For most of us, coffee is a magical elixir that gets us through any day without committing murder. This tasty drink is always there for us, giving us the loving support and strength we need to make it through, whether it be early morning meetings or late night assignments. It's only fitting that this bitter beverage receive its own appreciation day. To honour this very special day, we've put together a list to guide you through the best coffee our city has to offer. From earthy and dark undertones to fruity and chocolaty notes, there's a coffee for everyone.

Grab a Cuppa

First and foremost, coffee is an energy boosting drink. Some may like bitter black coffee, while others prefer theirs more as a dessert in a glass. Whatever your preference, there is a plethora of coffee shops and cafes around Joburg that have the goods. For the good old fashioned plain coffee, Motherland, Father Coffee and Double Shot Coffee offer some of the best Joe in the city. But for a sweeter touch, perhaps a gourmet delight?


Gourmet Drinks

For those looking for liquid decadence, these are some of the most luxurious coffees in the city. Indulge in chocolate flavoured creamy mochas, nutty lattes, subtle spiced drinks, melted chocolate bars, glorious dessert beverages and sinful alcoholic mixes. These scrumptious treats are served with shameful lashings of whipped cream, drizzles of delightful sauces and a sprinkling of extra pizzazz. All of this results in a tantalising experience on the taste buds.

Coffee Roasters

Have you ever visited a restaurant, eatery or coffee shop and tried something so yummy and delish that you wanted to have it at home, too? Well, now you can. Many coffee shops in the city are roasting and combining their own signature blends. Patrons can purchase a bag of these craft beans and make their favourite coffees in the comfort of their own home.

coffee roastery

Beans and Machines

Unfortunately, we can't always rely on coffee shop baristas to brew up our magical potions for us. But we can get something close to the real thing with good quality coffee beans and machines. Beans can range in origin, including regions like Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia, Rwanda and Tanzania. All are available in light, medium and dark roasts, as well as fair trade and organic. But to truly make great java, you'll also want the latest machines, gadgets and coffee making accessories.

Fabulous Recipes

Coffee not only makes a yummy warm drink, but makes for fantastic fare too. Think tiramisus and layered cakes or even milkshakes, iced coffees and an added extra to cocktails. Just remember, all coffee confectionery is perfectly matched with a piping hot cup of java. Check out these mouthwatering recipes.