The majority of the world loves food and if you have not been to Carpe Diem Restaurant & Bar then you have definitely been missing out.

Hidden in the sweet spot of Sandton, this modern contemporary restaurant on the infamous Grayston Drive is just the place you need to visit. We know everybody appreciates safe parking, this spot is situated inside a place where you have your car and license scanned (so don't forget license). Their safety measures are on point.

Carpe Diem

The Best Of Both Worlds

On entry, the first thing you see are the beautiful pieces of art and the stairs that lead you the amazing dining experience that. Carpe Diem has a very warm, welcoming setting, just allows you to feel relaxed and inspired by vintage touches and warm lighting.

They have really beautiful views, matching really well with the romantic vibe that they have going on. The restaurant boasts with executive private dining room so if the plan was a big spread for client, or just a family get together - you have found the spot that will give you the privacy you need.

Carpe Diem

The Food

I have one thing to say about the food, lovely. They have chefs that are always at work ready to serve up something delicious and heart warming.

Its always refreshing to see diversity on a menu, with foods like chicken fillet stuffed with feta, herbs and caramelised pistachio to a good succulent prime rib - what more can you ask for. I have to say though, I am not a salad type of girl but I surely loved their chicken salad (I was hooked and sold at avocado and honey and mustard dressing). Their apple crumble is to die for!

Carpe Diem

The Bar

Right when you think that was the end of it, downstairs sits their bar. This spot is also great and also has a certain area where you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh breeze and futuristic buildings that Sandton has to offer.

The drinks menu is also filled with options. They sometimes have amazing events hosted here. The most recent that I attended was the "Shades of Autumn" by the BailaAfrika team, this is a Kizomba/Cuban Salsa social where you get to dance the night away. This is a spontaneous event that brings all the dance and Afro Latin culture lovers out to have a good time.

Bias: I love Afro Latin culture, so rich with commonality with the African culture so I can vouch for it - something worth trying.

It's A Carpe Diem...

Lastly, I will encourage you to really consider checking out this spot, it is worth it. The food is marvelous, the vibe - warming and well its just a breath of fresh air.