The main point of maternity wear is comfort and the right fit. But with these stores, you get an added perk of style. So, let's take a look at these awesome stores to help you dress that baby bump and still be the fashionable mama that you are.

Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly

Cherry Melon

Just because you are about to become a mom, doesn't mean you should lose yourself and your sense of style. That's what Cherry Melon is all about - making mommies-to-be look stylish and on trend

Cherry Melon's main aim is to make you feel great and help you dress comfortably for your body with trendy maternity wear. Their offerings include jeans, dresses, tops and active wear. And, all their fabulous clothes are designed and manufactured locally.

You can find them at Cresta Shopping Centre or you can simply shop online.

Maternity Way

Maternity Way

Maternity Way is a store that keeps moms-to-be looking as great as ever. Whether you want something cute for work or just a casual outing, they have what you're looking for. They offer pants, tops, dresses and feeding shirts, just to name a few.

The store aims to make sure that you keep your identity throughout your pregnancy by offering stylish and comfortable clothing without compromising on the quality.

Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly


Annabella is an awesome store that caters for moms-to-be who love fashion statement pieces. They have stylish clothing, including sleepwear, office wear, casual wear, underwear and swimming gear.

Annabella has some amazing accessories for you and the baby, so you can shop for two.

Maternity Wear To Dress That Belly


Bellyssimo is a store for moms-to-be who want their bellies to be dressed beautifully.

Bellyssimo believes in adding some spice to your maternity wardrobe with their range of dresses, tops, bottoms, underwear, belly bands and accessories.


Fit Mama

Fit Mama is all about empowering women to stay fit and live a health conscious life, pre- and post-pregnancy. To accompany this goal, they have a store that has some great fitness clothing for you to spoil yourself with for your next workout.

They offer a stylish range of fitness gear that empowers women to step out in their own unique style while staying fit.

Why you need to stay fit during pregnancy?

  • Aids relaxation
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves mobility
  • Great for birthing preparation through breathing exercises.

To find out more about fitness during pregnancy, read our pregnancy fitness classes in Joburg article.


Are you expecting a bundle of joy? Let us know what your favourite maternity wear store is in the comments section below!