The Little Generosity Shop 

In June 2019, Cadbury Dairy Milk announced their Generosity Campaign - an initiative that sought to shed light on the plight of South Africa’s 3.7 million orphaned children. In exchange for a Cadbury milk chocolate, South Africans were asked to donate toys, books and games at Cadbury's Little Generosity Shop, helping gift vulnerable children with the joys of childhood innocence and play. A roaming Generosity Shop toured the country, providing orphanages in even the most remote parts of South Africa with gifts for their little ones. Ultimately, over 100 000 toys were donated to orphans across the country through this initiative.

The Glass And A Half Project

Sadly, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Cadbury Dairy Milk could not open another Little Generosity Shop this year. However, they have lost none of their determination to help children in need. As such, Cadbury debuted their Glass and a Half Project at the end of May 2020. This year, Cadbury will be raising funds for orphanages through their limited edition Glass and a Half chocolate bars.

With their special designs, these chocolates are impossible to miss. Look out for your favourite Cadbury chocolate bars in store, now decorated with teddy bears, toys and books to represent the importance of play in childhood development. Get your hands on a few bars this winter and help give back. Every bar sold will go towards R1 million worth of toys, books and games for orphans. So give the gift of play by indulging in a delicious Cadbury milk chocolate bar (or two). The limited edition packs are available in 80g and 150g bars and include the Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bar, Mint Crisp, Top Deck, Wholenut and Fruit & Nut.

Some Of The Beneficiaries Of The Cadbury Glass And A Half Project:

You can find the full list of beneficiaries on the Cadbury Dairy Milk website.

For More Information

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A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way 

Doppio Zero is known for its wholesome, flavour-filled menu and casual dining atmosphere. A favourite among Joburg foodies, the restaurant chain has been around since 2002. Their Joburg branches offered delivery right up until the final hour before lockdown began, bringing nearby customers their favourite fresh baked goods and healthy bowls direct to their doors. Now, Doppio Zero is asking those very customers for their help to bring meals to those in need.

The Doppio Zero Soup Kitchen initiative aims to deliver hot meals to the needy and vulnerable around Johannesburg each day for the remainder of the lockdown period. Their Greenside and Irene restaurants will be joining forces with their immediate communities to donate wholesome breads and soups to shelters, safe havens and the elderly on a daily basis. "A small gesture of kindness and goodwill goes a long way in making the vulnerable feel loved," they said.

Doppio Zero

Do Your Bit

Doppio Zero is encouraging all their customers to think about those in need during this difficult time. Many low-income households will be greatly affected by the national lockdown and mass economic downturn over the coming months. With widespread job losses and an uncertain future for many South Africans, we need to dig deep and find it in ourselves to give what we can to those less fortunate. Many of us have surely saved on entertainment expenses during the national lockdown period. So, why not donate the money you may usually spend on a lunch at Doppio Zero to someone who may not be able to make ends meet?

Doppio Zero are asking you to give back by making a donation to their Soup Kitchen fund. Even the smallest donation can go a long way towards helping a person in need, especially the elderly who are some of the most vulnerable in our communities at this time.

"Our communities find themselves in dire need during this time of crisis. We have recognised the needs of those left most vulnerable to have a hot meal during the lockdown. As your fellow neighbour, the Doppio family is answering the call to help those who are less fortunate. It is a time for compassion and digging deep to give in any way you can, a contribution to help our fellow South Africans rise and overcome the effects of this pandemic."

The Doppio Zero Soup Kitchen's banking details are as follows:


Account number: 116 516 9169

Branch code: 198765

For More Information

If you would like to know more about this initiative, please contact the Doppio Zero Greenside or Irene branches:

Greenside - Tel: 011 646 8740 | Email: [email protected]

Irene - Tel: ‎012 665 0784 / ‎012 665 0785 | Email: [email protected]

You can also visit the Doppio Zero website or Facebook page for more information.