Now I know what you’re thinking… having to watch your baby float around in a pool can be a little scary (ok, very scary!) for any parent – especially a first time parent, like myself. But, seeing the benefits makes it all worthwhile, trust me. Hydro Baby specialises in infant hydrotherapy and infant massage, and babies from as young as one day old to around 12 months (depending on the infant) can enjoy a 30-minute treatment.

And don’t panic daddies, we don’t mean a manicure or facial – Hydro Baby allows your infant to float around in sterile water, which assists in developing your baby’s strength and confidence, especially those babies that suffer from colic, reflux and low muscle tone.

Plus, hydrotherpay allows your little ones to play and feel unrestricted. Offering cognitive brain development through the connectivity of the right and left brain, as well as assisting with respiratory and digestive functioning, there are many reasons to get your baby down there for some amazing pampering.

Pamper Your Little One At Hydro Baby


Currently in Green Valley Shopping Centre, and opening a new store in Fourways on 2 August 2016, this gorgeous facility offers not just baby pampering, but treatments for mom, too. Owned by Toli Kanaris, and run by his sister Vicky Kanaris, who is operating manager for the group, this beautiful and specialised facility has so many benefits for your little munchkin… there’s no reason not to check it out.

They also offer preggy mom massages, as well as post-partum mom massages for the back and neck, lactation massages and massage courses to teach parents how to massage their own babies over five weeks.

Their packages are well priced – starting from R300 – and the service is great. Most of all, their therapists are highly skilled and trained. Plus, this is the perfect gift for any mom, or mom-to-be out there, so how about a voucher or two for someone special? Check it out, I’m sure you’ll love Hydro Baby as much as I do!

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By Angela Bekiaris