40 Years Of Fresh

The Bryanston Organic and Natural Market has been in operation for over 40 years. As one of Joburg's favourite and most trusted health and wellness markets, they have been inundated with requests for fresh produce and other essential organic goodies during the national lockdown period. That's why the Bryanston Organic Market is now fully online and ready to deliver to your door!

The online store first debuted in 2017, offering about 400 goods from 25 vendors. While the store has grown substantially since then, only certain items will be available for purchase during the lockdown period. However, you can still get your hands on over 300 products from the market's most popular vendors. These products maintain the Bryanston Organic Market's strict standards and are additive free, totally natural and wholesome. The list of products available include:

The market's dedicated vendors continue to work tirelessly to bring you the very best in organic produce to see you through these tough times, as well. Of course, new health and safety regulations have been put in place to ensure both theirs and your safety. Here are a few of the market's vendors still hard at work and the kinds of goods they have on offer:


Braeside Meat Market

Get all your organic, grain-fed meat products from the Braeside Meat Market stall. Their product selection includes beef burgers, fillet, boerewors, chicken breasts, whole chicken, lamb loin chops, streaky bacon and even chilli biltong snapsticks! If you have been avoiding a trip to your local butchery, this is the ideal solution. With fair prices and premium cuts of meat, Braeside Meat Market should be your go-to during lockdown.

Bryanston Market PGS Farmer Stall

How about some locally grown veggies? The Bryanston Market PGS Farmer Stall have partnered with a number of local farms to bring you the very best fresh produce boxes. Perfect for the start of autumn, these boxes include hardy stewing vegetables ideal for making homely soups. Their local is lekker box is filled with indigenous vegetables you may have never even heard of! Challenge yourself to experiment with these lekker ingredients and support local farmers during this difficult period.

You can also donate a box of vegetables to those in need by selecting the "donate a vegetable box" option when shopping online. These boxes will be passed on to NOSH Food Rescue NPC to be handed out at soup kitchens across Johannesburg.


Don't turn to sugary treats for comfort during lockdown. Cheese is known to increase 'happy making' hormones, so stock up on some traditional Dutch gouda from Gonedsa. Whether you like your cheese mild, strong or flavoured with herbs, Gonedsa has a wide variety of gouda to keep you smiling over the next few weeks. Melt over a homemade pizza base or pair it with a glass of wine (if you still have) and show a little love to this local producer.

Mrs Bread Care

If you haven't managed to become an expert bread baker while under lockdown, turn to Mrs Bread Care for artisan baked goods and healthy nut bars. Mrs Bread Care offers everything from rye bread, to nutty sliced bread and even cauliflower and spinach bread! Looking for a sweet treat? Get yourself a pack of their brownie delights. After all, we can't all be master craftsmen. Sometimes, it's just better to leave it up to the professionals, so order your Mrs Bread Care goodies as soon as you can.

The Green Bean African Coffee

For those of us working from home and taking care of the family during this time, coffee is most certainly an essential. Thankfully, The Green Bean African Coffee stall is up and loaded on the Market's online store to get you through early morning Zoom meetings and late night bedtime stories. Their range of African coffees will have you up and about in no time, so stock up!

The Keto Kitchen

Sticking to strict diet plans may seem impossible while under lockdown, but not with the Keto Kitchen. If you are an avid Banter or Keto diet follower, their range of low GI breads, spreads and free-range eggs will have you singing with joy. Hop on board the lockdown banana bread train with one of their Banting-friendly banana breads or make your own using their almond or coconut flours. The Keto Kitchen stall also stocks ready-made Banting pies, pizzas and quiches to help you avoid unhealthy alternatives.

Leafy Greens

If you have been missing your dose of vegan goodness from Leafy Greens Cafe during lockdown, you're in luck. The Leafy Greens stall is up and running through the Market's online store! You can get your hands on their essential products including dips and spreads, juices, jams and nut butters, granola, dried fruit and nuts and vegan butter and cheese. Leafy Greens are also offering ready-made meals for those days when you simply cannot think of what to make for dinner (again!) Their ready-made meals are all vegan-friendly and are made with only seasonal ingredients. This is a definite must to have on hand for lazy days during lockdown.

To see a full list of the vendors offering products on the Bryanston Organic Market's online store, click here.


How To Order

Ordering your fresh produce and staples has never been easier. All you have to do is register on the website, browse through the product offerings and add your selection to your basket. You may then checkout your items, using a range of payment options, including instant EFT and MasterPass. If the online payment portal won't accept your payment, the Market will gladly sort your order out manually. Simply email them on [email protected]

*Please note that orders must be placed on Mondays before 14:00 to be processed. You will receive your delivery on Thursday before 13:00. The Market will only be delivering to areas within a 20km radius from their location in Bryanston. If you prefer, you can order your goods online to be collected at the Market on Thursdays between 08:00 - 13:00. All orders placed must be to the value of R250.

For More Information

Visit the Bryanston Organic and Natural Market website for more information. You can also follow them on Facebook for updates regarding weekly deliveries and product availability.

Details: +27 (11) 706 3671 | [email protected]

The Banting revolution has taken Joburg by storm. So much so that restaurants are now dedicating menus to this low-carb diet.

What Is Banting?

Banting is a diet that is low in carbohydrates, specifically food without gluten and additives. Instead, dieters eat clean and lean food.

Why It's A Hit

Joburg residents are choosing to better their lifestyles by making healthier decisions and eating better. The banting diet has become a popular trend because it is low in carbs, high in nutrients and aids the body in burning fat.

Banting Around

Here is a beginner's guide on where to begin to explore the banting diet while still enjoying some delicious food:

Gourmet Salads Johannesburg


Col'Cacchio specialises in Italian cuisine. They also have multiple dietary offerings to cater to different types of requirements, including a few Banting choices.

At Col'Cacchio, you will be introduced to multiple options and flavourful meals.

Fruits & Roots

Fruits & Roots Health Store & Restaurant

Fruits & Roots Health Store & Restaurant is an organic food based restaurant that aims to create meals that are fuelling, clean and delicious.

The restaurant offers food and beverages that are packed with natural ingredients.

Fruits And Roots has a wide range of gluten-free foods, a vegetarian buffet and a juice and smoothie bar. Here, you can enjoy a sublime Banting feast.

View Restaurant

View Restaurant

View Restaurant is situated at the Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff and has become a favourite for Banting choices.

The restaurant is all about creativity and innovation, bringing something new to the table.

Stop by for a delicious meal, while enjoying the spectacular view.

Simply The Best In Fresh 

Checkers want you to live better, so that you can live longer. That's why they have developed the Simple Truth Range - a variety of health food and cleaning products which are free of artificial colourants, flavours, sweeteners and have no added MSG. Featuring pantry essentials, cooking oils and tasty snacks, this range is ever growing to include more of your favourite food goodies. Checkers Simple Truth cleaning products are eco-friendly and biodegradable. So, hop on the Simple Truth band wagon if you are serious about kicking sugar, wheat or dairy to the curb and helping the environment.

Here are some of our favourite Simple Truth snacks and staples:

Checkers Simple Truth

Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Reduced sugar, gluten-free and vegetarian friendly, what more could you want in a sticky dark chocolate fudge brownie? Next time you have a hankering for chocolate, pick up one of these. It's an almost guilt-free indulgence. But, beware these are super rich, so pace yourself!

Smooth Roasted Peanut Butter 

We know that some people prefer crunchy peanut butter to smooth, but there is just something so satisfying about the Checkers Simple Truth smooth roasted peanut butter. With no added sugar or salt, this preservative free sandwich spread is super healthy. With its natural fat and high protein content, this is the perfect snack for kids and adults. Spread over apple slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and you're in peanut butter heaven.

Unsweetened Almond Milk

Unsweetened almond milk can be hard to come by. But, not at Checkers. Their UHT unsweetened almond milk is suitable for vegans, or anyone looking to start increasing their plant-based consumption. As it's locally made, Checkers Simple Truth almond milk is less costly than imported versions. So, get yourself on the organic bandwagon and drink up those almonds.

Purple Sweet Potato Noodles

Not a fan of zucchini noodles? Neither are we. We much prefer Simple Truth's vegan sweet potato noodles. Egg-free and vibrant with colour, these noodles go well with a hearty lentil bolognaise sauce or veggie stir fry. If sweet potato doesn't float your boat, they also have turmeric noodles and Moringa noodles to get you slurping.

Raw Honey 

The health benefits of raw honey have been proven time and time again. A natural anti-inflammatory, honey is nature's cure to the common cold. Checkers Simple Truth honey is locally sourced wild blossom honey. 100% pure, unfiltered and unheated, this is the ideal pantry staple. Spoon a little into your tea or pair with one of the famous indulgent cheeses at Checkers. Yum!

Oh My Goodness! 

Cooking healthy meals for the kids day in and day out can be tedious to say the least. That's where the Checkers Oh My Goodness! range comes in. Endorsed by Gordon Ramsay himself, this range of pre-made meals and snacks are free from MSG, added sugar and salt, and contain no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. However, there is no skimping on flavour here. The kids will love the natural sweetness of berries included in their fruit rolls, yogurts and gluten-free cereals. Get rid of all the usual nasty stuff and feed the kids natural goodness instead.

Banting Revolution

Banting took over the food world a few years ago. While most of the hype has died down, there are still a good number of Banting devotees out there. To help you keep your carb intake down, Checkers developed a range of Banting friendly salad dressings, marinades, cured meats and seeded breads. No need to worry about hidden sugars in your condiments or snacks!

Checkers Simple Truth

Health Connection Wholefoods

If the Simple Truth range, Oh My Goodness! and Banting Revolution weren't enough to kick start your journey to the healthy life, then check out Health Connection Wholefoods on shelves at Checkers, which includes rolled oats, quinoa, chia and pumpkin seeds and almond flour. These are all you need to perfect your gluten-free baking. These healthy alternatives also make breakfast a whole lot easier. So, rather than picking up that sugar loaded petrol station muffin, prepare yourself a jar of overnight oats or chia pudding.

So, there you have it! All of the essential Checkers Simple Truth health products you should add to your shelves. Happy, healthy eating!

Click here to find your nearest Checkers store in Johannesburg.

The Hidden Red Door

The Red Door Cafe opened its doors in January 2013. Starting out as nothing more than a corner coffee shop, this eclectic Edenvale eatery has grown into a neighbourhood favourite. However, you may have a hard time finding it. While it sits on the corner of a main street, The Red Door is well hidden. You may mistake it for a suburban home as you drive by. But, trust us, this is one Joburg cafe you won't want to pass by. Just keep an eye out for the tiny red motorcycle and you will know you have reached The Red Door.

The Red Door Cafe prides itself on being an alternative to restaurant franchises and takeout chains. It is Edenvale's answer to fast eating and impersonal service. This homely cafe features a warm fireplace, excellent Illy Arabica coffee and the freshest possible food. Their menu is also always changing according to seasonal ingredients, so you will never be bored. Following a Paleo, Banting or vegan diet? Not to worry, because The Red Door have introduced an array of scrumptious Paleo, Banting and vegan meals to the menu! However, you may kick that diet right out the window once you spot their famous pastries (nutella cruffins, almond and Ferrero Rocher croissants and delightful fudge), breads and cakes. Yum.

Red Door

Come and discover Edenvale's foodie Narnia behind the Red Door. It's another world all together. Throw in some free WIFI, and this corner coffee cafe is the closest thing to 'hip' in the suburb (well, besides the Kota Joe Roadhouse up the street). No more travelling hours to the northern side of Joburg - the East has its very own cool breakfast, brunch, coffee and cake spot.

The Tea Room

Looking for the perfect spot to host a baby shower, kitchen tea or birthday party? Look no further than the Red Door's private Tea Room. Seating up to 45 guests, this is the ideal place for a quaint gathering. There is no need to worry about catering either, as the Red Door offers tasty sweet or savoury platters. Think mini scones, muffins, sandwiches, quiche and even Banting friendly skewers. The Red Door will also help you decorate the Tea Room according to your desired theme. All you have to do is pitch up and have a good time!

The Tea Room

Let's travel to Havana!

The Red Door hosts Havana Nights on the last Friday of every month. Cuban sharing meals, cocktails and a whole bunch of fun is what you can expect. Blending Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisines, Havana Nights are a taste sensation. Come and dance your stresses away to live music performances. There is also plenty to drink, so please make sure you have a lift home!

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates on Havana Nights events - facebook.com/RedDoorEdenvale.

Red Door

Havana Nights

For more information

Visit their website for more information.

Details: 011 453 1926 | [email protected] | 26, 5th Avenue, Edenvale, Johannesburg.

Sprouting Goodness

We know that getting on the health revolution bandwagon can be a scary ride. Where does one even begin? There is so much information out there to overwhelm any well-meaning new health foodie. Thankfully, Sprout Cafe opened their doors at Stoneridge Shopping Centre in 2017. Noticing that the mall was in dire need of health food options, Sprout Cafe anchored its roots at the family-friendly centre. They have since become a health nut's go-to for post-workout protein smoothies, all day vegan breakfasts and even Taco Tuesdays!

This cafe and salad bar stands out like a buff thumb among the franchise and take-out eateries situated at Stoneridge's food court. Their decor is contemporary and minimalist, shades of green, white and grey enhance the atmosphere of healthy living and mindfulness. Outside, potted herbs and vegetables welcome guests in with the promise of fresh, organically sourced produce. Don't be intimated by the uber-healthy vibe and gym-wear-clad clientele, anyone and everyone is welcome here. We all have to start somewhere on the journey to well being.

Sprout Cafe

Falafel taco

Mindful Eating

Whether you stop by for a quick bite or a leisurely lunch, Sprout is sure to delight your senses. Their menu is ever expanding to include a variety of Banting, Keto, Paleo and vegan meal options. However, you need not be on a strict diet to enjoy a bite from Sprout's bounty of offerings. A firm customer favourite are Sprockets - tofu pockets filled with sushi rice, red cabbage, cucumber, hoisin, vegan mayo and sprinkled with sesame seeds. These little pockets of goodness are packed with nutrients and punchy flavour. Sprockets are Sprout's signature dish, so be sure to try them out on your next visit.

Sprout Cafe is just as popular for their drinks as their food offerings. This is the place to be after a hardcore workout - whether you are in need of a refreshing, natural juice or a protein-rich smoothie, Sprout has got you covered. Their NPL Gourmet smoothies come in a range of flavours. Our top pick is the Cinnamon Roll - whey protein powder, almond butter, coconut, honey, water and cinnamon, but give them all a try if you must.

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Waffles and pancakes can't be part of a healthy, balanced diet right? Think again. Sprout has turned these sugary breakfast time treats on their head. Indulge in vegan doughnut holes and ice cream, vegan cashew cheesecake or Banting waffles. Or try the new addition to their menu - scrumptious Keto dark chocolate brownies. Low-carb and gluten-free, these chocolaty squares are the perfect guilt-free snack. Sprout Cafe also serves up pretty decent coffee, teas and hot chocolates. Of course, you can customise your hot beverage to your liking with almond milk alternatives. As a bonus, you can get R2 off your takeaway order if you bring your own reusable cup!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Sprout Cafe for wholesome goodness and Insta-worthy foodie content.

Keto brownies with almond butter

For more information

Visit their website for further details. Or give them a follow on social media to stay up to date with the latest menu additions, specials and more:

Facebook - facebook.com/SproutStoneridge

Instagram - instagram.com/sprout_cafe

Details: 1 Stoneridge Drive, Greenstone Park, Lethabong, Edenvale, Johannesburg | 011 452 3003

Have you been to Sprout Cafe before? Let us know about your experience! 

To be totally honest with you guys – I hardly EVER eat out. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m one of those irritating people who overanalyse their food before eating it and would rather make it the way I like it. Not eating out saves my friends and family the embarrassment of me interrogating the poor waitron about the origin of the ingredients, but sometimes I would like to come out of my shell and break my hermit ways. Cue the fresh and wholesome Voodoo Lily Café.

Whether you’re looking for some of the healthiest food in the city or simply want to read your newspaper in peace with a cup of coffee after walking your furry companion, this is just the place. The vibe is relaxed and is ideal for visitors of all ages, young or old. Since it is located in a family-oriented suburb, families will feel right at home – kids can blow off some steam at the park just across the road (complete with a jungle gym) under the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad, who can enjoy a caffè latte or glass of wine in peace. You can take your pick from indoor or outdoor seating, but I prefer sitting outside, enjoying the cool breeze and warm sunshine.

Now onto the main event – the menu! Being as picky as I am, and as I mentioned, I was happy to find out that Voodoo Lily Café strives to source the best organic produce possible to ensure the freshest and most wholesome of dishes. One of my favourites on the menu is their Eggs Benedict – two poached eggs and crispy bacon on homemade English muffins, topped with a hollandaise sauce. Yes, it sounds like your run-of-the-mill brekkie, but it's the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had. Oh, and when you have breakfast, you can order off the doggie menu for your pooch!

Other than delicious breakfasts, they also serve goodies from their on-site bakery, sandwiches, salads, burgers, steaks, moreish desserts and even sushi, Banting meals and treats for your furkid. They’re open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have a selection of craft beers.

Inside this charming café, I was over the moon to discover that there’s also a deli stocked with wine, cheese, sugar-free treats, Banting products, cold meats and unique gifts. Needless to say, I stocked up on plenty items to take home with me.

This has become one of my favourite spots for when I feel like eating out. I've been here a number of times and never been disappointed. Their dishes are always fresh and flavourful and the service is always wonderful. Even though the food can be a little pricey, I believe it's worth every cent.


Tel: 011 442 6965

Address: 64 St Andrew Street, Birdhaven

Or click to see Voodoo Lily Cafe

First things first!

To get on your way with Banting, there are a few rules that you need to know. Now, some of the things I’m going to tell you might make you feel a little emotional (bye bye, baked delights!), but life without sugar and carbs is possible! I’ve been through it myself and promise that everything is going to be okay. It's easier to miss cake when you're two sizes down, right? Right.

On your Banting journey, you’re going to have to remember these simple rules:

  1. There are three lists of food that you will live by – the green list, the orange list, and the red list. How I thought of these lists was to think of them as a traffic robot, green is for go, orange is for caution or yield, and red is stop. You must only eat foods from the green list, and if you are looking to treat yourself (in moderation, of course), then eat some things from the orange list. The red list are foods that you must avoid as much as possible, as these are the no-no foods! Check out Auntie Banting for the full lists.
  2. You need to keep an eye on the amount of carbohydrates you take in daily. The rule is that you need to ensure that you eat less than 50g of carbs a day. If you stick to the green list, your daily intake should be correct.
  3. Plan your meals ahead of time! Taking time to prepare your meals will give you the opportunity to put more thought into what you are eating, and help you stick to your Banting goals. To help keep yourself motivated, write out your Banting goals and stick them somewhere where you will see them to help reduce temptation of snacking on the bad (but oh-so good) stuff.
  4. Last but not least, you’re going to have to practice self-control and willpower. It’s pretty hard giving up carb and sugar ‘addictions’, but in the long run, it will definitely benefit you and your health. The first week will be one of the hardest weeks to conquer, but after that, the ride gets a little smoother. Also, expect to experience a ‘carb flu’ while your body is adjusting to the Banting way of life. Don’t worry though; they don’t last long and will only give you mild flu-like symptoms.

Now that the basics are over and done with, it’s time to take on your first challenge.

Clean Out Your Fridge and Cupboards

For me, this was one of the most difficult parts of joining the Banting wagon. Cleaning out my cupboard and ditching all of the snacks and goodies was quite a bittersweet experience. Not only did it mark the beginning of a healthier lifestyle, but it also marked the moment I gave up on delicious goodness (soft sob). But, before you start chucking, make sure you go over the three different lists of the Banting diet to clean out your cupboards accordingly, and do not lie to yourself and hide some stash! All the no-no red list foods must go! Once this is done, it’s time to draw up a shopping list to stock your fridge and cupboards with the good stuff.

Clean Out Fridge

Plan Your Meals

As mentioned in the basic rules of Banting, you will now need to plan your meals in advance. You may think that your meals will be bland or limited owing to the green list, but believe me, there are PLENTY of Banting recipes out there! Browse the internet and print out some recipes to keep your meals exciting. The spice of life is variety, so make sure you find plenty of options to add to your recipe collection. Just make sure that the recipes are Banting friendly, and that the ingredients fall under the green and orange lists. If there are red list foods in the ingredients for a certain meal, try replace those ingredients with Banting friendly options.

Meal Plan

Do Some Exercise!

It takes more than a good diet to lead a healthy lifestyle, so be sure to get active! You don’t have to go all out to get active. If heading to the gym sounds more like too much effort, then try walking! You can walk anywhere and you don’t need to pay a membership fee to do it. Other good alternatives that you can do in the comfort of your own home include Zumba, yoga, and even swimming if you have a pool. Cardio is one of the best ways to burn off energy. And since your body will be fueled by the good fats you will be consuming on the Banting Diet, the more energy you use, the more fat you will burn off.

Exercise & gym

All About Your Food

From now on, you will not be allowed to have ANY sugar or carbs. These foods are BAD! Repeat after me – BAD! You’ll be munching on lots of natural fats, from butter and cream, to animal fat. Vegetables will be your best friends, and despite what they say about fruits being good for you, they are actually your enemy due to being high in fructose (AKA sugar). So, rather act as though fruits as ‘treats’ and refer to the orange food list to see which fruits you can eat in moderation. Also, make sure you are keeping tabs on the amount of carbs you’re eating daily (carbs can be found in various vegetables). You cannot go over 50g of carbs a day. Lastly, drink lots of water!


Don't Eat Too Little Or Too Much

During your first week of Banting, you will feel hungry while your body adjusts to your new diet. This happens because your body was relying on carbs as fuel. The sad reality of carbs though, is that they will make you feel full, but leave you feeling hungry a short while later. Now that you have replaced carbs with natural fats, you will feel fuller for longer. Keep everything at medium portions on your plate, from your low-carb veggies to the good fats and protein. A simple trick to avoid eating too much is to pick a smaller plate over a large one. Larger plates tend to make you eat more food while smaller plates make you take smaller portions.


No Snacking!

This is something I definitely battled with. Some people say that it’s okay to snack in between meals, while others say you shouldn’t, but in all honesty, find what works for you. During your first week, you will feel hungrier than normal, so you may need to nibble on something every now and then, but make sure that the snacks at hand are Banting friendly! No sneaky treats or cheating. But, if you are still suffering from hunger pangs in between meals after your first week, then you need to up your natural fat intake, as these fats are supposed to be making you feel fuller for longer.


From my experience, those are all the basics you need to know to get started on the Banting way of life! If you have other tips for fellow Banters or if I have left something out, leave a comment below!

Good luck and happy Banting!

Voodoo Lily Café

Voodoo Lily Café is a great spot that has a menu to suit everyone’s tastes. They have a couple of Banting options on their menu too, which is great for those who are living the banting lifestyle. Expect to choose from creamy scrambled eggs with chicken livers and grilled salmon to build-your-own breakfast options (banting bread is available) and even banting cupcakes!

Our pick: Jonlyn’s Banting Smoothie, which is made with omega three oil, double thick yoghurt, frozen berries, xylitol and full cream milk. Talk about a meal in a glass!

Where: 64 St Andrews Street, Birdhaven, Johannesburg.

CNR Café

Corner Café serves up food that everyone loves. They’ve got banting pizzas so those following the banting lifestyle don’t have to miss out on one of the best foods out there! They also make a mean beef fillet so keep an eye out for that should you prefer to wolf something meaty down.

Our pick: An olive pesto focaccia with feta drizzle, parsley and lemon oil (on a Banting base, of course).

Where: Corner Buckingham and Rothesay Avenue, Craighall, Johannesburg.


Casalottis is a pizza parlour that caters to the Banters out there with their cauliflower base. Trust me, you won’t even know the difference! What’s great is that any of their pizzas can be made Banting-friendly so you can pick and choose from the whole menu. Plus, you can even replace the centre of your pizza with a green salad to make it extra healthy!

Our pick: The Beef Supreme, made with free-range beef strips, avo, garlic, feta and chilli. Warning: it’s HOT.

Where: visit the link below to find your closest branch.

JB’s Corner

With such a huge menu, there really is something for everyone at JB’s Corner… yes, Banters included! They have Banting bowls with eggs, grain-free salads, burger patties that can be ordered without the roll and plain old chicken breasts – you can’t go wrong here.

Our pick: The Banting Spear, which is asparagus topped with two poached eggs, bacon, red onion, herb mayo and Parmesan shavings.

Where: 3 High Street, Melrose Arch, Johannesburg.

Sandton City Shopping Centre, Corner 5th and Maude Streets, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Fat Zebra

The Fat Zebra is a cute little spot in the trendy area of Linden. Here, you can make your own breakfast up to ensure that it fits in with your eating habits. They also serve beef fillet, burgers on a bed of greens and great side options, like blanched green beans, wood-fired cauliflower and creamed or wilted spinach.

Our pick: The Banting Burger, made from 100 per cent pure beef, served with tomato and lettuce, and presented on a bed of greens instead of in a roll.

Where: Corner 3rd Avenue and 7th Street, Linden, Johannesburg.

Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza Co.

Another pizza place you can visit while still sticking to the Banting principles! Toni’s Fully Furnished Pizza Co. is a great place to visit when those pizza cravings hit. They make Banting pizza bases so scan the menu and go wild!

Our pick: Carciofi, which is a tomato base with mozzarella, artichokes, olives, ham and fresh basil. Yum!

Where: 101 Lancaster Avenue, Corner Clarence Avenue, Craighall Park, Johannesburg.

Belle’s Patisserie

Surprisingly enough, Belle’s Patisserie, which is known for decadent cakes and desserts, has a healthy menu as well! It’s filled to the brim with all things banting, such as chia seed bowls, cauli rice super food bowls and even cauliflower wraps!

Our pick: the Chopped Super Food Bowl – cauli rice with broccoli, hemp seeds, cabbage, baby spinach, celery, carrots, pumpkin seeds, Peppadews, toasted chickpeas, coriander, mixed sprouts and Belle’s dressing. You can also add tuna to this bowl if you like.

Where: click here to find your closest branch.

Fresh Earth Food Store

Not only is Fresh Earth a vegetarian restaurant, but they have banting friendly meals, too! Their breakfast options can be served with banting toast, and their burgers can be made banting-friendy upon request. They even have banting options when it comes to sandwiches – there’s so much to choose from!

Our pick: Roast Veg Sandwich – it comes with roasted veg, fresh basil pesto and goat’s milk cheese. On banting bread, of course.

Where: 103 Komatie Road, Emmarentia, Johannesburg.

Know other great banting-friendly restaurants not mentioned above? Let us know below!

Remember that our “Top Picks” are not paid for and are compiled at the discretion of the journalist. We only write about what we love.