BlackSteer Is Back

One of South Africa's most iconic heritage brands, BlackSteer, is making a comeback and we approve. The age-old steakhouse, which started in the early 60s, has opened various branches around Joburg since holding company Gold Brands' takeover in 2015.

The Menu 

To keep up with the time, BlackSteer has done a massive brand update. But, they have kept the classic ranch look it's famed for. As for the food, well... it's brilliant. Black Steer is known for its ribs. Just because they've changed their decor it doesn't mean the kitchen has changed too. The ribs taste as good as before, and come in three different flavours: Famous BlackSteer, Portuguese Style and Southern Style (Bourbon). Whatever you do, be sure to try them. BlackSteers ribs are known by older generations as the best in the country which we agree to ten fullest.

Other family favourites include their legendary grills, such as the sirloin and ribs combinations. One menu item that comes highly recommended is the cheese and bacon burger. In all honesty, this burger rocks one of the fattest and tastiest beef patties we've sunk our teeth into in recent times.


The Vibe

The atmosphere at BlackSteer restaurants is amazing and a great spot for a first date - as long as she doesn't mind seeing your face covered in sticky beef basting sauce. Something that stands out, besides the red meat-heavy dish choices, is the music: Jimi Hendrix to Rodriguez with Greek folk music mixed in sets a pleasant mood. The menu spells classic steakhouse with an amazing variety of dishes. Speaking of menus, be sure to check out the cocktail menu. We had the mojitos, which packed a delicious punch.


After all of this, we suggest you cleanse the palate with a whiskey Don Pedro. The staff is helpful and super friendly which is the cherry on top of the dining experience you can expect from BlackSteer.

For More Information

For more information, visit the BlackSteer website or their Facebook page. 

by Shawn Greyling

Have you been to the revamped BlackSteer? Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this brand new classic. 

The Rabbit Hole Hotel & Restaurant in Krugersdorp has been going since 2001 and keeps growing in popularity. This family-owned business is a local favourite that has won several awards assigned by the Mogale Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Entering through the large wooden gates with a Moroccan turret on one side, you already know you're 'going down the rabbit hole'. The fairytale venue features bunting hanging from the eaves, lanterns, mosaics, brightly coloured walls and quirky artwork everywhere. The guesthouse rooms are beautifully decorated and each has its own theme. But we’re not here to talk about free Wi-Fi and fluffy pillows – we’re here for the food.


The Rabbit Hole restaurant has something for everyone – vegetarians included – and the gourmet pizza menu has been devised by someone I will most certainly become best friends with (food is the way to my heart). The options that stood out for me were the pulled pork pizza with slow-roasted pork shoulder, pineapple, peppadews, caramelised onion dressed with fresh rocket, and the vegetarian pizza, topped with goat's cheese, mixed peppers, artichokes, zucchini, thinly sliced red onions and fresh oregano.

Onto the meat now and their burgers. The trick to making the perfect beef patty is, don't put salt into the ground beef until after your patty has been formed. This is a little trick I learned from a fry cook who runs a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. The reason is that the salt dissolves muscle proteins, which subsequently turns your juicy burger into the Kalahari Desert. So, with that in mind, I can confirm that the burgers at The Rabbit Hole are juicy and a splash of Tabasco away from being perfect.

My personal favourite and highest recommendation would be the Blue Cheese and Crispy Bacon Burger, which is served with French fries or a salad. More good news for vegetarians is that you can swap the meat for a veg-friendly patty. You can also 'fancy up' your burger with items from the list of extras, such as brandy sauce (made in-house), sautéed wild mushrooms and smoked grilled bacon, to name a few.


The rest of the food on the menu also looked interesting but a man can only fit so much food into his belly and only so many words into a review. You'll just have to go check it out for yourself.

Find more information here.