HIIT Cardio Workout 

Think you need fancy equipment to achieve a full-body high intensity workout? Think again. All you need is a little motivation to get off the couch and a couple of handy YouTube tutorials to get those muscles burning. A good high intensity interval workout should start off with adequate warm-up time to ensure that you do not injure yourself. Thereafter, it's all about fast, precise movement and determination to get through to the end. HIIT workouts should be no longer than 45 minutes and you should take rest days to give your body time to repair itself. Check out this HIIT cardio workout with warm-up by Lita Lewis to get you started.

Yoga & Pilates

See that yoga mat tucked away into the corner of your living room? Remember when you promised yourself that you would use it everyday? Now is the time to get stretching and release the tension from your neck, shoulders and body. Whether you choose to practice yoga, pilates or a combination of both, there are numerous benefits to taking a little extra time to focus on your breathing, posture and state of mind. While certain styles of yoga are great for toning up muscles, core conditioning and working up a sweat, some are geared more towards relieving stress and anxiety. During this period of uncertainty, we recommend that you practice varying styles, to achieve an all-round boost of happy endorphins and positive thinking.

If you have never practiced yoga before, check out our guide to finding the right style for you. Feeling super stressed right now? Try this yoga sequence for stress and anxiety presented by Yoga With Adrienne:


Get out your old Zumba DVDs or put on your favourite song of the moment and get dancing! There shouldn't be anyone around to judge your moves, so let loose and get some good energy flowing through your veins. If you're young enough to know what TikTok is, try learning a few trending dance routines to impress your friends with. Our top pick of the moment is the viral hand washing dance challenge created by choreographers in Vietnam:

On The Move At Home

Moms and dads who will be working from home for the next few weeks may become overwhelmed, as they play the role of parent, teacher and employee simultaneously. Although it may seem impossible to exercise, there are ways to get your heart rate up while fulfilling your varying duties. A few squats while you brush your teeth, a couple of jumping jacks while you wait for your toast to pop up and some core conditioning lunges as you make your way to your desk can make all the difference. Spring cleaning is also an excellent way to workout and you can get the whole family involved!

Do you know of any at-home exercise routines that are just as effective as a hardcore gym session? Let us know about them!

Body Conscious Gym

Situated in the heart of Randburg, Body Conscious Private Gym offers everything you need to get your body fit, strong and in shape: cardio, weightlifting, spinning, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and submission grappling. Choose from their eight personal trainers for one-on-one work that’s tailored to your fitness level and needs. They also have a biokineticist on site to help with rehabilitation or injuries, as well as a massage therapist and a café.

Find more information here. 

Fit X-Treme

Started 12 years ago by owner Ryno Botha, Fit X-Treme is now found in two locations: Benoni and Olivedale. It prides itself on being a gym where everyone feels welcome and accepted, and every member is taken care of and treated with the utmost care. After signing up, the team will complete a full-body assessment and supply you with a tailored training programme just for you. They offer cardio, weights, swimming, yoga, aerobics, kick-boxing, judo, nutrition and a steam room.

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With a super circuit, cardio, weights, boxing area, functional training and a steam room, BDA Gym should be your first option if you’re in Bedfordview. They’re an official Discovery Vitality partner, so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be earning those points every time you clock in and sweat it out. And besides the juice bar that boasts a full menu of healthy juices, there’s also an established sports medicine unit with physiotherapy, biokinetics, a GP and a dietitian opposite the gym.

Find more information here

Shapes For Women

This gym in Vanderbijlpark caters for women of every age, size, shape and fitness level. The circuit workout, which burns fat, builds muscle and improves your cardio performance, takes only 30 minutes, which they recommended you attend three times a week. This really is a great option for the modern woman who is time pressed and prefers to be surrounded by women who want to get the same thing out of their exercise programme: a personal level of fitness and sense of well-being in a secure, relaxed yet upbeat environment.

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This Discovery Vitality member is another women-only fitness club that provides a full-body solution of fitness, nutrition and coaching. The 30-minute strength training workouts focus on your arms, core and legs, stretch and strengthen muscles, and improve your balance, stability and core strength. Chat to their resident dietician, Dr Tuschka Reynders, a clinical dietician who has been working in the field of nutrition for 10 years, for a personalised meal plan. There are 10 different branches around Joburg, so there’s bound to be one near you.

Find more information here

Roark Gym

Roark Gym in Sandton offers women-only sessions, which are customised to meet the fitness requirements of women by combining strength, intensity and cardio workouts. The circuit-based classes, each run by one of their expert coaches, change daily and focus on building strength and fitness. Besides the classes, you’ll also find circuit equipment, spin bikes, free weights, boxes and squat racks.

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Body Mechanix

In the leafy green suburb of Craighall Park is where you’ll find Body Mechanix, one of the largest private health studios in the country that’s owned by Mark and Ashley Ritchie. It’s a qualified Body Arts Science International (BASI) Pilates teacher training centre that offers Pilates, gym, gyrotonic classes, a chiropractor, massage therapists and physical rehabilitation to help you achieve your goals.

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Disclaimer: Always consult with your doctor first before starting any training programme.

Zumba has taken Johannesburg by storm, offering an effective yet fun way to bump up your heart rate while having a good time. Zumba promises a serious cardio fix minus the boredom. This high-energy, dance fitness class is just the way to go if you want to get a little more out of your workout. Dance to great music, while meeting new and interesting people, and have a blast while working out. Cardio sessions have never been more exciting!

What are you waiting for? Let's get ready to Zumba in Johannesburg! Check out the list of venues in and around the city that offers Zumba classes. All you have to do is book your class or sign up for a membership, throw on your gym gear, grab your sweat towel and water bottle and make your way to the nearest class. And, if we have missed out on a few classes, be sure to let us know!

Zumba Classes In The City

Dance Fun

+27 82 903 4257 / [email protected]www.dancefun.co.za

Viva Gym


Mad About Dance SA

+27 74 817 7092 / [email protected] / www.mad-about-dance.org.za

Katz Dance

+27 11 886 0529 / [email protected]The Nicolway, 61 Woodlands Avenue, Hurlingham, Bryanston, Johannesburg / www.ksdance.co.za

Dance On Main

+27 82 940 3469 / [email protected]www.z-zone.co.za

Select Virgin Active Health Clubs

0860 200 911 / www.virginactive.co.za

Select Planet Fitness Clubs

0861 496 463 / www.planetfitness.co.za

Zone Fitness