How To Survive Without Sports, An Open Letter To All Sports Fanatics

Don't Worry We've Got You!

Staying indoors is the best thing to do right now. We can't really complain, but must admit we miss having sports - but don't worry, sports will be back like they never left.

Catch Up On Some Highlights That You’ve Missed

This is the reason why we so love the internet, because it safely stores all of the best moments for us. So, rather than not having any sports at all, catch up on all the highlights you’ve missed and those you want to re-watch. You know you are a true sports fan when you can watch a good match over and over and never get bored.

Subscribe To Sports Talk Shows and Radio Shows

With this you can learn more about what’s happening in the world of sports, as well as the players to look out for. We know that the desperation to know what is going in the world of sport at a time like this is growing by the second, so why not keep yourself informed by checking sites like Super Sports or BBC Sports?

How About A Sports Movie?

Grab some popcorn and let's enjoy some movies! This time around we're watching sports movies, giving you anything from baseball movies to basketball movies - really the list goes on. Start with these ones:


How About You Try Doing Some Physical Activities At Home?

Maybe we should train like we're getting ready for a huge match, because we all want to be in good shape, right? So, get a few exercise videos online and make the most of this quarantine!