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We all know and love this popular hot spot in the heart of Linden. And they have some amazing news they'd love to share with those who enjoy the Melville scene. Get ready, because The Whippet Coffee will soon be opening the doors to it's second store - their first harvest store - in Melville! After years of planning, they'll be sharing the love, good food and amazing coffee in trendy, lively and hip suburb. And we can already tell you that this new Melville store is going to be a stunner!

This brand-new store will be opening it's doors on Tuesday, 09 July 2019, so follow them on social media to stay in loop of all the excitement - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - and to get the latest updates.


A Little Bit About The Whippet 

If you haven't been to The Whippet in Linden, you're certainly missing out! This is the place to be when visiting this lovely, leafy and friendly suburb. The Whippet believes in four unique elements:

Their passion for coffee Coffee is a sit down moment with those you love and work with. Here, they source only the best beans, roasted by the best roasters and then blended and made with a lot of passion and love by some of the best baristas in the city. Don't believe us? Go try it out!

Their passion for food Great food, fresh ingredients, amazing flavours. What more do you need for a great dish? They believe in creating amazing food that's great to share or simply great to indulge in.

Their passion for people – Their staff are well looked after and this coffee shop is one of the first companies in the industry to offer staff funeral, disability and life cover. They want to change the way South Africa does business.

Their passion for design and architecture – The shop's designs are inspired by the neighbourhood’s people and their history – not a single store looks the same, because no neighbourhood is the same.


For More Information

For more information about The Whippet Coffee, visit their website at thewhippetcoffee.com.

You can also contact the on 061 512 1373 or [email protected].

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

The Trea Garden is a little antique garden cafe located in Midrand and it's definitely worth a visit. Go for their delicious coffee and tea variaties but the carrot cake, gourmet ice-cream, chocolate milkshake, the beautiful scenery, the peaceful tranquility of the surroundings and the general charm of the place will keep you coming back for more.
This is the kind of place where you can bring a book and read (there's a reading nook full of books if you don't have your own). It's a place where you can genuinely get lost and never want to leave.
Trea Garden opened its doors in February 2018 by owner Amanda Jojo, who was only 20-years-old at the time. Amanda is usually there when you pop by and is always friendly and up for a chat. I sat down with her to talk about this amazing place, her story and her journey as a young entrepreneur.
Trea Garden.

Images taken from The Trea Garden Instagram

How did the Trea Garden begin? 

Trea Garden was just an idea in my head since high school. I had a dream to own my own cafe and have a lifetime supply of coffee! I had some personal life-changing experiences that made me fall in love with coffee and tea, much so, it made me deal with a lot of those issues. It gave me peace. In 2017, I met Rudi and Pallua, I pitched my idea and we then decided their plot was the best place to run the coffee shop. The name came from the combination of trees and tea.

In your own words, what's the vibe at Trea?

Trea Garden is a an antique type of shop. It reminds me of my grandmothers place. The place itself feels like you are in Joburg but not really. I love the tranquility and the peace you feel when you enter the space. It's nothing like your usual cafes in Johannesburg.

Trea Garden

What makes Trea Garden unique?

I'd say it's the outside space. It's really calming. Also, Trea Garden has so much potential. You can do so many things in the space and treat it as a spot for you to heal and relax. Which you can't really do at many cafes and coffee shops.

What's your favourite menu item and why?

(Laughs) I wish I can say I love everything because I honestly do, but the croissants are my absolute fave! I can have them any time of the day with a Red Cappuccino. If you love Rooibos with milk, this would be your best option to try out.

 Trea Garden

What has been the highlight of the past year with Trea?

The highlight was when I won the Anzisha Prize. This confirmed that Trea Garden is more than just a coffee shop. It reminded us about the reason why we started and why we need to keep on.

(The Anzisha Prize is an awards programme for young entrepreneurs who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges or started successful businesses within their communities. 15 finalists from across Africa win a spot in a lifelong fellowship which helps to accelerate their path to entrepreneurship success)

Speaking of the Anzisha Prize, as a prizewinner, how else did this impact you?

Anzisha honestly changed my life. Spending time with all those entrepreneurs was refreshing. I Learnt a lot about my own journey through them. It was great being recognised as one of Africa's youngest job starters. It even gave me courage to continue doing what i love because it is life-changing to other people too

 Trea Garden

Being only 21, you're a young entrepreneur. How do you manage  a business being so young?

To be honest, I am just winging it. One day, I am on top of everything. The next day, I am drowning. It's a matter of asking yourself "why are you doing it?", "what drives you?" and "what are you hoping to achieve with your business?". It's easier to manage everything when you have answers to those important questions. Also, the team behind me makes it easier, too.

You're re-launching the cafe and menu this year, what's new?

The re-launch (02 Feb 2019)! Yes, we are adding a new breakfast menu (which we didn't have before), filled with open sandwiches, burgers, flat breads and a big "meal of the day" which will be different every time . We also did a few renovations on the place it self. It's quite exciting to show that, too.

 Trea Garden

What else are you excited about in the upcoming year with Trea?

I am excited about us being a fully operational restaurant. Also, I'm excited about the events we are going to host this year. I love meeting new people and it's always interesting to listen to their opinions about Trea.

Make sure you put The Trea Garden on your list of restaurants to try out in 2019! Also keep a look out on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for upcoming events.

When your kids reach a certain age, it becomes slightly more challenging finding fun physical activities for them that don’t involve school sports. In an ideal world, they would be able to ride their bikes, go skateboarding and play basketball until dinner time – but for many of us, that is not a luxury we have right now. Then there’s the added challenge of getting them OFF their screens and focus on the real world.

Enter CityROCk in Randburg – a phenomenal facility on Republic Road that provides wall climbing facilities for kids of all ages, as well as adults. But don’t take OUR word for it – we sent 12-year old Kayla NT off to give it a try with a few friends – here’s what she had to say:

What activities are on offer?

There are Automatic Belay Walls, which mean you don’t need someone to help belay you down. You first have to take part in an introductory lesson that teaches you how to manage the ropes. There are also Bouldering areas where you can climb (without a rope) - some are easier than others so you never get bored. There’s always a harder one to try! Smaller kids aged 5 and up can also try climbing, so it’s great for families to go together.

There is also a dedicated yoga and Pilates studio, but we were too busy climbing and didn’t go inside.

What makes it special?

It’s really challenging and can be a little scary at first. But once you get going and you realise that you are completely safe, you go higher than you ever expected. Even those of us that are scared of heights!


What does it cost?

The costs vary – you can click here for the full list. We paid R110 per kid, and R90 for shoe and harness rental. You can also sign up to become a member – kids pay R350 per month.

There are also a few different courses that kids can take if they really enjoy climbing and want to get serious about it – I recommend the Kids Top Rope Introduction Course – R640 for 3 days. These courses run once a month. There are also School Holiday Crag Days that kids can do after completing the course – these are R260 (includes gear rental and excludes transport to the local climbing crag).

Do you need to take extra money (outside the entrance fee)?

There is a coffee shop with FREE WiFI, so take extra money for drinks and snacks. There’s also a Specialist Outdoor Gear Shop that sells loads of amazing climbing, hiking and outdoor sports gear, clothing and equipment – so definitely check that out. We saw yoga accessories, camping gear, ski jackets and so much more. I can’t believe we have never heard of this place before!

Did everyone enjoy it?

Everyone! Even my friend that had a broken arm (and couldn’t climb) enjoyed watching everyone and shouting instructions from the bottom. She can’t wait until her arm is out the cast and then we’re going back. I think both girls and boys enjoy it just as much!

Is it a good venue for parties?

Definitely. They host parties for between 6 and 25 kids (all children must be over 5 years of age). You can choose between 11:00 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 17:00, and pay R250 per child. Activities include team races on the automatic belay wall, ladder climbing, bouldering, knot tying skills and so much more. Sounds like fun!

What would you rate this activity?

A definite 8 out of 10. It’s highly recommended!

For More Information

Address: 173 Republic Road, Fontainebleau, Randburg
Tel: 010 007 2732
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.cityrock.co.za

REVIEW BY: Kayla NT (12) - with a little help from her mom, Shelli NT.

Over the past four years, Parkhurst has gone through a massive revamp with many cool new places that have popped up. Here's what's new to the hood. 


Parkhurst was developed as a suburb in 1904, but it wasn't until 1938 that a couple of shops sprung up. In the 70s Parkhurst got its first antique store and others followed suit until it was dubbed "antique alley". But it was only in the mid-90s that this lovely little suburb saw its first coffee shop. This opened the floodgates for restaurants, cafes and delis to take over the area.


From the hair salon, Hair Traffic, to our favourite bookstore, Ricks Books, Parkhurst has something for everyone. There is also an array of small boutique clothing stores for ladies, and fashion houses such as Paul Smith and Desray can be found here.


Head to Parkhurst hungry and you'll leave stuffed with the best food on the planet. On 4th Avenue you will find restaurants such as Craft (known for their stellar milkshakes), Bottega Cafe (pretty chilled place serving Italian food), and Coobs (owned by one of our favourite bistro chefs, James Diack). Also be sure to check out the pizzas at Jolly Roger - half price Wednesdays and Sundays are the best, even though it gets super packed.

Art And Antiques 

Whether you are looking for that perfect painting to hang above your Bauhaus-inspired couch or wanting to add to your ceramic collection, Parkhurst has all of the above and more. There is a wide range of art galleries and dealers, such as the Cow Artworks and the Art Room, so you will most certainly find the quirk that tickles your fancy hidden somewhere along 4th Avenue.

By Shawn Greyling

Have you been to Parkhurst lately? Let us know if we've left out any of the latest additions to this ever-evolving neighbourhood. Make a journo's day and share this article on social media. 

Cafe De La Creme

Right on the corner of 4th avenue and 7th street is a little cafe and bakery which made its way to us from France. Cafe De La Creme serves only the best French roasted java with a complementary in-house baked biscuit.

Click here for more information.

Bread & Roses

Two brothers from Zimbabwe opened Bread & Roses in September 2015 and have since grown the eatery from a little known bistro to one of the busiest spots on 7th street. The coffee is good and freshly ground each morning.

Click here for more information.

Rubi Roastery & Coffee Bar

Well, the name says it all. Ruby Roastery & Coffee is bar is serious about their coffee, and so should they be as they serve some of the best in town. Double espresso with a glass of cold water, please. That'll put some graphite in your pencil.

Click here for more information.

Service Station

One of the most popular breakfasts spots in Melville needs to serve the best coffee right? If T.S. Elliot measured his life with coffee spoons then those cups of black gold were served at the Service Station in Melville. The Cappuccinos are delicate yet pack a punch.

Click here for more information.

IT Corner

Where else can you get your laptop fixed while you have brunch and a well deserved cup of house brand coffee? The IT Corner packs its own brand of Marakesh coffee beans which are ground in house. Fresh coffee on call, baby... that's what it's all about.

Click here for more information.


By Shawn Greyling

Jozi Blue specialises in creating magical coffee experiences. They buy their roasted coffee beans from top quality roasters and train their baristas in consistently making the perfect cup of coffee.

The coffee shop stocks three levels of coffee beans that are sure to give you a memorable coffee experience. You can expect economy class that consists of coffee beans from Uganda, Guatemala, Indonesia, and more. Then business class that consists of coffee beans from Bolivia, Panama Los La Jones, amoung others. And finally first class with coffee beans that consists of Colombia La Esperanza, Queen Panama and so on.

Just so you don't go hungry while enjoying your cup of coffee, Jozi Blue also serves delicious cafe meals that pair well with whatever coffee your palate prefers.

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Situated in Stoneridge Mall, LaserMaxx offers a perfect place to escape to and play laser tag. They boast the latest in laser technology such as the LaserMaxx EVO-5 Laser Tag vest and gun, which is accurate up to 35 meters, adding a sense of realism. It makes the challenge of shooting foes with a laser gun more rewarding. LaserMaxx offers team building exercises as well as a coffee shop and function room. To find out more about LaserMaxx click here.

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The Windybrow Heritage House became a theatre in the late 1980s, however, when the surrounding neighbourhoods started to degenerate, the theatre started to struggle. In 2005, the Department of Arts and Culture declared the Windybrow Theatre a cultural institution and the new Windybrow Theatre was officially re-launched on 4 May 2006. The theatre today aims to facilitate cultural development in the arts and is known as the Windybrow Centre for the Arts. There are 3 main performance spaces: the Main theatre (250 seats), the Small theatre (60 seats), and a tiny 20-seat auditorium. It also has two rehearsal rooms. The drawing room of the original house has been converted into a pub. Another room has been converted into a coffee shop.

To find out more about the Windybrow theatre click here. To access their Facebook page click here.

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La Tazzina

Right on the edge of Edenvale is the most amazing little coffee shop – La Tazzina. It’s the perfect place to go and enjoy a delicious cappuccino while catching up with a friend.

For owner, Cristina Abela, it all started with a childhood passion for food. Cristina, a young entrepreneur that grew up in the area, started out making pastries and cakes from her home. After qualifying as a pastry chef, she came across an empty house on a busy street in Edenvale. Using her flair for decorating and creating food masterpieces, Cristina opened what is now known as La Tazzina.

La Tazzina

The Secret Garden

One of the best things about this little, hidden cafe is its gardens and outdoor seating. Almost like something out of Lewis Caroll's imagination, this rustic garden setting is a tea and cake lover's wonderland. The outdoor furniture is decorated in delightful pastel tones, tucked between blossoming rose bushes and overhanging creepers. The pebbled underlay adds to the romantic and quaint feel. Birdcages and hanging lanterns also adorn the space. Overall, its quite quirky, but nevertheless a perfect spot for a small birthday party (or un-birthday party), baby shower or to catch up with old friends.

What makes La Tazzina's outdoor setting extra special is that it is surprisingly tranquil. Being located just off a busy side road, you would expect the restaurant to be plagued by noise. However, as you step in from the outside world, a calm quiet welcomes you in. One could imagine sitting at a table for hours, basking in the mellow sun with a good book and a delicious cup of coffee. But, if the outdoors are slightly too warm, windy or chilly for your liking, step inside the cafe. The interior decor doesn't differ much from the outside, apart from a wall plastered with old newspaper clippings. But, the cafe's large windows do allow you to look out into the garden, while enjoying the warm comfort of the inside.

Ultimately, the vintage look of La Tazzina provides a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. So, if you are looking for a little peace and quiet, or a place to have a good meaningful conversation, this is the place for you.


The Cakery

La Tazzina's menu is filled with home-style, Mediterranean inspired dishes. From gourmet paninis, to smoked salmon omelettes and even perfectly thin crepes served with cinnamon ice cream. Their coffees and cold drinks are just as good as the food. Try out one of their freezos, which come in flavours like Ferrero Rocher, Chai, Nougat Brittle, Coffee Toffee and Peanut Butter. These are all highly recommended by La Tazzina frequenters.

But, now on the most important menu item - the cake. Cristina started out her business selling cakes to restaurants in the Edenvale area. After opening La Tazzina, she continued to create cake masterpieces, which are proudly displayed at the cafe's front door. As the smell of sweet orange and dusted icing sugar greet you, you may be overwhelmed by a mouth watering desire to tuck into one of these exciting sweet creations. My personal favourite are the strawberry jam butter biscuits. These pair oh-so perfectly with a strong cup of tea.

As for the cakes on offer, Cristina is a master at whipping up cheesecakes, vanilla and chocolate sponges, red velvet with cream cheese buttercream icing and fruity syrup cakes. I recommend you give them all a try at least once. La Tazzina's cakes are made from only the very best ingredients, including unsalted butter, Belgian chocolate and locally sourced fruit and nuts. These fine touches go a long way to creating a unique taste experience. So, indulge a little and eat the cake, the rainbow macaron or the Belgian chocolate ganache slice. We won't tell, if you don't.

Tuesdays Tea for Two

Furry Friends

La Tazzina is a family-oriented, pet friendly spot. Bring along the kids and your four legged companions for a special treat. Christina can bake you dog friendly birthday cake, too! Nobody will feel left out here, so come and relax, enjoy the wonderment of good food and the people you love most.

For more information

To place a cake order, or find out more about La Tazzina, visit their website.

Follow them on social media for updates:

Facebook - facebook.com/latazzinacafe

Instagram - instagram.com/la_tazzina

Details:  011 454 4334 | [email protected] | Cnr of 1st Ave & Amelia St, Edenvale, Johannesburg.

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The Whippet is formed around the ethos of a lifestyle approach to business; where they celebrate the butchers, the barristers, the bakers, the growers, the businessmen and women and the artists who make neighbourhoods tick. Pop into The Whippet for that first cup of premium roasted coffee and some breakfast in the morning, or feast on scrumptious cakes or a relaxed lunch.

All of the food is made from scratch and the newest addition to their menu is a range of gluten-free cakes. Going beyond the requirements of a normal coffee shop, The Whippet also offers barista courses for coffee enthusiasts, locally made and sourced designer products as well as cake Tuesdays!

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