Christmas Baking

One of the best things about Christmas is all the delightful treats! From mince pies and sugar cookies to gingerbread and trifle, Christmas baking makes our hearts, and tummies, happy. The fun and delicacies makes all the mess worth it. So grab the kiddos, put on those aprons and get baking! And, don't forget the best part - licking out the mixing bowl!

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Christmas Treats

If baking isn't your thing, we don't blame you. It's hard work baking up a storm in the sweltering Joburg summer. But that doesn't mean you'll miss out on the delightful Christmas treats and snacks! Instead, have festive-themed confections like popcorn snowmen and strawberry Santas. Or, why not let the kids decorate ready-made cupcakes, brownies or cookies in the festive spirit?

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Christmas Decorations

Store-bought Christmas decorations aren't only expensive, they're also low quality. For more affordable and special decorations, why not DIY them? The kids will have a blast crafting their own creations. Snowflakes, mini Christmas trees, ornaments, garlands and wreaths can all be made with items already around your home. And the kids will sure be thrilled when they see their crafts proudly displayed on the tree.

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Christmas Movies

What better way to get into the festive spirit than with a few classic family Christmas movies? Not only are these enjoyable for the whole family, but it will get mom, dad, the kids and the grandparents spending quality time together. With the likes of Home Alone, How The Grinch Stole Christmas and The Nutcracker, your family will be in the spirit of the season humming Christmas carols in no time.

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Christmas Villages

There is nothing that's sure to delight the little ones quite as much as a Christmas village, complete with merry music, sparkly lights, sweet indulgences and a visit from Santa Claus himself! Luckily, Joburg is packed with villages offering all this and more. Delight your whole family with these magnificent light displays, giant Christmas trees, a visit to Santa's Workshop or even a magical carnival, Christmas style.

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Christmas Events

It's Christmas. And no one wants to be cooped up in the house all December long. So, pack up the family and head to one of these joyous events. The kids can give Santa their Christmas wish lists or spend an evening marveling at enchanting light displays. While they're occupied, you can finish all your shopping for the holiday season without stepping foot inside an overcrowded mall!

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Christmas Stocking Fillers

Speaking of Christmas shopping, what are you getting the kids for Christmas? No idea? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We took a sneak peek inside Santa's Workshop and found the best stocking fillers for the little ones. What kid wouldn't love a bubble gun, gooey slime, water balloons or chalk bombs? Gift the children with these, and they'll be set for a summer of fun.

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We at wish you and your family a safe and merry Christmas. 

Glistening Snowflakes

These snowflakes make for an easy DIY that the kids will love. Made with toilet paper rolls, these are both affordable and easy to make. And the final product is simply stunning!

You'll Need:


  1. Cut the toilet paper rolls into 3cm thick circles.
  2. Flatten each circle slightly.
  3. Glue several circles together to form a ring.
  4. Glue more circles to the outer edge of the ring, to form a pattern of your choice.
  5. Paint your snowflake in a colour of your choice.
  6. As an optional embelishment, dip the sides of the snowflake in glue, and then in glitter.
  7. Attach a pretty ribbon and display.


Project and image sourced from Country Living.

Christmas Trees

These Christmas trees are not only gorgeous, they are a lot of fun to make too. The kids, and adults, will be busy for hours, decorating their own little Christmas tree.

You'll Need:


  1. Paint the pine cones green. Alternatively, for a snowy Christmas tree, blotch white paint on the outer edges of the cone tips.
  2. Glue the pine cones onto the lids, wide side down.
  3. Glue cotton wool balls around the pine cone, covering the lid.
  4. Glue decorations onto the 'tree'. Use anything you like, such as buttons, sequins and beads.

Pine cone trees

Project and image sourced from Crafty Morning.

Christmas Ornaments

Not only are store bought baubles and ornaments expensive, they are also quite fragile. Save yourself the mess, and a few extra bucks, and opt for handmade ornaments instead. The kids will love creating their very own decorations for the tree.

You'll Need:


  1. Cut Christmas shapes out of the cardboard. Shapes can include stars, trees, snowmen, reindeer or candy canes.
  2. Glue down an end piece of the yarn onto the cardboard shape.
  3. Wrap the cardboard in the yarn. You can use one colour or several colours.
  4. When the cardboard is fully covered, cut the yarn and glue the end piece to your ornament.
  5. Attach a pretty ribbon or string and place on the tree.


Project and image sourced from Project Kid.

Star Garlands

As magnificent as dozens of twinkling lights may be, Christmas lights are an absolute nightmare. When December comes round, we pull the lights from their hiding place and discover a tangled mess! This year, we're leaving the lights in the dusty cupboard and decorating the house and tree with a striking star garland!

You'll Need:


  1. Cut the paper into stars. Use a stencil to first outline the shape, if you want precise stars.
  2. Cut a piece of string into a length of your choosing.
  3. Glue the stars onto the string, one on each side.
  4. Drape your garland in any place that needs an extra festive touch.

Star Garland

Project and image sourced from Babble.

Christmas Wreath

Let's face it, wreaths are needlessly expensive. Especially for something that needs to endure the weather conditions of a South African summer. Instead of spending an arm and a leg on a throw-away decor item, gather the brood and make one yourselves.

You'll Need: 


  1. Cut the tissue paper into 7x7 cm squares.
  2. Scrunch the tissue paper.
  3. Cover the cardboard in a thin layer of glue.
  4. Place the tissue paper onto the cardboard, completely covering it.
  5. Decorate as desired. Stick on Christmas style trinkets, red pom poms or golden bows.
  6. Attach a large ribbon and hang on your front door.


Project and image sourced from Happiness Is Homemade.

Tea Light Jars

These candle jars are a lovely DIY project. And they make for an exquisite gifting option. Easy and affordable, they are fully customisable for any occasion.

You'll Need: 


  1. Tape several lines of tape onto your work surface.
  2. Draw a Christmas shape onto the tape, using the stencil.
  3. Cut the tape into your chosen shape.
  4. Paste the tape down on the glass jar.
  5. Paint the jar in a colour of your choice. We love dark green, red and white for this.
  6. For an optional extra step, cover the paint in glue and sprinkle in glitter.
  7. Remove the tape.
  8. Insert a tea candle or small battery operated LED light into the jar.

Candle Holders

Project and image sourced from Mason Jar Crafts.

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What Is It?

With over 100 imported Christmas lights on display, The Wonderland Of Lights is bringing the most beautiful and breathtaking light show to the city.

There will be 13 unique themed stages lighting up the Botanical Gardens. In true Christmas spirit, there will be an 11 foot Gingerbread Man, an army of Nutcracker Soldiers, Santa's Reindeer and a larger than life Christmas Grinch.

This is not to be missed.

When Is It?

Sunday, 01 December 2019 - Saturday, 04 January 2020. Find more details on dates and times here.

Where Is It?

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, Malcolm Road, Roodepoort, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

How Much Is It?

Tickets are R40 - R200 per person, get your tickets here.

For More Information.

For more information, click here.

The Multiflora Flower Market has brought Joburg flower lovers the very best blooms since 1944. Starting out as a small business on Jeppe Street, Multiflora flourished into the booming market place it is today. Now located in City Deep, this is one of the most affordable places in the city to get your hands on beautiful bouquets, flower arrangements and wedding decor.

Multiflora is first and foremost an auction house for flower traders. Auctions take place daily, bringing in over 600 flower growers and 400 florists. However, Multiflora is also open to the public. The downstairs Flower Hall showcases 16 floral stores, each of which sell to the public. Here you can order wedding bouquets, celebration wreaths, party arrangements or simply a special bunch of flowers for the one you love. There is also an array of unique pot plants and indigenous plants for purchase. Believe us when we say that the smell here is amazing!


Sandy's Floral Academy

Have you ever wanted to learn how to arrange your own flowers? Then look no further than Multiflora. Many of their Flower Hall stores offer weekend courses, but if you are looking to make a career change or start up a hobby, Sandy's Floral Academy is for you, training aspiring florists in arrangement, business planning and events management. Floristry is an incredibly rewarding career as you'll get to put smiles on people's faces every day with your marvelous creations!


Imagine a place where you can find wedding decor, party favours, Christmas decorations and gifts, bath goodies and candles. That's precisely what Grandiflora is, a one-stop shop for every occasion. While this store is not the most affordable decor store in the city, it offers more variety than most. Plus, in terms of convenience Grandiflora is the place to shop. You may want to stop by Cafe Dulce in the Flower Hall beforehand to fuel up. This is nothing short of a marathon shopping expedition, especially for brides to be. So, make sure to bring your bridal party along to help push all the shopping carts!

Bridal Boutique

Speaking of bridal parties, Multiflora also houses Marbella de Marieé bridal boutique just outside the Grandiflora main entrance. If you have the stamina after all that decor hunting, pop into this store to see their collection of local and imported gowns. Marbella believes that every bride should have the perfect 'big day', stocking wedding dresses and veils, shoes and jewellery. They also know that every bride has her own sense of style and will do their utmost best to reflect your personality in your dress, shoes and accessories.

So, there you have it brides. Get your flowers, decor and dress sorted at Multiflora!

For More Information

Visit their website for more information.

Details: Cnr of Vickers Rd and Fig Place, City Deep, Johannesburg | (011) 613-4011 | [email protected]