What Is It?

The MercyMe South Africa Tour is here and they are taken you to church, literally!

This contemporary christian band is about to share an unforgettable experience with you, Johannesburg. They are bringing something fresh and unforgettable.

Grab some friends and capture every moment as they give praise.

A must experience.

When Is It?

Thursday, 30 November 2020 at 19:00

Where Is It?

How Much Is It?

Tickets are R350 - R375 per person, get your tickets here.

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Find more information here.

Finding a good restaurant with delicious food and an authentic ambience that is fresh and exciting can be tough. The question is, where do you find something exciting and different? The answer, NCW Restaurant.

An Explorer's World

Melville had its proud moment when NCW landed in the bustling area. The restaurant offers non-conventional food pairings, impeccable presentation and plating as well as an unexpected environment.

NCW Restaurant Melville Johannesburg

NCW is an explorer's world. If you are looking to explore unexpected food combinations, the NCW Restaurant is the place to be. This spot brings together a feeling of warmth and unique spontaneous touches that will trigger wistful memories.

NCW graced an Edwardian building and gave it an unforgettable signature look with touches of old and new to create a contemporary finish.

Enjoy the outdoor seating for some sundowners before heading indoors for an amazing dinner and good music. This spot gives off a taste of Mediterranean, tropical and urban at the same time. Talk about variety.

NCW Restaurant Melville Johannesburg

Textures, Colours & Collages - John Vusi Mfupi

The Spice Of Variety

This restaurant is a place where food, the art of food and art come together. The breathtaking combination speaks to the Joburg crowd, who are always on the move to find the next unique thing.

The interior complements their artistic style and diverse menu courtesy of the versatile chef.

NCW Restaurant Melville Johannesburg

The Food

The food will introduce you to a new side of your palate. Expect cuisine bursting with flavour, unexpected delicious delights and extraordinary plating.

Chef Ence will bring new flavours to your food journey. Ence has worked for well known food industry names, such as Roots Restaurant and Overture. This experienced chef wants to introduce the new delights he has found on his own ventures.

NCW Restaurant Melville Johannesburg

NCW has a seasonal menu, making sure that you get something fresh, new and unpredictable every season. All this amazing food and inspiration-on-a-plate is the work of Chef Ence Willemse who is supported by Chef Ofentse Mathope and Phillip.

The Restaurant

At this restaurant you'll find the love of food and music all under one roof, showcasing just how all of these elements work together to tell one story.

Boasting a wine cellar, you can expect delicious drinks to compliment your meal. Food and wine lovers can experience a world of exploring. You never know, you might discover pairings you never have before. Melville has surely received a gem with NCW.

NCW Restaurant Melville Johannesburg

Book your reservation and prepare yourself for an amazing time out in vibrant Melville.

Opening Hours:

Lunch: Tuesday - Sunday: 12:00 - 18:00.

Dinner: Wednesday - Saturday: 18:30 - 23:00.

For More Information

For more information about this restaurant, visit their website at www.ncwrestaurant.com.

You can also contact them on 011 482 1998 or [email protected].

Also, don’t forget to check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

What Is It?

The Royal Ballet  presents a passion piece by Henryk Mikolaj Górecki. Come and enjoy a twist to the ballet house with Flight Pattern Triple Bill with their contemporary performance.

This massive ensemble promises a spectacular dance performance inspired by theatrical splats of character. Flight Pattern is based on seven couples separating and intermingling.

Get your tickets now!

Where Is It?

Delta Park Environmental Centre, Victory Park, Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

When Is It?

Sunday, 30 June 2019 at 14:00

How Much Is It?

Tickets are R80 - R100 per person, get your tickets Here.

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For more information, visit Here.

What Is It?

Come and enjoy a good evening that is all about good deeds and vibes, the  Dance To Make A Difference event is bringing all dancers, both local and international to witness a spectacular evening of dance.

All the proceeds will be going to Door of Hope, a charity for abandoned children. So come and show your support.

The performance will be mainly ballet with touches of contemporary here and there, tickets are running out fast so be sure to get yours now to avoid disappointment.

Let's get booking!

Where Is It?

St Mary's School, The Edge, 55 Athol Street, Waverley, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

When Is It?

Tuesday, 11 June 2019 at 19:30

How Much Is It?

Tickets are R350 per person, get your tickets Here.

For More Information

For more information, visit Here.

What Is It?

Don't miss out on this Eastern extravaganza, offering guests everything from ample shopping and delicious food to dazzling performances by Oriental Fire Entertainment and Surya Supreme Dance, cooking demonstrations, a beer garden, beauty treatments and skin analysis by Dolce Vita Beauty Centre, cake tasting, mehndi applications and loads more. There will even be a guest appearance by Miss India Gauteng 2018. There will be a variety of vendors offering top notch services for both traditional and contemporary Indian brides. And it only gets better! Loads of giveaways and competitions will be part of the entertainment lineup.

Whether you are planning your dream wedding or want to enjoy a fun day out with your loved ones, this bridal expo is a must. A Kiddies Korner play area will also be available to entertain the little ones while you do a little bit of strolling and shopping.

When Is It?

Sunday, 07 April 2019 at 09:00 - 17:00.

Where Is It?

Everwood Country Weddings, Nooitgedacht, Muldersdrift, Gauteng.

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost R99 per person and can be purchased from Quicket. Children under 16 enter free.

Tickets include access to all stalls; competitions; the beer garden; all workshops and live demonstrations; the meet and great with Miss India Gauteng 2018 as well as the chance to view performances by Oriental Fire Entertainment and Surya Supreme Dance.

Parking is free and secure.

For More Information

For more information about this event, visit www.indianbridalexpo.online. You can also contact them on [email protected] or 063 680 5264.

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook for the latest news and announcements.

What's Hip And Happening

Tokyo street culture has served as inspiration in the fashion industry. Which is why Diesel's new collection has drawn so much motiovation from this trend. The whole inspiration for this collection comes from these vibes, strong and distinctive which perfectly matches Diesel's underlying rock spirit.

Diesels 48 hours raves braves

What To Expect From The Collection

Drawing inspiration from Tokyo’s extreme street style, apparel and denim, Diesel represents the ultimate trend for men and women, embodying the brand's renewed attitude, contemporary, international and bolder. This is the everyday look, the 'I didn't try too hard, but I still look good' look. This style focuses on the continuing evolution of Diesel's key pillars: denim leather, outerwear and sweaters.

Presenting very vibrant and youthful fall/winter collection 2018. With sun-bleached acid pastels colors representing the transition from summer to winter, together with stonewashed and bleached treatments on vintage denim. Authenticity is the mantra for the denim, where the journey towards the rediscovery of a more authentic denim reaches new frontiers. Certain washes are accented with red cotton thread in the hem, to mimic flames representing a “Raves for Braves” ' attitude.

Diesels 48 hours raves braves

The collection will be in stores from 20th of August 2018. Check them out on Instagram, or Facebook page.

Katu Vellies

Jono Dangoumou is a bright young lad from the West Rand who's making waves in the local SME scene. We caught up with him to chat about launching his brand, Katu Vellies, from the ground up.

You could start any business - why venture into Vellies?

I received a scholarship to study entrepreneurship in New Zealand. We had to do a marketing assignment and I thought about iconic South African products. Vellies came to mind. After pitching the idea to my classmates I realised that many people were fed up with the quality of Chinese made shoes that dominate the shoe industry. Katu Vellies was the answer to that. A quality, durable shoe that can last for years. I realised that many vellie manufacturers never updated their designs and most were struggling along or even closing. So, I thought that I can take the best elements of a vellie which is its durability and modernise it slightly it would appeal to people. And it did. My class project then developed into a business.

You are known as quite a savvy businessman. Where does this come from?

My father has been an entrepreneur all his life, so I grew up in a family that talks about ideas and business around the dinner table. I find it exciting to try and create something from nothing and seeing an idea take shape in the real world. I get a kick out of creating value for other people and getting rewarded for it.

Katu Vellies

You studied in New Zealand. How did that go?

I received a scholarship to do a Master in Entrepreneurship. It was an incredible experience. We were a very creative group of entrepreneurs and the course was a very practical take on what it takes to build a successful business. I also realised that South Africa has many opportunities because entrepreneurship is basically problem-solving. There are many problems to solve in developing countries. After returning I was motivated to try something new that is uniquely South African.

What's the one thing they don't teach you in business school that you've learned?

Success isn’t a linear process. Academics usually teach/give the impression that if you follow certain steps and do them well you will be successful. Starting a business is usually one step forward two steps back. Many setbacks followed by minor successes. But if you have the grit to push through then good things can happen.

How do you go about making your brand different from your competitors? 

We thrive on feedback from our customers and use the info to improve the shoes. Most fashion brands tell consumers what's cool and what products they should like and use the influence of a famous person to do it. We used a different approach. We put a product out in the market and keep our ears open. By creating this loop of feedback, it helps us in improve the vellies, in the same way, software improves and brings out a better version each year based on what consumers want.

What goes into make a pair of shoes? Is the entire thing made under one roof or do the soles come from a different factory and so on? 

In terms of shoemaking there … On one end of the spectrum, you have Chinese factories that make 10 000 generic pairs of shoes a day and on the other artisan Japanese shoemakers that make 50 pairs per year of which every single element of the shoe is handmade and even hand stitched. So there are different ways to make a shoe. We use older tools and machinery that still require human interaction and decision making to make our Katu Vellies. Giving them the unique hand-crafted look. In the workshops we work with 90% of the shoe is made under one roof. But you do source various parts from other places.

Katu Vellies is known for its thriving e-commerce store. Without giving away any secrets, what are the three important points to remember when it comes to creating an online store for your products?

  1. People should know about the store (Marketing & Build a Brand).
  2. Because online shopping is still a growing trend in SA (this is growing rapidly) you have to guide the consumer through the online sales process and that may take some human interaction.
  3. Under promise and over deliver (especially regarding delivery times).

What's the importance of social media in getting your brand out there?

It is important to tell authentic stories and to make consumers part of the story. Your brand has to stand for something important that creates an emotional connection with the consumer. Yes, you sell shoes, but why? For us, it is to change people’s minds to realise that the “fast-fashion” industry is causing labour problems in developing countries and damaging the environment. The textile and clothing industry is one of the contributors to pollution. We want people to buy a quality piece of clothing, love it and wear it for many years. We also want customers to know that everyone in our value-chain receives a fair wage. So by telling this story online people who share the same values respond to it. With the current digital overload, never forget the power of an off-line, word-of-mouth interaction. Wearing a pair of  Katu Vellies at a braai has sparked many interesting conversations.

Lastly, why should every single person in Joburg be wearing a pair of Katu Vellies?

Because it is a uniquely South African product, made in South Africa by South Africans.

For more info, visit the Katu Vellies store online. 



SHF offers beautiful, on-trend furniture and decor at incredibly reasonable prices, which is why we love their stores. From turquoise velvet trunks to floral armchairs, the 'Living' section includes seating, storage and ottomans, while 'Dining' has the biggest range of show-stopping tables and dining chairs, as well as sideboards and chic bar stools. Then there's the 'Bedroom' section with headboards and side tables in every shape, size and material, and 'Outdoor' furniture so sophisticated you'll feel like you've stepped into someone's penthouse balcony.

Exquisite Cuts

Fabric, fabric, fabric! As Exquisite Cuts says: We scour every corner of the fabric world to bring you the latest and greatest trends, colours, textures and designs. So, if you're looking for that stand-out piece of material for your ottoman, scatter cushions, curtains or tablecloth, this is the place to find it. Oh, and they have tables of fabric laid out so you can feel them as well as admire. Bliss.

Forest Collection

These wood furniture experts offer bespoke designs for everything from wine cellars to beds, desks and libraries. Whatever you need built into your home, they can make it. And whatever made-to-fit furniture you need, they can do that too. They also create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces out of the roots of mighty trees. Pay them a visit to chat about your needs.

inlay floor

Design & Decor Lab

If you’ve reached that stage where your home or office is screaming for an overhaul, enlist the experts from Design & Decor Lab to help you. Not only do they customise the design to suit your lifestyle and taste, they will also make all the furniture, window treatments and anything else needed for the space. The bonus? They offer a one-year warranty on all their items.


The JVB Furniture Collection has a single-minded goal: to help South Africans create a timeless sense of occasion in their day-to-day living. Their pieces are striking and modern; easy to picture in a Maboneng loft or Sandhurst mansion. Think gorgeous stainless steel coupled with mustard velvets; upholstery in hues of greys and champagnes and cabinets made from wood. They also offer Interior Design Services, so give them a call if you're needing a home overhaul.


You've not experienced amazing sound and tech until you've paid Icons a visit in Kramerville. It's more than a music and audio store, it's an experience complete with a top notch kitchen staffed with people obsessed with pushing culinary boundaries. We highly recommend that you swing by Icons and experience it for yourself. To boot, Icon also hosts a wide variety of events: from cooking classes to movie nights, there truly is something for everyone. You can find them at Unit 4, Design on Appel, Appel Road Kramerville, Sandton, Gauteng.


Halogen International stocks and distributes local and international fabrics and wall coverings from over 30 of the world's most exclusive fabric houses, and they offer a range of over 200 hand-selected local fabrics to choose from. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to fabric choice – woven, quilted, kelim, velvet, linen – and pattern. Go find something special.

Tonic Design

Minimalistic designs have been making a strong stand in the design world. If you like neat, simple and classy, then Tonic Design is the place to go. We particularly love the Nova bed design – its clean lines will look good in any modern bedroom.


For artistic pieces, treasures with a rustic look or Africa inspired pieces, Amatuli is the place to go. We adore the African face mask display sets and the black and white fine art portraiture by David Ballam.

Living Kitchens – Bulthaup 

Looking for premium and high-end kitchen designers who have worked in southern Africa and beyond? Then look no further than Living Kitchens – Bulthaup. They understand that the kitchen is the heart of any home or, as they would put it, the focal point of your home. Who better to design your kitchen than them? Check out their showroom for inspiration.

Classic Bond Decor

Looking for elegant decor items that wont break the bank? Then we recommend you head to Classic Bond Decor. This classic Le Med mini chaise is just the piece for a cosy reading corner, while the contemporary white painted server will look elegant in any dining room.


Dejan Custom Furniture

Dejan Custom Furniture prides itself in designing quality and stylish bespoke furniture for its niche clientele. We absolutely adore the circle mirrors in their accessories section. Have a look and be dazzled.

Dreamweaver Studios

Are you more of a wallpaper than paint person? Then Dreamweaver is the place to go. It's a designer's little haven as they offer both wallpaper and remarkable fabrics. Best still, if you need more time to ponder and decide what you like, they have sample books available.


If you've always had a thing for Italian design, Eurocasa should be your first stop the next time you're in Kramerville. Have a look at their gallery for stunning room sets, including kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Have we missed your favourite design and decor store? Let us know below!

Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the journalist. We only write about what we love.

Esther Mahlangu's initial collaboration with BMW was in 1991, where she was asked to paint a BMW Art Car. 25 years later, the company commissioned the artist to paint the interior panels of a BMW Individual 7 Series, with the one-of-a-kind car going up for auction at the Frieze Art Fair in London in October 2017.

Talk about great things coming together. Thomas Girst, an art historian, author, and Head of Cultural Engagement at BMW, says BMW's decision to commission Esther was because of her ability to blend the traditional with modern, making her now-recognised Ndebele contribution to contemporary art.

Esther's first car – following a lineage that includes Andy Warhol, Alexander Calder, Frank Stella, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, and many other well-known male artists of the Western canon – has done a lot to keep the history and magnitude of Ndebele painting alive.

bmw model

Traditionally, Ndebele paintings were done to signify momentous life events such as births, deaths, initiations, or weddings. Esther grew up watching her mother and grandmother painting their home according to relevant life events.

The colours and patterns used in the more current Ndebele prints started around the 1940s when Esther was growing up. She began painting on canvas but soon realised that not everyone would be able to see Ndebele paintings, and she worried that they would eventually die out and only be remembered in history books and museums. This prompted Esther to begin approaching galleries and museums with her work, actively promoting the art form.


Looking at a completed artwork by Esther you would think that she uses preliminary drawings and lines in her paintings. But, in an article by Marina Cashdan, we learn that the 81-year-old possesses "superhuman precision and uses a delicate chicken feather as her brush. She applies thick black lines in patterns that echo Ndebele beadwork but in paint, then adds swathes of rich colour."

With the kind of magnitude and relevance such an artist brings to herself and our country, it's no surprise that in 2004 she collaborated with the late former president Nelson Mandela. Working from drawings Mandela had done, Esther embellished the prints using the traditional Ndebele style for which is globally renowned. Six stunning paintings were created from this glorious collaboration and exhibited at The Melrose Gallery, which Esther was reported as saying was "her most memorable collaboration


To learn more about Esther Mahlangu or see more of her amazing paintings, visit here.

Images sourced from artsy.net and The Melrose Gallery.

A Luxurious Summer Getaway

Leave the everyday behind and step into a world reserved for those with discerning taste.

From the moment you enter through the impressive wooden doors, you’re greeted with an exclusive ambience laced with the hotel's signature scent. Designer furniture, fine dining and sumptuous comfort combine to tempt your every sense, while exceptional service elevates the experience into a class of its own.

Take full advantage of the warm weather and enjoy a light lunch or cocktail at the one-of-a-kind Pool Bar. Kick off your shoes and cool off as you dine alfresco at one of the tables immersed in the shallows of the sparkling pool.

An added benefit for Marriott Rewards members is that you can earn, redeem and enjoy full Elite Marriott Rewards benefits at the African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel, Autograph Collection. Only here will you experience a stay that's exactly like nothing else.

After all, if it were for everyone, it wouldn’t be extraordinary.

African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel, Autograph Collection

Enjoy Up To 20% Off Your Stay

Offer Details

Terms and Conditions

African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel, Autograph Collection

For More Information

For bookings and more information, visit their website www.africanpridemelrosearch.com

Tel: 011 214 6666

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: www.facebook.com/africanpridehotels (@melrosearchhotel)

Instagram: www.instagram.com/melrosearchhotel

Address: 1 Melrose Square, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

Dine is style at the Life Grand Café. Offering a range of succulent meals from light tangy salads to tasty desserts - all your starter to dessert needs will all be met. The cafe also offers fabulous drinks, whether you're looking for a colourful summer cocktail, a strong single or double shot of something, they will hook you up. With stunning decor to feast your eyes on while you eat, you'll feel right at home.

Have you been here? Rate and review your experience below!


The Fat Zebra

Linden is the perfect brunch spot for any suburb dweller. Escape from the big city vibes and pull in to The Fat Zebra for a relaxed bite to eat and a great cup of coffee or tea. The pastries and cakes on display are all delicious, you can't go wrong. Our favourite breakfast is the Eggs Benedict – their hollandaise sauce is out of this world.


Steyn City has a lot to offer, and one of its most prized possessions is the five-star Nineteenthe clubhouse restaurant and bar, set on the golf course. The interior design is modern African-inspired, while the food and service are world-class. We recommend their lamb potjie for a traditional kick to the taste buds.

Salsa Mexican Grill

Who would have thought that Parkhurst would be the home of Mexican cuisine? Salsa Mexican Grill brings a twist to traditional Mexican food by allowing patrons to construct their own food from ingredients on the menu, all of which are sourced locally. Salsa focuses on quality and being a health-conscious restaurant.


Perron in Bryanston prides itself on having a wide variety of Mexican food, not only the usual fare of tacos, nachos and enchiladas. Any meal at Perron should be accompanied by a shot or two of their excellent tequilas.




This top restaurant in the northern suburbs deserves your attention. For quite some time now Gemelli has been feeding flocks of people the best Italian food we've had in ages. The vibe is awesome, the wine is good and the food is even better. Check out their wagyu beef – best, buttery meat out there.

AJ's In The Park

Feel like kicking a picnic without actually doing the whole picnic vibe? Then AJ's In The Park is just the place for you. Their pizzas and other comfort food is off the hook and will be a hit with the whole family. Our top pick would be the prosciutto pizza – absolute brilliance.


In Ferreirasdorp next to Newtown, there's an Asian fusion restaurant that brings art, design and food together not only within the confines of its walls but also in its food creations. Urbanologi is the inner city's experimental foodie hotspot, set inside a local brewery. Our favourite is the marjoram-cured lamb rib kushiyaki. Sold? We thought so!





Zoo Lake Boat Ride

There's a very good reason why Joburgers flood Zoo Lake over weekends. It's picturesque, tranquil and brilliant. Sneak away from the crowd by renting a boat and rowing to the middle of the lake with your sweetheart in hand. The boats are pretty stable so getting down on one knee won't be a problem. The ride is also fairly cheap and costs about R10.

Click here for more information.

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

Flora and fauna come together to make every moment special at the botanical gardens. Grab your significant other, head to Roodepoort and look for a special spot on the lawns or at the waterfall.

Click here for more information.

Top of Africa, Carlton Centre

Just picture the sun is setting over the City of Gold and you're down on one knee about to open a little box containing your entire future. At 59 stories below, the city is moving at its own pace but up in the clouds, your heart is running a marathon... yes! We just sold this idea to you, didn't we?

Click here for more information.

Bill Harrop's Orignal Balloon Ride

Get that romance up in the air while drifting high above the majestic Magaliesberg mountain range over the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site, only 45km north of Johannesburg’s northern suburbs. This unique and almost supernatural view of the world is a remarkable way to ask for his or her hand in marriage.

Click here for more information.

Your Own Back Yard

Yup. You can leave a trail of flowers all the way to a secluded spot in the back of your own yard and propose right there. This works quite well if the two of you moved in together at that abode. How romantic? We know, right. That's why you love us so much.

Know other romances spots to propose not mentioned above? Let us know below!

Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the journalist. We only write about what we love.

Possums On Burnside

If you are looking for a peaceful, relaxed and comfortable space filled with arty elements, this is the perfect place. Not only is Possums on Burnside welcoming and serene, their gardens are so picturesque they’re sure to evoke only good conversation covered in laughter. Should either party’s conversational skills lack; they have various conversation starters – from the art pieces for sale, to the amazing tapas by The Dec. There is also a fine dining option at The Bistro. It’s a recipe for success! This spot is best for afternoon dates.

86 Public

Maybe you’re after a more vibrant yet cosy setting that still allows for good conversation while you and your date sip on some amazing sangria and munch on delicious pizza? In that case, 86 Public is calling your name! This restaurant is located in the vibrant area of Braamfontein, so a great vibe and a good time are almost always certain. What’s great about this location is that the atmosphere increases the chance of a successful date — in fact, it might even prompt the date to progress to a night of dancing in Braam. Dancing evokes happy hormones so it’s a win-win!

Milk Bar

Want milk? They’ve got milk. Well, not really, but I’m almost certain it can be arranged if you ask nicely. Milk Bar is great for afternoon and evening dates. However, if the main objective is to get know each other better, afternoons are recommended. The setting is comfortable, the décor rich with different cultural elements and they have an epic food and drinks menu. Plus, they’ve got soft music in the background by day, and louder music in the background at night. Evening dates at the Milk Bar can be advantageous if you want to go dance up in Katy’s Palace Bar after food and drinks – good vibes only.

Emmarentia Dam

So maybe you think going to a restaurant for a first date is too mainstream and overtly overdone? In that case, try a morning or afternoon picnic at Emmarentia Dam. Buy yourself a picnic basket, pack some yummy treats and drinks in there and you’re done. Have yourself a lovely picnic by the dam, enjoy nature, good conversation, and a peaceful atmosphere. This setting is also great for capturing memories, so pack your camera (or charge your phone) and have fun with it.

Nice On 4th

If you’d like to take your date to a place where you can share and enjoy literature, before or after indulging in some divine food and drinks, Nice on 4th is a must-visit! Not only will your taste buds be tantalised, but your mind will also be pleased with all the amazing literature in the neighbouring Nice Books. So here’s what you could do – get there, grab a drink, chat a bit, go to Nice Books, pick out a book to read or browse through as a conversation starter, sit back at your table, grab a bite and let the conversation flow. Successful date, done and dusted!

Roll Egoli Roller Rink

When was the last time you went roller skating and had some good old fun with someone you really like? Why not go to Roll Egoli Roller Rink for your first date? It's the quickest way to bond and get to know each other in a non-conventional way, plus it's tons of fun! There's even a garden where you can sit and relax in-between skating sessions, which will give you the perfect opportunity to talk, laugh and people watch. And don't worry about refreshments, the rink has a self-service cafeteria with all sorts of yummy food, from wood-fired pizza to hot and cold beverages.

The Ice Rink

If roller skating isn't really your thing, try ice skating instead. There are several great Ice Rinks to choose from to have your perfect first date. Nothing like some skating fun to break the ice. For a first date, definitely book online or book ahead before showing up, you'll get a few brownie points to throw in the bag and win over your date's heart! The most central ice rink to give a try is the one located at Northgate. There is always a great vibe and tons of people enjoying themselves, and well, fun is contagious. Since the rink is located in the Northgate Mall, you can even grab a bite or catch a movie afterwards. Show your date how diverse your fun having can be!

Northcliff Hill

We might not be in the beautiful mountainous Cape Town but we still have some picturesque hills in Joburg where we can enjoy breathtaking views of our city. Why not treat your date to a lovely afternoon on Northcliff Hill and let the romance unfold? Pack a few treats and drinks and prepare to have your date admire the city in awe. The Hill is peaceful but, if you like, you can even take some music with you and, of course, capture a lot of photographs to remember the day.

Fourways Farmers Market

Open every Sunday from 09:00 until 16:00, the Fourways Farmers Market is a great pick for a successful first date. Located right across from the famous Monte Casino, the market is frequented by food lovers and social folks alike. The place has a great vibe and there is even a stage where live music gigs are usually held at the delight of regular and new-time customers. With great music, great food and a great atmosphere, the market definitely works in your favour for a successful first date!

Eat Your Heart Out

Lunch and dinner can be so overrated! Why not try to have a breakfast first date at Eat Your Heart Out in Maboneng? Catch the morning breeze and indulge in some delicious breakfast foods. And there's no cut-off time to the breakfast menu — it's all day! Lunch meals are also available should your breakfast turn into lunch because you're enjoying each other's company so much. To top it off, they also have scrumptious daily cakes and sweets, just to add some extra sugar to the date. Hot and cold drinks are available to cater to any weather conditions the city might throw at you.

Have we left out your favourite first date venue? Let us know which one below!

Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the journalist. We only write about what we love.

33 On First offers an outdoor pool, a shared lounge and complimentary WiFi. The 4-star guesthouse is located in the trendy suburb of Melville, where the Melville Koppies Nature Reserve is also located.

Rooms at the guesthouse are air-conditioned, come with a satellite television, and include private bathrooms. Each room is designed and decorated to emulate local culture.

For dining, the guesthouse offers an English breakfast in the dining room. For more dining options, guests can visit 7th Street in Melville, which is full of restaurants and bars.

Have you been here? Rate and review your experience below!

Plumpudding Guest House is situated in the Rossmore area of Johannesburg. The guest house features an outdoor pool, barbecue facilities, private parking and complimentary WiFi.

Rooms at the guest house come inclusive of a flatscreen television, kettle, and a private bathroom. For a day of fun and adventure, guests can visit Gold Reef City & Casino, which is located just 6km from the guesthouse.

For dining, the guest house offers enjoyable meals in the guest house's restaurant.

Have you been here? Rate and review your experience below!


Located in the Riviera suburb, Splice is a modern self-catering apartment hotel with a 24-hour reception. It is situated about eight minutes away from Killarney Mall.

Splice's rooms are bright, spacious with an open plan lounge, a flatscreen television and a dining area. A microwave oven, refrigerator and dishwasher is included in each apartment's kitchen.

For guests who don't feel like cooking, the hotel is 15 minutes away from different types of restaurants to pick from.

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If you are looking to stay in an artistic hotel located in an artistic area and filled with artistic people, look no further than the 12 Decades Art Hotel.

Perfectly located in the Maboneng Precinct, the hotel is a trendy hub that everyone has to visit. It features a modern gym, international cuisine in the restaurant, cocktails at the bar, and massages from their therapists.

The décor in each room was created by South African artists and designers, all of which were inspired by decade-related themes. Each room also comes with a seating area, television, kitchenette, and private bathroom.

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The Thaba Eco Hotel & Spa is surrounded by the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve. This hotel offers outdoor fun activities such as mountain biking, horse riding, relaxing spa treatments, bush walks and drives.

The hotel's lavish room feature a flatscreen television, mini bars, snack hampers, air conditioning, high speed WiFi, and heated towel rails. Guests can also look forward to making use of the function and conference facilities available.

The Kraal Kombuis Restaurant serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. The Olive Tree Coffee Shop offers herbal teas, coffee, pastries, and cakes.

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The Taphouse Pub serves a wide range of drinks including craft beer on tap and an offering of small, tasty meals with weekly specials. It's the ideal venue for regulars, visitors, sport watchers and ladies out for a meal or a drink with friends. The restaurant brings about a cosy atmosphere, that makes patrons feel at home while they enjoy their meal. ​

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