To chef Angela, of Taste-Buds, cooking is a form of therapy and a source of never-ending joy. The kitchen is situated in Sundowner, a stone's throw away from Northgate Shopping Centre. Courses include cupcake making and authentic Chinese and Moroccan cuisine, to name a few. Chef Angela will teach you all the tricks of the trade from best practices to new and refreshing recipes ideas.

Susan Graig

In the heart of Sandton lies one of the city's best kept secrets. Susan Greig offers once-a-month inspirational courses, with a new theme every month. These courses have been designed to cater to people with a basic knowledge of food, who would like to improve their skills in the kitchen.

Miya's Sushi

What list of food courses would be complete without the inclusion of a specialist programme? For the past 30 years, chef Katsuhiko Miyamoto, or Miya, has been cooking up authentic Japanese recipes in restaurants all over the city. His vision is to share his skill and knowledge with all who care to listen. Besides, sushi is huge in Jozi and is a great way to impress friends and family. So why not sign up for a fun class or course today?

Best Places To Take Cooking Classes

Capsicum Culinary Studio

This studio is all about getting behind the science and design of food. With over six branches nationwide, Capsicum is fast becoming the go-to food school in the country. Fortunately, for the rest of us who can't cook like the experts, the institution offers professional courses. If you want to whip up dishes in the same fashion that Heston Blumenthal does, then Capsicum is worth a visit.

Best Places To Take Cooking Classes

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