' affair, bringing back the era of Disco, freedom and good vibes all round. So, get ready to groove along to the beats and sparkle like […]

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Abba Disco New Year's Eve

What Is It? Bust out your bell-bottoms and get your 70's disco groove on at The Moor's Castle's Abba Disco New Year's Eve party. Be the dancing queen you always knew you could be. Everyone secretly loves a bit of disco (especially Abba) so this party is definitely one to go to. With the best DJ in […]

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