Rose gold, bronze and copper are taking over the jewellery and design industries. This trend started a few years ago and has since boomed in South Africa. Individuals, jewellery designers and interior designers have taken full advantage of the beauty of these metals.

The Fine Line

Despite being the hype in the home décor, jewellery and restaurant industries, there is a bit of confusion surrounding the differences between rose gold, bronze and copper.

The main difference between these metals is the colour:

Rose gold is pink with a tinge of gold.

Bronze is a metallic brown with a hint of gold.

Copper is a reddish brown.

Why These Became A Trend

Copper, rose gold and bronze have become trendy simply because they offer a stylish alternative to traditional metals, like silver and gold.

These colours and accents are versatile, and can be appropriate for both masculine and feminine styles. These metals offer the perfect stylish accessory, whether you are a man or woman, young or old.

Be Inspired


These accents have inspired jewellery designs, creating a unique look and feel. Ladies can opt for rose gold, copper and bronze bracelets, necklaces and rings. However, not only ladies have been inspired by these accents. Gents are also loving these metals, adding accessories to their wardrobes, such as cufflinks.

Designers are also taking full advantage of these metals, creating masterpieces such as watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and so much more.

Interior Design

Interior designers are changing the game with these metals, using them to design breathtaking kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms.

Of course, furniture is a simple way to add some rose gold, bronze and copper into the mix. Furniture architects have also taken furniture design to new levels with accents of these metals.


Rose gold has taken stationery to a new level. You only need to look at all the rose gold stationery at Typo to see why. This innovative stationery is simply gorgeous.

Other things that have been inspired by rose gold, bronze and copper accents are:

Take a look at our rose gold, copper and bronze style guide:

Rose Gold, Bronze And Copper

Photo By Dan Smedley

Rose Gold, Bronze And Copper

Photo By Plush Design Studio

Rose Gold, Bronze And Copper

Photo By Plush Design Studio

Rose Gold, Bronze And Copper

Photo By Alexandru Acea

Rose Gold, Bronze And Copper

Photo By Kara Eads