Clarins Mineral Matte Powder 

Clarins is a well-trusted brand for beauty products, makeup and fragrances. Put your faith in their Ever Matte Mineral Powder. Perfect for oily or combination skin prone to blemishes, this acne-friendly matte powder gives a soft, healthy glow without excess shine. This long-lasting product can be applied as a light concealer or over foundation for a set look that will last all day. Light and breathable, Clarins Mineral Matte Powder is a makeup bag essential.

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WBeauty SPF 15 Oil Control Liquid Foundation

The Woolworths Beauty Range is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Not only will you be helping the planet and its creatures by investing in a foundation from this brand, but their SPF 15 Oil Control Liquid Foundation won't dry out your skin. It also absorbs oil, providing a shine-free matte finish. Plus, this is one of the most affordable acne-friendly foundations out there. Available in eight shades, Woolies has got you covered (literally).

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Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions™ Liquid Makeup

While you make your way through the makeup counters at Woolies, check out Clinique's Liquid Makeup Foundation. Non-irritating and oil-free, this base helps blend away blemishes and neutralize redness. It also contains salicyclic acid, which is one of the key chemical ingredients used to treat acne. So, you can look great, all the while combating your underlying skin issues with this product. Unlike other foundation, Clinique's anti-blemish version is incredibly light, giving you a natural look.

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Max Factor Colour Corrector Stick

Often the best makeup for acne-prone skin is no makeup at all. However, we know that blemishes can seriously affect self-esteem. That's where Max Factor's CC highlighter and sticks come in to save the day. Concealing hyper-pigmentation, dark spots, scarring and dullness around your eyes, at least one of these makeup sticks should be in your handbag at all times. The next time a random spot appears right between your eyes in the middle of the day, you will be aptly prepared to cover it up and carry on. The Colour Corrector Stick for redness is ideal for the job.

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Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream

Even during winter months it's important to keep up your daily sun care routine. But, dare we risk the oily residue on our sensitive skin? Garnier has the solution - a Beauty Balm Cream with UV protection and grapefruit essence to help reduce the size of pores and imperfections. This tinted moisturiser is the perfect balance between bare faced and full on makeup mask. It may not cover your blemishes perfectly, so use in combination with a Colour Correcting Stick or a little matte powder. Available at Clicks stores.

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