Movie Night

Gift baskets are a lovely way to spoil families and individuals with lots of little treats. This movie night gift basket is a great example of that. Start with a giant popcorn bowl. Pack it full with a family friendly DVD, some microwave popcorn, chocolates and sweets and a bottle of cold drink.

Picnic Basket

Picnics can be a great way for families to have some down time. All this gift requires is a basket loaded with kid friendly treats, biltong, nuts and a refreshing drink. Include some serviettes, paper plates and a handy map of a picnic spot nearby.

DIY Sundaes

Christmas in Joburg can be sweltering. This is not only a gift that will delight kids of all ages, but it will also keep them cool. Simply pack a basket with ice cream cones, chocolate fudge sauce, an ice cream scoop and lots of fun toppings. Include sprinkles, nuts, sweets and cherries.


Cookie Baking

The cookie baking gift basket is great fun and perfect to create some family bonding time. Load a wooden spoon, cookie cutters, a cookie pre-mix, icing sugar as well as sprinkles, crushed nuts and sweets into a mixing bowl. Remember to include a recipe and instructions.

Board Game

We love board games because they're not only fun, but they're educational too. Board games can help kids develop their communication skills, teach them general knowledge and show them that losing doesn't have to be so bad. Some of our favourites include Pictionary, 30 Seconds and Monopoly.

Water Guns

Christmas in South Africa is made for days lazing by the beach, or in the swimming pool if you're staying in Joburg. And what better way to enjoy the summer than some water fun? A set of water guns will bring families adrenaline packed fun for hours at a time.

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