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Keep Cool With Frost Popsicles' Five New Flavours!

A Summertime Treat! We know we've JUST stepped to Spring, but let's face it, we only really have TWO seasons in South Africa: Summer and Winter. Soon our Spring will morph into Summer without us realising it, and we'll be left in the blistering heat doing everything we can to try keep cool. And sometimes fans, […]

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Nova Chocolate Brings You Tempered Treats Without The Guilt

Who Are Nova Chocolate? Who doesn’t love chocolate? The more, the better! The only problem is that it’s not the healthiest treat and not everyone can enjoy it without an allergic reaction or spiking their blood-sugar levels (think lactose-intolerance and diabetes). Cue, Nova Chocolate! This company is passionate about creating and supplying healthier chocolate products […]

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