Would you like to know what we can do without? Another restaurant serving so-called good burgers. If there's one thing Jozi has needed for quite some time now, it's a real burger joint. You know, the kind of place that serves just that – burgers and fries. As adorable as blue cheese is, we've kind of had enough of it. Give us a burger with a decent patty on a decent bun that does not hide its value with unnecessary taste bud confusers and we're happy chappies.

Bring On BGR Rosebank

BGR in Rosebank recently moved from their dingy little spot next to the Engen garage on Jan Smuts to the fancy Keyes Art Mile. Their menu is straight to the point – just like their name (which is short for, yup, you guessed it: BURGER). The choices are simple: burger or cheeseburger. Fries or no fries. The toppings are free and can be added or subtracted to fit your fancy. By toppings, I mean the basics: tomato, grilled onion, lettuce, ketchup... and BGR sauce, which comes highly recommended.

If you are looking for a killer 2kg patty, you won't find it at BGR. The focus is on the quality of a minimalist, bare to the bones real American-styled burger. It's a classic, not a muscle car. It's the sleek sedan, not the raging V12. It's John Coltrane on a rainy night, not Axl Rose on bacon grease. The reason behind this minimalist approach to this fast food staple is Josh. He runs the place. He's a cool American guy who somewhat invented BGR. Josh partnered with two locals and together the three of them have lured hipsters into their kitchen with the BGR burger.


Image courtesy of BGR

The Vibe

The service is amazing – fast and friendly. Don't expect a restaurant vibe. The word "reservation" is somewhat strange, but they can organise a little something-something if need be. It's a fast-food styled pay-before-you-eat type set-up, so don't think you're going to run up a tab. Drinks are the usual soft drinks from a soda machine. Dessert... well, that's another thing here. They have one item under dessert: frozen custard. Yeah, let's repeat that in case you didn't get it the first time around: Frozen. Custard. We didn't get to try any because it was out of stock but according to the locals, it's off the hook.

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By Shawn Greyling

Get yourself to BGR, let us know what you think in the comments below. Do us a solid and show this to that burger-crazed buddy of yours - sharing is caring... we mean this article, not the burger - never share a BGR burger.