When the opportunity arose to attend the Karma Kooking School two things went through my mind. Firstly, I was excited at the opportunity to learn how to cook Indian cuisine. Being a bachelor, my knowledge of cooking Indian food is limited to heating up a microwave Chicken Korma.

After I accepted the invite I had another thought – what if I totally botch my attempt? In my experience every class has at least one poor soul who is totally clueless and I was worried that it would be me. I had visions of the fire department being called in to put out a blaze I had started while attempting to make a curry. Luckily for me (and Karma) my fears were unfounded. The cooking class is Shaun-proof (read idiot proof).

After welcoming drinks the keen class of cooks were lead into the kitchen where the Karma team had laid out at a number of workstations where we could prepare our meals. We were given a brief description of the ingredients we would use and a quick tour of the kitchen. It’s an awesome concept – each pair gets to prepare a few dishes and at the end of it all the whole group sits down for a feast.

My partner in crime was Ros and we were tasked with making chicken samoosas, choc-chilli samoosas for dessert and a chicken curry. Having never cooked any of these dishes before I was a little concerned that we would need to treat whoever tried our dishes for food poisoning. My fears were allayed by the fact that Zara and her team were on hand to guide us. They had already done some of the grunt work by boiling the potatoes and pre-cooking the chicken for our curry, so all that was left to do was follow the simple instructions laid out in each recipe (and have a glass of wine).

The kitchen buzzed as chefs in training bopped and weaved between each other as they prepared their dishes. Grating, battering, deep frying, sautéing, mixing, spicing, measuring, chopping and garnishing – we got to do it all. And at the end, we were able to sample everything. I must admit I became a “pusher”, almost forcing people to sample the samoosas Ros and I had prepared. The ones I folded were not perfectly triangular in shape (I was never good at high school geometry), but they were tasty and enjoyed by all. Even if they weren’t I don’t think anybody would have said anything – I was beaming like a proud dad whose son had just scored the winning try (clearly my fictitious kid doesn’t play for the Lions).

Ros pointed out that it was an awesome evening and we were all strangers, so imagine how much fun you could have if you went with a group of friends or colleagues? I am told they host teambuilding events and can arrange children's parties as well. Karma Kooking School really does make for a great night out – you will learn a thing or two about preparing Indian dishes, have a few laughs, sample delicious food and leave with a sense of accomplishment knowing that you have cooked a quality restaurant meal.

The only problem I now face is that friends and family expect me to whip up some Indian dishes for them. And I am having a hard enough time cooking for my imaginary son.

About Karma Kooking School
If you are looking for a venue to meet new people, host a teambuilding event, host a kiddies party or simply have a good time, look no futher than Karma Kooking School. Master the art of cuisine (Indian, Sushi, Thai, Seafood, Mexican, French).

You will be able to cook using top class kitchen utensils, all of which have been supplied by Prestige.

Where: Karma Pineslopes Center, corner of Witkoppen & The Straight
Cost: R350.00 per person


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