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Artish Event

What Is It? Artish is a two word abbreviation where "Art" stands for ARTWORKSPHOTOGRAPHY and "Ish" for IZISHIMANE. The Artish Event will be the outbreak of these two local brands. The event will build a platform for all upcoming artists, local clothing brands, small businesses such as photography, music, craft and more. Come through for a […]

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Mootee Bar Is Melville's Strangest Drinking Hole

31 January 2018 was the official launch of Johannesburg’s first 100% bartender-owned craft bar. Devin Cross, Peter Good, Denzel Heath and Dom Walsh, four renowned bartenders with vast international experience in hospitality, are the brains behind the bar. Mootee Bar, described as a place of healing for the soul, makes use of modern culinary and mixology techniques, […]

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The Greensider

My wife told me about this little gem the other day and from the brief description she gave me, I just knew it was going to be huge. Located along the popular Gleneagles strip in Greenside, The Greensider is Johannesburg’s new neighbourgood market joining the likes of the In 2 Fresh market in Modderfontein and […]

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