What Is It?

Time to dance the evening away!

Nelson Mandela Square is bringing the  Salsa On The Square and you do not want to miss it. This dance social is going to be epic.

This is going to Latin fever like you have never seen.

When Is It?

Sunday, 08 March 2020 at 16:00.

Where Is It?

Nelson Mandela Square, 5th Street, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

How Much Is It?

The entrance is Free.

For More Information

For more information, visit Here.

Johannesburg is filled with things to do, but sometimes it can be hard to find places that are art-centric. We are taking you on a journey that travels through places around the city that showcase different forms of art.

Untitled Basement

Live Music

Untitled Basement is situated in Braamfontein, one of the hippest and most artistic areas in Johannesburg.

This venue took Johannesburg by surprise when they brought something new to the table, bringing a venue that is the epitome of creativity. It is no surprise that the whole of Johannesburg is loving it.

Untitled Basement has a centre stage with an intimate setting, where everyone can experience the full view of the moments that unfold in a musical journey.



Comfortably situated in one of the oldest and most artistic areas in Johannesburg is Outie Bakery + Cafe.

The cafe serves up some of the best baked goods and coffee by day and by evening they transcend into a world of music and poetry.

Their open mic/poetry night is powered by Word N Sound, one of the most well-known brands in poetry and the spoken word.


The power of creating a story and telling something untold is absolutely amazing and that is what The Market Laboratory is all about.

This theatre is becoming a favourite for many who love production, storytelling and art coming to life.

The Market Laboratory is not only about theatre and acting, but they bring together different elements of the performing arts, including dance as well.

Dance Party


BailaAfrika is one of the most influential social dance communities in the city. They bring dance to the hottest venues around Joburg.

This mobile dance community moves from one place to the next, teaching the art of Kizomba, Zouk and Bachata dance styles.

It's all about the spirit of movement, having fun and experiencing a true African dance party.

Visual Art

The Melrose Gallery is one of the most famed galleries in Johannesburg, displaying breathtaking artwork.

The artworks range from crafts to paintings. Walking into the gallery, you will experience diversity to the fullest.

The Melrose Gallery is home to both local and international artists.

What is your favourite art space? Let us know in the comments section below. 


Latin cuisine is about colour and flavour. Joburg is not short of colourful and flavourful dishes. These are our top choices.

The Royale

The Royale is a Cuban restaurant that is inspired by Havana. Situated on the famous Jan Smuts Avenue, The Royale looks like it could be a Latin dance club.

The simple exterior with the bright cursive LED signage under-sell the beauty that lives inside. As you walk into the restaurant, you will be wowed by this treasure. The restaurant makes you feel as if you're in Cuba, Ecuador or the Dominican Republic.

The food is to-die-for, holding to the colour, burst of flavour and creativity of Cuban cuisine. You can expect a variety of texture and flavour that will blow you away.

Latin Experience Johannesburg


Perron is all about bringing the Mexican experience back to life, giving you a true and authentic Mexican feel.

The restaurant offers many elements that bring the Latin vibe together, from the food to the tequila. Their menu boasts a variety of Mexican favourites like tacos, burritos and a whole lot more. We recommend trying everything, as it's all so delicious.

Latin Experience Johannesburg


J.Rabbit Tequileria

Situated in Illovo, J.Rabbit Tequileria is an award-winning dining experience.

They pride themselves on their selection of tequila. This bar is also shrouded in mystery. Situated upstairs, you have to walk through a dry cleaner to enter this unique venue.

Latin Experience Johannesburg



BailaAfrika brings together Latino flavour and African spunk. BailaAfrika is a mobile dance social that has taken Joburg over by storm.

The dance socials happen spontaneously at selected venues, you have to follow them on their social media pages to find them. The dance experiences include bachata, salsa and the African twist of kizomba.

Latin Experience Johannesburg

And there you have it, a whole Latin experience in Joburg.

The majority of the world loves food and if you have not been to Carpe Diem Restaurant & Bar then you have definitely been missing out.

Hidden in the sweet spot of Sandton, this modern contemporary restaurant on the infamous Grayston Drive is just the place you need to visit. We know everybody appreciates safe parking, this spot is situated inside a place where you have your car and license scanned (so don't forget license). Their safety measures are on point.

Carpe Diem

The Best Of Both Worlds

On entry, the first thing you see are the beautiful pieces of art and the stairs that lead you the amazing dining experience that. Carpe Diem has a very warm, welcoming setting, just allows you to feel relaxed and inspired by vintage touches and warm lighting.

They have really beautiful views, matching really well with the romantic vibe that they have going on. The restaurant boasts with executive private dining room so if the plan was a big spread for client, or just a family get together - you have found the spot that will give you the privacy you need.

Carpe Diem

The Food

I have one thing to say about the food, lovely. They have chefs that are always at work ready to serve up something delicious and heart warming.

Its always refreshing to see diversity on a menu, with foods like chicken fillet stuffed with feta, herbs and caramelised pistachio to a good succulent prime rib - what more can you ask for. I have to say though, I am not a salad type of girl but I surely loved their chicken salad (I was hooked and sold at avocado and honey and mustard dressing). Their apple crumble is to die for!

Carpe Diem

The Bar

Right when you think that was the end of it, downstairs sits their bar. This spot is also great and also has a certain area where you can sit outside and enjoy the fresh breeze and futuristic buildings that Sandton has to offer.

The drinks menu is also filled with options. They sometimes have amazing events hosted here. The most recent that I attended was the "Shades of Autumn" by the BailaAfrika team, this is a Kizomba/Cuban Salsa social where you get to dance the night away. This is a spontaneous event that brings all the dance and Afro Latin culture lovers out to have a good time.

Bias: I love Afro Latin culture, so rich with commonality with the African culture so I can vouch for it - something worth trying.

It's A Carpe Diem...

Lastly, I will encourage you to really consider checking out this spot, it is worth it. The food is marvelous, the vibe - warming and well its just a breath of fresh air.

Dancing is one of the things that people shy away from, especially when they have convinced themselves that they have two left feet. Yes! We also know that it can be quite daunting to just get to a place and swallow up the confidence to offer or give up your hand to someone for a dance.

Why we are talking about this? Well! We're about to tell you something that will change your life. BailaAfrika...


What Is This Life Changing BailaAfrika?

Well, BailaAfrika will change your perspective about dance socials completely.

This is the treasure that was established by this awesome Afro Latino dance family, with their undeniable love and passion for dance. They spent many years learning and perfecting the craft of Cuban Salsa and Kizomba whilst pioneering London.

Their team is absolutely amazing and teach the principles that come with being a dancer.


Why You Need To Be Part Of This Experience?

Talking from experience, we love nothing more than to get on the dance floor and feel the joy of feeling exactly that - joy.  We love these socials because of the art of it all and the discipline. Nothing feels greater than enjoying yourself and just being respected.

The dancers, whether professional or not, always show a sense of respect to who they ask to dance, all the rules are laid on the ground from the get-go if you are attending the crash course. During our first experience, the dance instructor clearly stated to everyone, "people think Kizomba and all that comes to mind is the S-word, but Kizomba is all about trust, respect and the feeling it gives you. Treat your partner with respect and you will have a great time".

So, if you really want to get a taste of the Afro Latin culture - then BailaAfrika dance socials are just the thing that you need for a fun and unique experience.


Why You Need To Try This

It might seem daunting to grab a random strangers' hand and dance, but best believe - you will be comfortable. It is the easiest thing to do - just get there, breathe and have fun!

If you want to have a sense of direction, you can join one of their crash course lessons before the actual social or you can just simply join their lessons for something with more longevity.

Where To Find Them?

They have group lessons that they host at the below venues:

Illovo, Sandton - from 7pm at The Hide, 54 Melville Road, Illovo on Mondays for Kizomba and Wednesdays for Cuban Salsa.
Kyalami Corner - from 8pm at Salsa Mexican Grill on alternate Tuesdays
Mall of the South - from 8pm at Life Grand Cafe on first and last Thursdays
Mofolo, Soweto - from 8pm at Dinaledi Market at Eyethu Lifestyle Centre on the 2nd Thursday of the month

Alternatively, you can follow them of their social media pages to find out where they will be next. Check out their Facebook and Instagram.