The Johannesburg Book Club

A good read is always a good idea, and chilling with people who love books just as much as you is twice the charm. The Johannesburg Book Club define themselves as a place "for those who read for pleasure, knowledge, enlightenment and fulfillment, while also celebrating the social aspects of reading". This place is essentially a hub for books and bibliophiles alike. If you're looking to share your interest in books with like-minded people, honey, you'll call this place home! To find out more about their regular get-togethers and literary discussions over wine, click here.

Collectors Treasury

Who cares if people think you're a weirdo when they catch you sniffing on a book? It's part of the joy of reading. I sniff and am shameless about it! While it has been argued that digital books (e-books) are taking over, for those who appreciate actual books, it's a big deal to find a gem like this place. You'd swear you've time traveled to a different era when you walk into this place. Besides the smell of old, musty pages, you'll find thousands of books and records for sale among other antiques. For more information, visit Collectors Treasury.

Bridge Books

This is where African literature thrives, so if that's what you're after, be sure to check this spot out. There's loads of amazing books – from drama to non-fiction, fiction, poetry, children's books and even second-hand titles. In this busy city life, we see it as a necessity to escape by drowning in a book or two, or three. Okay! Maybe we're just book junkies so check them out for a list of upcoming readings and latest releases, here!

Book Club Society

Cheeky Natives

With a Facebook definition that reads, "A podcast primarily focused on reviewing books interspersed by posts about other types of art performance," The Cheeky Natives are bringing the love of reading and literature to a new platform, which we love! They also publish great interviews with authors on their Tumblr, and host signings and meet-ups. Keep an eye on their social media for events and listen to their podcasts on Soundcloud.

Sunday Times Books LIVE

Finding out about book launches around the city can be a drag and is often the reason we miss out on some incredible book-related events. Luckily the Sunday Times Book LIVE platform has made it simple for us to check out which events are taking place in and around the city and to RSVP. Check them out here!

African Flavour Books

African Flavour Books embraces more than just African literature, they promote African music and film too. They buy, catalogue, market and sell African literature and vernacular literature from South Africa, and their film and music selection is wonderfully diverse. Have a peek at their Facebook page.

Side note: To my crush out there, this is the right place to take me out. Oops, sorry, just getting a bit sidetracked... No judgement!

African Flavour Books