Random Harvest Country Cottages

I've been living in the West Rand my entire life. From the coffee shops of Krugersdorp, to the craft breweries of Magaliesburg, I've seen it all. Well, that was until I stumbled across Random Harvest Country Cottages in Muldersdrift.

Hidden on a dirt road just off of the infamous Magalies Wedding Mile, Random Harvest is a nursery, tea garden and bed and breakfast. It is a popular hangout spot for those living in the northern and western suburbs of Johannesburg. Random Harvest serves as the perfect escape from the city that's just down the road from town.

Random Harvest

My Stay

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the owner, Linda. She took me on a tour of the 21Ha farm and showed me the grassland which she is quite proud of. Random Harvest is home to 159 bird species (confirmed by an ornithologist) and is a great place to walk around. Here you can rekindle your love for nature or ponder whether or not you should sell your house and move to the countryside (if only it were that easy, right?).

The food

Breakfast was a pleasure. In fact, their entire menu is stuffed with amazing delights, most of which are made in-house. For instance, the toast served with breakfast is freshly baked by the Random Harvest kitchen. The butter that accompanies breakfast is also freshly made from their very own cow's milk. Food is served al fresco under a spread of monkey thorn acacias which provide shade and serenity for the dining experience. Menu items range from farmhouse style breakfasts to delicate homemade Guinness pies. As a side note, they serve the most delicious chocolate milkshakes.

Be it a quick brunch with friends, breakfast with family or an overnight stay, Random Harvest offers that simple farm living we've all been yearning for.


Contact Random Harvest Country Cottages on their website, Facebook Page, or call them on 072 562 3396

Click here for more information.

By Shawn Greyling

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