What Is Pride Month?

The month of June is recognised worldwide as LGBT Pride Month. This month is celebrated in honour of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, as well as the numerous LGBT+ heroes who have helped change perceptions and fight for equality for all people over the past 40 years. Pride Month is about recognising the positive contributions that LGBT+ people have to offer through their message of inclusion, diversity and acceptance. Pride Month also acknowledges the many challenges LGBT+ people still face today, against discrimination and unjust persecution. The month is ultimately about championing gay rights while celebrating the hard-won gains already made.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pride Month events have been cancelled around the globe. However, this does not mean that the community won't be celebrating. There are many ways to let your flag fly high this Pride Month without leaving the safety of your home. Whether you choose to host a virtual party or donate to organisations who foster vulnerable LGBT+ youth, Pride Month 2020 looks to be one for the books.


The Sweeter Side Of Pride 

Thanks to Paul's Homemade Ice Cream, Pride Month just got a whole lot sweeter. In honour of the occasion, your favourite local ice cream connoisseurs have introduced a brand-new flavour. The Rainbow French Vanilla Cake scoop is a delightful mish-mash of colours, celebrating the multifaceted identities of the LGBT+ community. This special scoop is made by colouring and carefully layering each colour. The end result is an ice cream that boasts even, vibrant shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo. But that's not all! The ice cream is then infused with French Vanilla Cake - a sweet, creamy, heart-warming cake flavour with strong notes of aromatic vanilla. We can't imagine any better sweet treat to celebrate LGBT Pride Month with than this.

Is Paul's Open In Level 3 Lockdown?

Yes! Select Paul's Homemade Ice Cream stores and stalls will be open in level 3 lockdown. Their operating stores include The Marc in Sandton, The Zone at Rosebank, Hyde Park Corner, 4th Ave in Parkhurst, Bedford Centre and The Glen Shopping Centre in Oakdene. You can also order a variety of Paul's most popular ice creams online via their website. Treat yourself to a moreish Phic Stix, assorted ice cream tubs and Paul's famous ice cream cakes while in lockdown. We think the Peppermint Crisp Tart Ice Cream Cake is the perfect addition to a virtual Pride party, but the choice is totally yours. Just remember to order well in advance to avoid missing out!


For More Information

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Find your nearest Paul's store or counter here.

Rainbow Cake 

Yes, we know it's completely cheesy, but baking your own rainbow cake in honour of Pride is so much fun. Besides, what is lockdown but a great excuse to bake up a storm? So, get out the flour, sugar, milk, food colouring and piping bags! Enjoy your Pride cake with friends over video chat or with family allies at home. Don't worry about overindulging, you can get back to exercising next month. Here's a simple recipe from the Yuppiechef blog to follow to make a perfect, moist and colourful rainbow cake - it makes six layers so be prepared to get a little messy in the kitchen!

Dress Up Party 

Pride is all about expressing your authentic self in as many ways possible. Even though you may not be able to go out and celebrate with friends, you can still host an online dress up party. Decorate your living space with balloons, streamers, flags and any other Pride memorabilia you have on hand. Then put on a fashion parade for all your fabulous friends. We like the idea of a 1980s themed disco ball, but it's completely up to you. As long as you're having fun and being true to yourself, go right ahead!

LGBT Pride Month

Fancy Cocktails

When last did you let your hair down? Even though we're still cooped up under lockdown, you can have a raving good time in your own company. Put on your favourite dance album and whip up a jug or two of your cocktail of choice. Running low on liquor? Check out these convenient online ordering apps. Alternatively, embrace the sober lifestyle and enjoy a few mocktails instead - it's all the fun without the morning headache.

Join The Community 

The best part of Pride celebrations is getting to meet and mingle with people just like you. If you don't already have a circle of LGBT friends and allies, spend some time this Pride Month getting to know people online. Or you can follow various LGBT+ organisations on social media to see how you can give back to your community during lockdown. For example, Johannesburg Pride of Africa has been running food drives for LGBT+ refugees and other vulnerable persons throughout lockdown. If you are healthy and able, help make a difference is someone else's life this Pride Month by volunteering your time or by making a donation.


Date Night

If you're lucky enough to be spending lockdown with the person you love, treat them to a romantic date night in this Pride Month. Singeltons, you can also plan a lockdown date night, but for yourself. Spoil yourself with a few at-home beauty care routines or take some time to focus on your mental health. Remember that Pride Month is about celebrating LGBT history, as well as yourself as a member of the community. Be proud of what you have achieved and let your flag fly high!

Happy Pride Month! Stay safe and we'll see you out and about in the city to celebrate soon.