Oh So Heavenly has always been close to our hearts. They remain the go-to gift for the ladies in our lives whenever an event like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Christmas approach. But there is so much more to this amazing beauty brand. They are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty, meaning they don't test any of their products or the ingredients in the products on animals. They instead choose to test their products on "very fussy people". Some of their ranges are also vegan, meaning they do not contain ingredients derived from animals. All of this comes in a product that works effectively, with competitive prices to boot. Here are some of the products they have on offer:

Skin Care

The skin care range includes body wash, body lotion, body butter, soap bars and bath products. What's great about this range is that it includes options fitted to your needs. Dry skin? Try the Classic Care Moisture Burst body wash and lotion, which will make your skin silky soft in a jiffy. Trouble falling asleep? Try the Over The Moon Aromatherapy Blend before bed to relax your mind and body for a good night's sleep. Feeling stressed? Then try the Bye Bye Stress options with lavender for a bit of R&R at home. We love the Coconut Cream and Macadamia Oil body wash with ribbons of coconut and macadamia that smells magnificent. Finish this off with the same body lotion and skin feels like it's made from luxurious velvet.


Hair Care

Oh So Heavenly has a hair care range for dry and damaged, colour treated, frizzy, flat and curly hair. They offer shampoos, conditioners, treatment masks, elixir oil and detailing spray. They also offer hair fragrances, to leave your hair smelling as good as it looks. We love the Keratin and Argan Oil Repair 'n Care option because it smells so good. And it pairs perfectly with the Coconut and Macadamia body care.

Face Care

This beauty brand recently released a new range of face care. These are available in anti-ageing with Argan oil, even tone with pomegranate and goji berry, normal with milk proteins and oil control with aloe vera and grapeseed extract. They also have some lip care options available in various options but we are suckers for the Vanilla Bliss Lip Balm.


Hand and Foot Care

Oh So Heavenly also offers care for hands and feet. These include hand creams, washes, wipes and cleansers. What we love about their hand care range is that it moisturises dry hands without making them sticky or greasy. In fact, even their body lotion can be used on hands. Their foot care range comes in foot butter, pedicure treatments, soaks and wax. And we just love how they leave feet smelling like a coconut breeze rather than mature Parmesan cheese.


Unfortunately, there aren't all too many deodorants and antiperspirants on the market that are both cruelty-free and effective. But, this one is. They have many fragrances to choose from, whether you want to smell floral or prefer sweet fragrances. And their anti-perspirant comes in giant sized bottles, so you needn't be worried about running out too soon.


Kiddies and Moms

They offer a wide variety of choices for children. From when mom has stretch marks while pregnant, all the way to mom struggling to get the little ones in the bath. Thankfully their range for children includes a 3-in-1 Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner, which will make bubble time a little easier on mom. And then mom can treat herself to something special, whether it be Time To Unwind, Revive and Revitalize or Bounce Back.

Home Care

Now offering home fragrances, the Oh So Heavenly French Vanilla 5-in-1 room spray leaves homes smelling like a bakery with no messy baking required. In fact, they have an entire vanilla range called Decadent Vanilla, offering candles, mists and diffusers. These products also come in other flavours for those of you not as enthused with vanilla as us.


These and other Oh So Heavenly products are available exclusively at Clicks.

Images sourced from Oh So Heavenly's Facebook page.