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Fruit and Veg Seasonal Chart

Spring – September, October, November Fruit: Apples Avocados Bananas Cape gooseberries Coconuts Dates Grapefruit Guavas Lemons Naartjies Nectarines Oranges Pawpaws or papaya Pears Pineapples Sweet melon Strawberries Apricots Blackberries Cherries Plums Prunes Raspberries Sweet melon Watermelon Vegetables: Artichokes Asparagus Aubergines or Eggplants Baby marrows Beetroot Brussels sprouts Kale spinach Maize or corn on the cob […]

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Corn Humitas Recipe

Ingredients 12 large ears of corn 2 tbsp vegetable oil 1 onion, diced 1 tsp ground paprika 1 cup of cornmeal 3 leaves of sweet basil Directions Make a circular cut around the base of each ear of corn, about one inch from the bottom. Remove the leaves and divide into pairs. If you’re working […]

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