Bespoken Man

Bespoken Man is a grooming spot that is all about the head to toe experience. This spot has become popular for many guys because of their incredible service and the calm atmosphere. Once you step foot inside, you'll understand why this spot has become so popular.

Here, they have everything you need to help you define your look. They also have a gentleman's club that you can join as part of the experience.

Grooming Spots in Johannesburg

Naked Cherry

Naked Cherry is breaking the norm and pride themselves in non-conventional offerings that allow the modern gentleman to explore a different side to grooming.

This grooming spot offers a range of services, such as waxing for legs, arms, chest and more. They also have a luxury package with even more offerings, including aromatherapy to awaken your senses.

Grooming Spots in Johannesburg

Sorbet Man

Sorbet Man provides a head to toe experience, including services like haircuts, shaves and hand and foot treatments. At Sorbet Man, you can get all the treatments you need to help you look your best.

Sorbet Man also has a great loyalty programme that you can use to spoil yourself. Here, you have the option to choose a package suitable to your needs.

Grooming Spots in Johannesburg

The Last Trim

These grooming centres are great spots to help you kick start your holistic grooming journey. And if you want to start prepping for Movember, here is our gentlemen's guide to grooming your beard and mustache.


As fun as Movember is, it is deep-rooted in serious issues. The movement seeks to tackle prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and aid in the prevention of suicide. This initiative is all about taking action and standing by one another.

You can check out more information about Movember South Africa.

Bro With The Mo!

Not every bro has been blessed with a face full of hair. Some lads need to work for it. Here are some helpful tips to help you grow that mo:

What Kind Of Mo To Grow?

Now that you've grown a stash, it's time to consider what kind of mo you want.

Let's check out a few exciting styles to consider:





Photo By Gillette

Where To Nurture That Mo

There are many places that offer a good trim, shape and all-round grooming. Let's check out a few places that you can visit:

 EDGE For Men

EDGE For Men

EDGE For Men is a premium hair dressing salon that specialises in haircuts, grooming and products for gentlemen.

You can even get a minty head massage to finish off the treatment.

Visit EDGE For Men, for more information.

Grooming Spots in Johannesburg

Bespoken Man

Bespoken Man is a popular grooming spot for men. They offer an enjoyable experience with a range of treatments for all grooming needs.

Bar Ber BlackSheep

Bar Ber BlackSheep

Bar Ber BlackSheep, situated on the corner of Jan Smuts Avenue and Bolton Street in Parkwood, has combined the best of three worlds - hair care, drinks and entertainment.

Will you be growing your mo for Movember? Let us know in the comments section below!

After the razor was invented, the beard became, for a while, not very acceptable. That was until recently when it made a comeback, proving that the beard is a proud tradition to be worn on the chins and cheeks of the manliest of men. Throughout history, many distinguished men wore beards, such as Karl Marx, Abraham Lincoln and Chuck Norris, to name a few.

To keep this tradition going, the Johannesburg Beard Company, an online shop, stocks the best, homegrown (hair)care range for your whiskers. From beard oils and balms to moustache waxes and combs, they have the stuff to keep your mane bringing the party to the yard.

If you're like us, though, you're pretty sceptical about these so-called beard 'beauty products' popping up all over the place. With that said, we should mention that the Johannesburg Beard Company's range of products actually works. Any man worth his salt can tell you that the worst part about growing a beard is getting through the itch alive. Thanks to Joburg Beard Company's beard oils, growing pains are a thing of the past.

Some of the beard oils available are the Lumberjack with a woody scent, Spicy Citrus with an oriental lemon smell, and the Mountain Mint, which is obvious. The beard balm comes in the Lumberjack and Mountain Mint scents and will keep even the most stubborn of whiskers happy and healthy.

Do yourself a favour and check them out. If you're a facial hair aficionado like we are, you're in for a treat. Besides, you deserve to celebrate your pride and joy.

By Shawn Greyling

Have you tried Johannesburg Beard Company's products before or any beard products for that matter? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, share this on social media with that mane-wearing mate of yours. 

Article - Hines and Harley

Some men could find any excuse for grooming and others could hardly care less what happens to their ID area, but you don't want to find yourself becoming what I would call the "Beardo".

Beardo: "A person with a beard that is never given love and has lost hope"


Hines and Harley is all about that! Before we get carried away about what I'm talking about. An Ubersexual is a term used to describe a gentleman, a human person who knows how to take care of himself without feeling like he is doing something terrible. This is the guy who cleans up well (and by that, I don't mean a tall model in a suit with a white shirt stereotype).

Article - Hines and Harley

Lounging At The Barber...

Hines and Harley is one of those places that look so modern on the outside, but make you remember things from way back when once you enter. It's a bowl of nostalgia filled with shaving cream and a good pair of hands to take care of you, bro!

This men's grooming lounge is definitely an experience because they offer quality service from the minute you arrive until you leave. They really live off of making people fall in love with themselves again. This is all thanks to Jared.

Jared Hines is the man who made all this happen. He started out in the spa industry and decided that he wants to get into Mampering (pampering for men) and this lounge became his dream come true.

Article - Hines and Harley

Le Man Package

Hines and Harley has some amazing packages that you can check out. The "Full House" has to be our favourite. This includes a shave, haircut, facial, pedicure and a manicure - this is a full treatment.

The experience comes with every package, so you can be rest assured that you'll probably become a regular there.

The Products

They use good quality products that will ensure you are not a victim of Bacne. They boast their amazing house brand products, as well as top of the range products like Naked Cherry - a proudly South African product, TheraVine™ MEN range, etc.

The Vibe

As soon as you walk into the lounge, you will notice that the team gives off a very old school (quirky gentleman and lady type of style) vibe from the way that they dress, as well as the warm environment and the jubilant aura they spread.

Article - Hines and Harley


A Pat of Aftershave

Moral of the story is, whether you have a beard or not - grooming works either way, be it shaving or maintaining. Don't let the word "metrosexual" scare you off, it merely means you love taking care of yourself.

And ladies, we can stop the debate about Mr Scruff, just get him a little gift 😉 to get rid of that beardo.

Freedom Hair

If you're looking for a rock 'n roll shave or trim then head to Melville and pop in to Freedom Hair. Not only will the blokes have you looking fresh but you might just score some good coffee out of the deal. On top of that, Freedom Hair also boasts one of the best barbers in the world. Boyden, the owner of the barber shop was invited to Rotterdam to cut hair for an NGO alongside 11 of the best hairdressers in the world.

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Crew Men's Grooming

Feeling a bit overgrown; as if the hedges might need some tending? Head to Rivonia Boulevard and sort that beard out at Crew Men's Grooming. Enjoy a complimentary beer or whiskey or coffee as you get your mane trimmed. Crew Men's Grooming has also added a tattoo parlour to its premises so you can get a new chop to fit those lamb chops of yours.

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Floyd's 99 Barbershop

Old School quality with modern grooming is what Floyd's all about. Take a trip to Fourways and get yourself cut up, son. We're not suggesting you remove those chin hairs if you don't want to but get it styled at least. The ladies love it. From hipster fades to trimming the dead ends off your mop, Floyd's will sort you out.

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The Crow's Nest

It's not often that a barber shop makes national news but the Crow's Nest pulled it off. The shop got the country talking after they were appointed to shave South Africa's sexiest beard, Jo Engelbrecht to create awareness for testicular cancer. These guys own the skills to make your face look even sexier.

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Roma Paris

Quintessentially man, one can enjoy a traditional shave using original cut-throat razor methods coupled with a haircut minus the electric version of the old-style scissors. All of this while watching the game on one of the numerous plasma screens, enjoying a fine cedar wood-infused cigar or browsing the exceptional selection of single malts on sale. Parkhurst’s hot new barber shop is one of Joburg’s oldest traditional Italian barbers.

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