COVID-19 Can't Stop Easter 

Even though most events have been cancelled to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, the Easter weekend remains on the horizon. And, while we may not be able to host large family gatherings or go on a long-weekend vacation, Easter still brings with it much-needed joy and respite from the chaos of the current moment. That's why your go-to chocolate stock up destination has implemented a few changes, including contactless delivery and click and collect services.

Geldhof Brings Easter To Your Door

Geldhof Chocolatiers have been in the business of Belgian chocolate perfection since 1991. With five stores in Johannesburg, they are a firm favourite for Easter goodies of all kinds. From giant chocolate bunnies, to decadent truffles and even sugar-free choccies.

Knowing that their loyal customers may be concerned about visiting their stores to shop in person this Easter, Geldhof have introduced a new delivery service. All you have to do is browse around on their online store, select all your favourite Easter treats and they will send you an invoice to be payed for via EFT. From here, you can either choose to collect your order at their nearest store or have your package delivered to your home. Geldhof will deliver for a fee of R50 if you live within a 15km radius of one of their stores. Alternatively, they will quote you a personal delivery fee, dependent on how far away you live.

More Good News For Chocolate Lovers

In the wise words of Professor Remus Lupin, "Eat this, you'll feel better". If you are in need of a little chocolate comfort this Easter time, you're in luck. To show you just how much they care, Geldhof Chocolatiers will be offering a 10% discount on all their products! Plus, if you spend over R100, you stand a chance to win one of 16 giant chocolate Easter bunnies! Click here to find out what else Geldhof has in store for you this Easter.

For More Information

Visit the Geldhof Chocolatier website for more information about their new services and Easter products. Not sure if there is a Geldhof Chocolate shop near you? Click here.

You can also follow them on Facebook for further updates.

Need more inspiration to get into the Easter spirit? Check out our article on how to celebrate the season while maintaining good social distancing practices.

Happy chocolate bunny hunting everyone! 

It's Finally Here!

Picture yourself leaving home, making the tedious journey through peak hour traffic and battling to find parking at your destination, only to realise that you've left your wallet at home. Surely you'll have a few very nasty words running through your head and feel highly annoyed that you forgot to grab it while rushing about, but there is a solution to this dilemma for Samsung smartphone users - Samsung Pay!


That's right! Finally, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has launched their mobile payment service, Samsung Pay in South Africa. This safe and simple service is currently available in 24 markets* worldwide and offers a super convenient mobile wallet experience, AKA no need to carry that bulky wallet/purse around EVERYWHERE you go! Just think - no digging through pockets or handbag to find your wallet/purse, no rummaging through hundreds of loyalty and business cards, and no intense heart palpitations when you've misplaced your bank card. Just a simple swipe of your Samsung smartphone and boom, payment done. Bliss!

It's The New Era Of Mobile Payments

In case you didn't know, Samsung Pay is the most widely accepted mobile payment platform, allowing users/shoppers/spenders to make mobile payments almost ANYWHERE* using both MST and NFC technology. It is the first of its kind on the African continent and provides the ultimate flexible payment solution complete with the benefits of both a physical and mobile wallet to make your in-store purchases safer and simpler.

Samsung Pay also gives you total control of your digital payment journey. The service ensures all transactions are secure and authenticated by the user. As for protection and safety of your account, Samsung’s defence-grade Samsung Knox security platform and biometric authentication through iris or fingerprint scanning will provide peace of mind that your personal payment information is safe. Also, tokenization ensures that your actual card information is never exposed during a transaction. This feature ensures even more payment security.


So, Where is Samsung Pay Available Here in South Africa? 

At the moment, Samsung Pay is available for Absa and Standard Bank customers with supported Mastercard and Visa payment cards. Avios credit cards, British Airways credit cards and Virgin Money cards are also
supported. Another benefit to this amazing mobile wallet experience is the fact that it also supports the ability to load loyalty cards (three cheers for carrying less cards!) so it’s not just about spending; it also about seamless point or miles-gathering. Bonus!


Now for the question as to exactly where you can use this service. Answer: Samsung Pay works almost anywhere* you can swipe, insert or tap a card! So, that means at Melrose Arch when you're shopping up a storm on The High Street, at Seattle Coffee grabbing your early morning caffeine fix, at Urbanologi for date night with your sweetheart, or even at your nearest petrol station topping up your tank. The world of contactless payments is evolving faster than ever before owing to rapid changes in digital technology, competitive forces and consumer demands. It's a very exciting time to be alive!


Become Part Of The Samsung Pay Evolution! 

So, you want to join the world of contactless payments? Great! To start using Samsung Pay, all Samsung smartphone users who own one of the supported devices (check the image below) have to do is:


As for making payments with your Samsung Pay, it's extremely easy! Here's how:

Samsung’s revolutionary new way to pay is set to change the shopping landscape forever – with super-
secure, convenient and easy payment using favourite credit, debit and loyalty cards, all on one device!

For More Information

For more information about Samsung Pay, visit

If you need any further assistance with Samsung Pay, you can call them on 0860 726 623 or their international support number 011 549 1761. You can also email us on [email protected].

Don't forget to follow Samsung on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.