St Patrick's Day Street Party

It’s time to party like the Irish! St Paddy’s Day is just around the corner and if you have no idea how... Read More

Heat, History and Jazz At The Radium Beerhall

Radium Beerhall is more than just a chilled afternoon out with smooth jazz and good food; it may actually be the secret... Read More

Summer Beer Festival 2019

It’s summertime and we are pretty amped up for anything that is coming our way and this event is one of the most... Read More

Cool EDM Clubs In Town

It’s all about the bass drop when it comes to Electronic Dance Music. We went around town, movin’ our... Read More

The Mary Poppins Sing-Along At The Bioscope

Sing your heart out to this Disney classic film at The... Read More

City and Suburban
Noche Espanola: Carol's Journey (Spanish Night)

Join The Bioscope for their monthly Spanish Night where they showcase the best in Spanish... Read More

City and Suburban
Le Movie Club Maestro Screening

Sit back and relax while enjoying pizza, beer and some fine French films at The Bioscope’s Le Movie... Read More

City and Suburban
The Big Night In Presents Scream

Halloween is a time for dressing, trick-or-treating or, if you’re over 12, a time for slasher flicks! Enjoy the... Read More

City and Suburban
Rocky Horror Sing-Along At The Bioscope

Don’t have kids but still want to celebrate Halloween? The Bioscope is hosting a Halloween Rocky-Horror... Read More

City and Suburban
Hippocrates: Diary Of A French Doctor (Le Movie Club)

Grab your beer and pizza and enjoy this month’s Le Movie Club feature,... Read More

City and Suburban
Noche Espanola - 18 Meals At The Bioscope

Join The Bioscope for their monthly Spanish Movie Night (Noche Espanola). Just sit back, relax  and enjoy some pizza... Read More

City and Suburban
Food And Beer Pairing - November Edition

You love your beer and you love your food. But do you know how to put together the perfect food and beer... Read More

Soccer Fan Parks In The City

And FIFA Fever is taking over the city! We’ve waited four years for this and it’s finally here… the... Read More

Soweto Beer Fun Run

This is an event that involves a good run, beer and lots of fun... Read More

Food and beer pairing – 12 May 2018

It’s another SAB World of Beer food and beer pairing and we as excited for this one as we were for the last one... Read More

Beerhouse Glow Party

Party on a Monday with lows Sticks, a tube of UV Body Paint and more at the Beerhouse in... Read More

Mad Giant Beer Bottomless Beer Day

May the 4th be with you when you indulge in the Joburg Day Bottomless Beer. It’s going to be quit the epic... Read More

Klimaxx Festival 2018

Please Note This Event Has Been Cancelled! A festival for over four days is just what we need guys. Hosting this first... Read More

International Beer Day Music Festival

Please Note This Event Has Been Cancelled! Guess what people! International Beer Day Music Festival is making a U-turn... Read More

2018 Food And Beer Pairings

What’s better than a food and wine Pairing? You can’t think of anything, can you? well, we got you covered... Read More