Man, do we love a good Churro, but do you blame us? A good snack or dessert (depending on how you view it) can be all you need to change your mood. Trust us, this is no exaggeration - a sweetened heart is the best heart.

Churros have become a new favourite and have taken over markets, events and pop-ups by storm. Everyone knows that after a good meal, we want to have a little something sweet that will tickle our tummy. They have become more than just a sweet treat, and have joined the savoury family, too.

We Churro Hook You Up...

We know there aren't a lot of places that have these babies for sale, so that is why we had to steer you in the right direction. Let's check out these heavens filled with temptation.


Paquito's Treatery

I think the first nation that comes to mind when I hear the Paquito's is Puerto Rico, it's no wonder that this Spanish family was determined to give South Africa a taste of something delicious.

The Garcia family decided to start something that would make many South Africans fall in love with the culture of churros. Their humble beginnings began with a pop-up in markets, where all of the deeply-rooted food culture and for a lack of a better term, 'foodies' are more likely to hang out.

This was the start of something great, and lead to something bigger when they opened their shop in Blairgowrie, pay them a visit and indulge!


Plan B Dessertery 

This place is definitely no plan B, it's plan A for sure. The Plan B Dessertery is most certainly food porn material. The country has been going crazy over this amazing place - the testimony lives on on Instagram. Plan B Dessertery is understandably "one for the gram".

Even though they are not only known for the most scrumptious, fresh, mind-blowing churros. They have the best ice-cream around, but here is one for the churro lovers out there - they have the most mouthwatering combos of churros and ice-cream. These are to die for!


MC Churro

If you are looking for a wide variety, this is most definitely the place where you will find it. MC Churro has the option of getting something sweet or savoury.

Honestly, we did not know where to begin here - with ample variety that ranges from flavours like milk tart, strawberry cheesecake, bacon maple, black cherry, peppermint crisp and many many more; how can one know where to start. Not only is the variety refreshing, the taste is impeccable.

How to find them? You can stalk them on their social pages or book them for an event.

Decisions, Decisions... We Are Here To Churro You On

With all the cheesiness out the way... go indulge in the deliciousness of thy churro!

{Featured Image by Plan B}