Official Mandela Day Community

First thing's first, have a look at the official Mandela Day online community and search for events taking place in your area. Everything from hackathons to blanket drives litter the list of ways to give back to the community. Inspire your friends and followers on social media to make a difference by using the hashtags #mandeladay and #time2serve.

Mobilise The Community

Have a look around your neighbourhood and see what needs to be done. If there is one thing Mandela taught us, it's that sitting down is not going to get us anywhere. Organise a book or blanket drive by contacting those living around you or using the internet to get the word out. In the age of emails and Facebook posts, it is now easier than ever to get people involved in events and activities. More hands make for lesser work.

Speak To Local Business

If a paint shop can sponsor t-shirts for a golf day at a primary school then surely they can part with a bucket of white paint for a hospital wall. By getting goods and services providers on board with your prospective initiative, you'd be able to do more good than you would on your own. In exchange for a box full of blankets or canned food you can thank them on social media which, in form, is a way of marketing for them.

Join Other Causes

Check out and volunteer your time, donate goods and create an offer which others can get involved in. Forgood is an online platform that connects passionate people with needy organisations. It is a social market place where skills, goods, services and information can easily be offered and asked for.


Create a Mandela Day Checklist and devote yourself to as many of the following as possible:

Where Else Can You Help Out On Mandela Day

There's so much that can be done around the city, where one can lend a helping hand. Because Ubuntu is our motto, focusing on giving where we can and doing good for our fellow human beings. South Africa is a nation where we love and support one another. Charity begins at home and Joburg is our home. You can also spend your 67 minutes at one of these Animal Shelters on Mandela Day, who knows you could make a few furry friends and you're guaranteed to fall in love. Also, if you were looking to take part in other things to help out beyond Mandela day, here's another list for you!