L'atelier Bakery Opens For Collection & Delivery

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Eat As Much As You Can - Cake Tasting

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Just Teddy Opens At Hyde Park Corner

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Hyde Park
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Best Chocolate Cake In The City

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Bakeries Of The East Rand

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East Rand
Frangelicas - Kosher Patisserie & Cafe

Frangelicas is Glenhazel’s favourite family-friendly patisserie and cafe. Their cheesecake is world class, making... Read More

Delight Your Sweet Tooth At These Patisseries In Joburg

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A New Bakery Opens in Boksburg, George's Bread & Co.

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Stonehaven Spring Beer Festival 2019

Enjoy a fun filled day at the Vaal while sipping on an ice cold beer at the Stonehaven Spring Beer Festival.... Read More

Walala Wasala November Edition

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Van Der Linde: New Payday Hangout

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Stonehaven Spring Beer Festival 2018

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Taste French Cuisine At Its Finest At Paul Bakery

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Melrose Arch
Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove is located in Sandton... Read More

Village Fair Bakery

Village Fair Bakery is known for their baked treats and... Read More

Fournos Bakery

Fourno’s Bakery’s can be found between Joburg and Pretoria. This branch is located in Fourways... Read More

Tart Patisserie

Tart Patisserie is located at The Leaping Frog Shopping Centre, situated in... Read More

Holi Cow

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