We've always thought of Linden as a village and not a suburb. Its close-knit community can be observed by sitting at one of the many cafes that run down the length of 4th Avenue. Locals take their dogs for walks, store owners know their customers by name, and if you're not from around these parts you're greeted with a smile. This chilled community has recently seen an influx of young, ambitious workers. This – and an increase in demand – led to the opening of Linden's first shared office space.

Thanks to the age of the internet – and Linden being linked up to the fibre family of internet connectivity – many jobs can be done remotely. Be it writing for a newspaper in Guam or designing graphics for a farmer in Orkney, renting a desk these days is the way to go. Linden's first shared office space is called Basecamp and is home to a handful of creatives, entrepreneurs and business nomads. It was designed to harbour creative people and energies in a space where those who rent a desk can feed off of each others' zest.

Basecamp is situated at 59 4th Avenue (the same little centre where Record Mad and the Fitness Fort is), and is close to the majority of restaurants and other points of interest in the area. This unique space features an open-plan "office", an eight-seater boardroom, reception, bar counter and kitchen. Basecamp's sleek modern design can act as a settlement for any young professional looking to take on the world.

But is it affordable? Well, yes. It's way cheaper than renting an office and far more interesting than working from your kitchen counter. At the time of writing, shared space at Basecamp in Linden will set you back R2 500 per month. But what if you only want to use the boardroom for meetings with clients and colleagues? That'll cost you R180 (ex. VAT). You can also rent a desk for the day at R200 (ex. VAT).

Find more information about Basecamp here.

By Shawn Greyling