Capoeira is one of those sports that are really not that big in the country however has great potential to grow. Many people still do not understand what exactly it is and what benefit they can get from taking it up as a sport or extra mural.

Capoeira Spots

What Is Capoeira?

First and foremost, Capoeira is originally from Brazil and was invented by Africans who were enslaved in Brazil. This form of martial arts has elements of acrobatics, dance with touches of yoga as a form of dance and martial arts.

Although I have mentioned martial arts, a lot of people would expect it to have the same amount of intensity as general martial arts, and no; don't get me wrong - it can most definitely can be used for self-defense.

Why Capoeira Is Just What You Need?

This form of martial arts allows you to learn a lot about your body and about how you can defend yourself. It allows for you to move at a slow pace almost like smooth dancing. You really get to a point where you can actually concentrate your muscles and build strength through your movement, even the art of balance.

It is definitely what I would consider; an exercise of the body and mind. Plus if you are not really into gym, it is an amazing way to squeeze in a good workout.

Who Can Do It?

Anyone can do it, age is just a number and any breathing thing can participate. Just like you don't need to be French to eat French toast, you also don't need to be Brazilian to capoeira, honey!

Capoeira Spots

Capoeira Valente

Capoeira Valente is situated in Sandton at the Sloane Square Shopping Centre. Their classes allow you to unwind and learn more about flexibility.

This school is all about togetherness and growing together as a community. They are all about development and learning about yourself and the people around you. they have mastered the art of being able to help you be rid the feeling of insecurity.

They also host amazing capoeira festivals from time to time so do check them out.

Capoeira Spots

Casa Da Capoeira

Casa Da Capoeira is available in Benoni, University of Johannesburg as well as Pretoria so you can be part of any of their classes at a facility of your choice.

As proud as they are about capoeira, they also bring in the holistic culture of this martial art - bringing in the music elements. Those who are familiar with this art know that the music really sets the tone and plays an significant role in setting the rhythm too.

How you can join them? Just simply contact one of their instructors.

Last Move...

I think it's always great to try something new and one way to go about it is to really try something that is not so common so open up your avenues and try it...what's the worst that can happen.

{Featured Image By Casa Da Capoeira}