Protea Hotel Fire & Ice By Marriott Johannesburg Melrose Arch

There are few places offering as decadent milkshakes as Protea Hotel Fire & Ice at Melrose Arch. With more than 30 milkshakes gracing their menu, you'll be spoiled for choice. Options come in crazy and interesting flavours and include alcoholic options. Some of our favourite options include Ouma en Oupa (carrot cake and rooibos) and the Bee's Knees (dark chocolate, orange and honeycomb). For an alcoholic option, try the Russian Roulette with a dash of caramel vodka.

Details: 011 218 4000 | Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! by Marriott Melrose Arch, 22 Whitley Street, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg |


For a yummy Freak Shake that is worth every calorie, head to Craft in Parkhurst. Available in four decadent flavours, these are a must-try. Sip on the Candy Carnival, Turkish Delight, Chocolate Overload and Salted Caramel Delight, all piled high with desserts, sweets, chocolate and sprinkles. If these are a little too over the top and sugar loaded for you, worry not. Craft also has a selection of 'regular' milkshakes, such as the Oreo Cookie and the Rolo Shake.

Details: 011 788 7111 | 33 4th Avenue, Corner 13th Street, Parkhurst, Johannesburg | [email protected] |

Kota Joe Roadhouse

This roadhouse has always been famous for their fabulous and interesting milkshakes. Having recently launched a new menu, they'll definitely have something to keep your sweet tooth coming back for more. Popular options on their milkshake menu include Nutella, Cookies & Cream, Ferrero Roche and Oreo & Peanutbutter. But their newer menu items include such gems as Black Forest, Peppermint Oreo, Top Deck, Milk Tart and Custard Crunchie.

Details: Branches can be found in Boksburg, Edenvale and Auckland Park | [email protected] |


Hudsons The Burger Joint

If you're close by, do yourself a favour and stop by Hudsons and order one of their magnificent milkshakes. Their milkshake selection features varieties such as the Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel Popcorn, Cookie Monster, Nutella Waffle and Strawberry Candyfloss. Pair this with any one of their gourmet burgers and you're in for a treat. And, if you're vegan, you can delight in the yummy Vegan Oreo Shake with a delectable side of vegan Panko Crumbed Wings.

Details: Branches can be found in Parkhurst and Bedfordview |

Brooklyn Brothers

Another burger spot makes it onto this list in the form of Brooklyn Brothers. Milkshakes and burgers has got to be one of the best combos of all time, wouldn't you agree? Crazy Shakes on offer include the Brooklyn Heights (topped with choc fudge icing, whipped cream, a Kit Kat finger and a toasted doughnut), the Harlem Split (caramel and custard blend, choc icing rim, whipped cream, banana, cherries and sprinkles) and the Red Hook (berries, cream cheese icing, candy coated mini chocolates, whipped cream and a sour belt skewer).

Details: 011 615 0536 | Bedford Centre, Corner of Smith Road and Van der Linde Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg | [email protected] |


Dukes is yet another spot on this list that pairs burgers and milkshakes. Their range of milkshakes include regular options like Vanilla, Bubblegum and Strawberry as well as gourmet milkshakes like Strawberry Cheese Cake, Nutella & Pretzel and Chocolate Ganache. If it's been a rough week, you can also opt for the alcoholic concoctions, which include the James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne.

Details: Branches can be found in Greenside and Melville |



There are four mouthwatering Monster Shake options to choose from at Burgerack – The Waffle Shake (waffle, peanut butter, honey and banana), The Candyfloss & Bubblegum Shake (candyfloss, bubblegum and Astros), The Caramel Popcorn Shake (caramel popcorn and chocolate sauce) and The Choc Crunchy Shake (honeycomb, Astros and chocolate sauce). Apart from these, they also offer eight regular milkshake flavours.

Details: Branches can be found in Klerksdorp, Rosebank, Alberton, Sandton, Benoni and Johannesburg South | [email protected] |

Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove has been a go-to destination at Sandton City for many years, and for good reason. Their shakes are made with real Italian gelato and comes in nine flavours - Strawberry Cheesecake, Milk Tart, Walnut Brownie, Malva Pudding, Black Forest, Choc Mint, Iced Coffee, Chocoholic and Snowball. If this isn't enough to get you into a sugar coma, then order a decadent cake slice to pair with your drink.

Details: 011 783 6111 | Sandton City Shopping Centre, Corner 5th and Maude Streets, Sandton, Johannesburg | [email protected] |

Mike's Kitchen 

Mike's Kitchen may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of decadent and indulgent milkshakes. But all that is about to change. Mike's Kitchen offers eight Original Milkshakes, four Supreme Milkshakes and four Over 18 Shakes. Little ones will delight in the Peppermint Crisp Caramel shake (vanilla shake loaded with crushed Peppermint Crisp and caramel sauce) while the adults sip on the Springbok Penalty (vanilla ice cream, mint liqueur and a double tot of Amarula).

Details: 010 492 3793 | Branches can be found in Boksburg, Bryanston, Florida Glen and Parktown, among others |


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Andiccio 24

Have you ever looked at a pizza menu and been at a loss over what to order? Sometimes, the combination of toppings just doesn't tick all the boxes, right? Rather than compromise on what you really want, head out to Andiccio 24 to build your own pizza. There is no set menu here, but a collection of base options, toppings and sweet treats. Start by picking out your perfect base - margherita, vegherita (vegan cheese and tomato), calzone or focaccia. There are Banting and health base options too, for those of you on strict diet regimens. Next, choose your cheese - with over 15 varieties, there is an endless array of options at Andiccio. Throw on some protein or veg and you are good to go!

Andiccio also has dessert pizza options. Build your very own Nutella base pizza, complete with sweet toppings, including marshmallows, jelly tots, Kit Kats and Astros. You could quite literally never eat the same pizza twice at Andiccio. So, what are you waiting for?

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build your own menu

Salsa Mexican Grill

Salsa is a DIY Tex-Mex heaven, offering their patrons the chance to pick and choose all their favourite Mexican flavours to compile into towering plates of nachos, crispy tacos or the cheesiest quesadillas. Once you have been seated, your waitperson will bring around menu sheets filled with meal and topping options. It can be a little daunting at first, especially if you are unfamiliar with Mexican cuisine. However, Salsa staff are usually friendly and accommodating, so ask for assistance if you need it.

Create your own Mexican feast by selecting your base or bowl - either a soft or hard shell taco, burrito wrap, quesadilla or lettuce shell. Next, pick a protein. We like the sound of their new nacho-crusted chicken strips! You can then add a few extras, including cheese, grains or veg. Finally, pick a salsa topping. The menu has icons to help you decide the level of heat you want in your salsa, from mild to 'tears running down your face' spicy. Choose wisely!

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BGR Rosebank

BGR Rosebank is all about the simplicity of a good American burger. They serve no-fuss, down-to-earth fast food with hand-formed beef patties, perfect buns made without preservatives, real mayo and smokey BBQ sauce. The menu has only four set options - hamburger, double hamburger, cheese burger and double cheeseburger! However, they have an array of free toppings to choose from, so you can customise your burger to exactly the way you like it. Throw on some lettuce, tomato, onions (grilled or raw), grilled mushrooms, pickles, peppadews, jalapeno, BGR Sauce, Ketchup, mayo, mustard, hot sauce or BBQ sauce. There are also two vegetarian burger options here, as well as good old American fries and milkshakes. Check them out the next time you take a meander down the Keyes Arts Mile.

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Brooklyn Brothers

For more American-inspired build-it-yourself grub, head out to your nearest Brooklyn Brothers restaurant. Their menu features 13 different buffalo wing flavours, including garlic Parmesan, honey mustard, sticky maple, masala spice and chipotle. You can order a four or eight piece snack in one flavour, twelve pieces in two flavours or 20 pieces to share. There are also an array of hot Brooklyn Brothers flavours, which range from mild to 'suicidal'. Vegans can enjoy cauli-wings as a delicious meat-free alternative.

If you aren't in the mood for wings, try out a customised BB burger. Add an assortment of toppings to your original burger, or swap out an ingredient you may not like on one of their gourmet meals. Building your own burger has never been this exciting. We recommend customising an original BB burger with sliced pickles, emmenthal cheese and tomato relish. If that doesn't rock your boat, then visit a BB eatery to build your own menu instead.

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This is the spot for serious foodie DIY-ers. Here, you can build your own menu, complete with smash burger, ribs and wing combos! For the ultimate smash burger, choose your base, add your toppings and unhinge your jaw for the messiest burger meal you have ever eaten. RocoMamas' variety of meat and vegetable bases include a Southern fried chicken breast and a super meaty beef patty, paired with extra bacon, cheese, veg, pickles and sauces. They also offer eight different wing flavours, as well as two creamy dips to choose from. Sadly, their ribs only come in two different flavours - Sweet BBQ and Sweet Fire - but we think that there is more than enough variety here to keep you coming back for more.

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Rockets Express

Now, for something a little less deep-fried and a lot more fresh. Rockets Express stores offer build-it-yourself designer salads, featuring one base, a portion of protein and your choice of dressing to bring it all together. You can opt for a leafy base of lettuce, spinach or kale, or grainy brown rice, pasta or quinoa starter. Next, chuck in a little meat, veg, dairy or added carbs and top off with a delicious dressing. We like the idea of quinoa, chicken, feta, mixed veg and pesto vinaigrette salad bowl. But, the joy of this place is that you can customise your salad to your preference. So, whether you are all about the leaves or think that meat on meat is the perfect salad, there should be something to fill your tummy here.

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build your own menu

Crumbs and Cream

Our final indulgence is a little Crumbs and Cream. Build your very own ice cream sandwich here, made with the most chewy biscuits and creamy ice cream. The three step process is simple - pick any two cookies, select your ice cream flavour and choose a topping or spread. You can also order a DIY kit for up to 10 people to take home! Their new summer menu features three new cookie flavours; White Chocolate Macadamia, Triple Bar One and Chewy Ginger. However, it's the waffle sandwich we are most excited to try. Imagine smooth and sweet ice cream sandwiched between two crispy waffles. Yum!

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Chevy Lane

This American-style diner at Bedford Centre offers up delectable burgers, waffles, milkshakes and hot dogs. The garage theme encompasses cars, street signs, a petrol station and even a car crash scene. The venue features entertainment for all ages with a cigar bar for the grown ups and a jungle gym, arcade games and adjoining ice cream parlour for the kids.

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Mama Taco

This Mexican fast food chain offers up a delicious variety of Mexican food including tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos and churros. Perhaps our favourite menu item, Mama Taco has a Build Your Own option. Patrons can choose their base of a taco, burrito, Muncho Bowl or nachos and stuff it their very own choice of grains, protein, veggies, cheese and salsa.

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Kong Sing

This Chinese restaurant specialises in sushi and dim sum. Their menu has a wide variety of deliciously flavourful soups, chop suey, chow mein, curry, sweet and sour dishes, dim sum and sushi. We love their selection of desserts which includes deep fried ice cream, deep fried bananas, bow ties and crispy buns.

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Brooklyn Brothers

For gourmet burgers, dessert style milkshakes, crunchy chips, sticky ribs and perfectly cooked chicken wings, head to Brooklyn Brothers. This urban-style diner offers up dude-food that ladies can pig out on, too. Although, there is no actual pig as this establishment is Halaal certified.

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With Portuguese flavours and flair, Calistos Bedford Centre offers all the scrumptious Portuguese classics. These include items like the Trinchado, Prawns, Rissoles, Piri-piri and Prego. But their menu also has some unique finds such as the Argentinian Steak, Chicken Schnitzel and Avocado Ritz. All this can be enjoyed with their fine selection of imported cognac, premium whiskey and cigars.

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Deliciously prepared traditional Greek food can be found at this eatery. Mythos serves authentic pitas and dips, meze, souvlaki, yiro and all the other Greek food we've come to know and love. Their range of desserts, or glika, stands out from the crowd with the choices or loukoumades, baklava, rizogalo and kataifi.

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Lupa Osteria

This Italian restaurant, named for the Roman Goddess, prepares mouthwatering meals consisting of antipasti, pasta, pizza and main meals. They also have a vegan menu with vegan pasta, pizza and dessert choices on offer. Their wine and liquor menu is extensive with many interesting and tasty cocktails.

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Salsa Mexican Grill

Bedford Centre has another Mexican offering, but in the form of a restaurant this time. Not only can you find tasty and spicy nachos, enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, platitos and fajitas, but you can also get craft gin, tequila and beer. Finish off your meal with a thick and creamy milkshake, available in six flavours.

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We complete our round-the-world trip at Bedford Centre with delectable North Indian cuisine. Bunny chow, tandoori breads, roti rolls, tandoori grills, briyani as well as chicken, vegetarian, seafood and lamb dishes grace the menu. Their meals are available in mild, medium or hot options and they are Halaal certified.

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We can't resist the sweeter side of life, and what's sweeter than Paul's Homemade Ice Cream? Bedford Centre is one of the few, if not the only, locations in the east where we can get a lick of these indulgent scoops. Favourite flavours include Passion Fruit and White Chocolate; Mint Chocolate Brownie; Vegan Strawberry; Chocolate, Nutella and Oreo and Birthday Cake.

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indian food

Contact details: Bedford Centre | 011 622 1840 | Cnr Smith & Van der Linde Rd, Bedfordview | [email protected] |

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This potato restaurant offers diners the chance to experience the luxury and deliciousness of this solanaceous vegetable. Their menu consists of nothing but loaded chips, saucy chips and dessert chips. Menu items include taters topped with items such as Parmesan with black truffle mayo, pulled chicken and sesame slaw and even a cheeseburger with no bun, just chips. Those braver than us may try the sweet chips, topped with vanilla ice cream, peanut-caramel sauce and toasted coconut flakes. It's about time Joburg had an eatery devoted to the humble potato, if you ask us.

Contact details: 011 485 0104 | Eastgate Shopping Centre, 43 Bradford Road, Bedfordview | [email protected]

Truffles On The Park

This eatery, based in Mushroom Park, offers a wide selection of bistro food, many of which centre around the earthy truffle. Diners can expect delectable meals ranging from bar food to signature mains. The Grilled Octopus, Burnt Corn & Avocado Salad, Braised Lamb Shoulder and Truffles Signature Burger are all fine choices. However, the Truffle Parmesan Fries remains one of the most raved about menu items. These twice-fried chips are served with nutty Parmesan and creamy black truffle aioli.

Contact details: 079 886 3134 | Mushroom Farm Park, Daisy Street, Sandown, Sandton | [email protected]

Hudsons The Burger Joint

Located in Parkhurst, this burger joint makes some of the most sought after burgers in Joburg. And we can see why. With over 20 burgers, including vegan options, to choose from, this is a burger haven. As fabulous as the burgers are, we can't resist their chips. The Loaded Fries comes covered in bacon bits, sweet chilli and mozzarella. They also offer up creamy peri peri and mozzarella Disco Fries and Truffle Cheese Fries. Low Carbers and Banters also have their pick with the Avo Fries served with tangy sweet chilli sauce.

Contact details: 011 268 0713 | Cnr 4th Avenue & 14th Street, Parkhurst | [email protected]

loaded chips

The Green Craft Bar

This bar in Benoni offers diners yummy pub grub, with everything from Deep Fried Ravioli and Brannas Basted Chicken Wings to a Peanut Butter Burger and Pulled Pork. Our favourite pub grub, especially while enjoying a few jam jars, are loaded chips. This bar caters to this with their Fully Loaded Chips. These are topped with cheddar and mozzarella. Dinners can then choose to top this with spring onion, bacon and jalapeno or pulled pork and BBQ.

Contact details: 084 603 0609 | Benoni Country Club, Morris St, Morehill, Benoni | [email protected]

Brooklyn Brothers

Brooklyn Brothers has recently popped up at several locations across the city. We have often frequented the Bedford branch to get our fix of great burgers, sticky chicken wings, saucy ribs, fluffly waffles, thick milkshakes and perfectly fried chips. The Brothers have several fries that bridge the gap to gourmet including Macon & Cheese Fries, Blue Cheese Fries, Garlic Parmesan Fries and our favourite, Dirty Fries. These are smothered with Beef Chilli Mince, Cheedar Cheese, Beans and Jalapeno Fries.

Contact details: 011 615 0536 | Shop U50, Bedford Centre, Smith Road and Van Der Linde Road, Bedfordview | [email protected]


No matter how we might feel about the values of this establishment, we can't deny that their food is delicious. This eatery offers patrons American-style cuisine with the burgers, tacos, curly fries, shrimp, philly cheesesteak and chicken wings. Although not suitable for fine dining, this place makes a good location when we have the munchies. But no cravings can be fulfilled without a plate of chips. This is where the Big Dipper Chili Fries comes in. Huge chips are loaded with chilli con carne, cheese and chipotle cream sauce.

Contact details: 010 443 5926 | The Buzz Shopping Centre, Witkoppen Rd, Fourways | [email protected]

gourmet loaded chips