Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is a hub of work, play and confection at Eastgate Mall. With free WiFi and scrumptious eats on offer, this is the ideal place to stop by when that caffeine craving kicks in. Seeing as it's 'spooky season', Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice range is all anyone has on their mind. But, who can blame them? This drink consists of handcrafted espresso infused with pumpkin spice, steamed milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger, topped with whipped cream and a dusting of pumpkin spice. Give it a try before the season ends.

Details: Shop no. U46 – U47 | (010) 020 7962 | Click here for more information.

Krispy Kreme

Another American export that calls Eastgate Shopping Mall its home is Krispy Kreme. While famed for their glazed and stuffed doughnuts, Krispy Kreme also offers a pretty good coffee. From frothy cappuccinos to iced frappes, they have all you need to curb that craving. Add a dash of hazelnut, salted caramel or toffee nut syrup to your hot or cold beverage for added flavour. And throw in a doughnut for good measure. In honour of the release of the new Addams Family movie release, Krispy Kreme have introduced the Wednesday Addams, Lurch and Cousin Itt doughnuts to their menu. Spooky, but delicious!

Details: Shop no. U108 | (011) 615 4707 | Click here for more information.

coffee at eastgate

Harpers Restaurant

Harpers Restaurant takes coffee at Eastgate to another level. This up-market cafe is Eastgate's mecca for coffee and confectionery addicts. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to sweet treats - from English scones, to macarons, carrot cake and cheesecake. Pair your little indulgence with Harpers' cheeky Irish coffee - piping hot espresso totted with either whiskey, rum, Kahlua, Amarula Cream or Frangelico. Not in the mood for a tipsy treat? Harpers also offers an array of flavoured coffees, including vanilla and hazelnut.

Details: Shop no. U28C | (011) 615 3816 | Click here for more information.

Woolworths Cafe

If the Woolies Cafe buffet isn't enough to impress you, then their coffees certainly will. Standouts on the menu include the Vanilla and Cinnamon Latte which is light, frothy and sweet, and the Frozen Hazelnut and Honey Latte. With all the glorious flavour notes of honey on the palate and a subtle nutty overture, this icy beverage is the ideal closer to a day of strenuous shopping. Woolies Cafe offers an array of savoury and sweet dishes to pair with your coffee of choice. However, if we had to pick our favourite, it has to be the dense, fruity carrot cake. Topped off with cream cheese icing, this carrot masterpiece goes down oh so well with strong coffee.

Details: Shop no. L20B | (011) 677 4511 | Click here for more information.

Pallet Coffee Bar

Sometimes all you need is a good old cappuccino to go. That's where Pallet Coffee Bar saves the day. Situated in the bustling food court, this food truck meets coffee bar stocks all the old favourites, including muffins and buttery croissants. Stop by here if you are in a rush and in dire need of caffeine.

Details: Centre Food Court | (078) 520 7660


If you ever get lost at Eastgate Mall, just follow the smell of baking cinnamon. It is almost impossible to pass by Cinnabon without noticing it. Your mouth starts to water as the delectable fragrance of melted butter, spices and chocolate drift through the mall. Don't be a hero, give in to temptation and gift yourself with a spicy Cinnabon. While you're at it, order a coffee too. Coffee and cinnamon are best friends, after all.

Details: Shop no. U54 | (011) 615 0315 | Click here for more information.

coffee at Eastgate

Nespresso Pop-Up Store

Finally, we have the Nespresso pop-up shop. Offering you a taste of their full-bodied blends, Nespresso should ideally be your last stop on your way out of the mall. Pick up a supply of Nespresso capsules for your home coffee machine. That way you'll never be without your beloved brew.

Details: Entrance 6 | 0800 63 7773

Do you know of any other great coffee shops at Eastgate? Let us know about them! 

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I love it so much, I often cook up scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and crunchy toast for dinner on Friday evenings (no judgment please)! But, there is just something extra special about hopping out of bed on a Saturday morning knowing that you have a breakfast date ahead.

The Bread Basket is a family favourite breakfast spot. We usually visit the store at Greenstone Mall, however on this occasion, Mom and I took a trip into snazzy Sandton for our breakfast get-together.

The Bread Basket

The Bread Basket

Established in 1982, The Bread Basket was one of Joburg's first bakery-delis. Offering hungry customers their first taste of exotic pastries like croissants and eclairs (yes, those were considered exotic back then). Started by culinary pioneers, Adonis and Christina Avraamides, The Bread Basket is all about fresh, preservative-free ingredients, family recipes and top quality imported products. Their Sandton outlet is one of the oldest, which is why we chose to pop by.

The Bread Basket welcomes you in with the mouthwatering scent of baked bread. Their display windows are filled with buttery croissants, colourful meringues and macaroons. You cannot help but take a look inside. The bakery section offers an array of freshly baked breads, including 100% rye, gluten-free loaves and classic ciabatta. Then comes the sweet stuff - glazed doughnuts, custard tarts and apple pies. Watch out for The Bread Basket's own wacky invention, the Croclair. A delectable cross between a croissant and eclair, it beckons from behind the counter glass!

The Bread Basket

The Croclair

Before temptation could set in, we took a seat in the restaurant area. With elegant lighting and clean wood accents, this is the ideal place for brekkie with friends and family. Now, Mom and I would ordinarily order The Bread Basket Breakfast, but on this occasion we decided to splurge a little. To start, I ordered a Hazelnut Gourmet Coffee - espresso, steamed milk and hazelnut syrup blended to coffee perfection. Mom opted for her usual Caffè Latte, which was accompanied by a cute little biscuit appetiser.

Salmon Scramble & Eggs Benedict Deluxe

Mulling over the breakfast menu, we had a difficult time choosing our meals. In the end it was decided that I would try the Eggs Benedict - poached eggs with basil hollandaise and crispy Parma ham, served on toasted ciabatta with a side of roasted cherry tomatoes. Mom ordered a Salmon Scramble - fluffy scrambled egg, smoked salmon trout, tomato and toast. To our surprise, both of these indulgent breakfasts were well priced and equally generous. The freshness of the ingredients only added to the value of the meals. We will definitely be back to test out the menu further. I spotted a Banana and Peanut Butter French Toast Croissant which is served with vanilla ice cream. I may leave the restaurant in a sugar coma, but I am sure it will be worth it.

Overall, this breakfast outing was well worth the trip into Sandton. In fact, they impressed us so much that we headed straight back to The Bread Basket after a morning of intense window shopping. Two roast chicken and mushroom pies in hand, we made the journey home. Seasoned with just a hint of rosemary, these roasted chicken pies are a must-try for anyone disenchanted with grubby supermarket pies. Go on, try it!

For more information

Visit The Bread Basket's website for more information, or follow them on social media:

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Details: Shop BC 28, Sandton City Shopping Centre, 5th Street, Sandton, Johannesburg | 011 783 9053 | [email protected]