PEP Stores

PEP stores are the ultimate budget-friendly baby and children's clothing outlet. During these difficult financial times, a trip to your nearest PEP is probably your best bet for finding affordable, yet durable winter clothing for the little ones. Their range includes character t-shirts for boys and girls, priced at *R80 for two, so your Spider-Man or Princess Elsa in the making can look their best and fit in with all the cool kids.

Please note that PEP stores have advised parents not to bring their children to the store with them. Rather measure your kiddies at home and perhaps purchase their clothing in a size larger than normal. Returns may be limited on certain items, as well.

Find your nearest store here.


If it's value for money you're after, pop into an Ackermans store. Their winter range for babies, toddlers and kiddies is extensive, offering your child their own unique look without the added strain on your pocket. All 300 Ackermans stores will be open during level 4 lockdown, with full health and safety regulations in place. Get your little one two pairs of snug tracksuit pants for only *R69,95! Their kids clothing range extends to tweens and teens up to 15 years of age, too, so the whole family can get kitted out just in time for winter.

Find your nearest store here.

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Mommies and daddies have trusted Jet stores to keep their precious babies warm and comfy for decades. Now that they are back to business under level 4 lockdown, come through to find super cute coats, puffer jackets, leggings and boots for the kids. And if you're worried about keeping baby warm this winter, pick up an infant fleece jacket for only *R69,99. Check out Jet's full autumn/winter collection here.

Find your nearest store here.

Pick n Pay Clothing 

Since reopening their stores on 1 May 2020, Pick n Pay Clothing has reported that their biggest sellers have been kid's fleece wear, jackets and knitwear. To help keep you and their staff safe, their stores have also implemented contactless payment using Masterpass, Span Scan and Zapper. Physical distancing and customer limits are similarly in place at all stores. Visit the clothing section at your local Pick n Pay or make a trip to their separate clothing stores before stocks sell out!

Baby City 

Taking care of a newborn or toddler under lockdown conditions is sure to be doubly stressful. But, there's no need to fret over finding all your baby essentials, because Baby City stores are open and ready to assist. From clothing, to car accessories, feeding must-haves and toiletries, they have everything you need to keep calm and carry on being the best parent you possibly can be. Feeling lost and isolated as a new parent under lockdown? Their website and Facebook page provide helpful tips and tricks from baby experts and experienced parents alike.

Find your nearest store here or browse through their online product selection to compare prices.


How about sustainable fashion without sacrificing on quality? Woolworths is the eco-conscious parent's go-to for sustainably sourced cotton t-shirts, leggings and growers. Their baby collection also includes luxury hooded towels, fleece blankets and knitted beanies to keep babas warm from the bath to bedtime. You need not leave the house to shop for baby and children's essentials either, as the Woolworths online store is fully operational under level 4 lockdown. Simply sign up with your Woolies card or My School, My Village, My Planet account.

If you prefer to shop at the store instead, find your nearest Woolworths clothing store here.

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There is nothing wrong with splurging on a few designer clothing items for the kids this winter. Visit Truworths to get your hands on premium quality baby and children's clothes and accessories from brands such as Max and Mia, Naartjie and Earth Child. Not only will your little darling be nice and snug, but they are sure to stand out from the rest in their custom kit. You can either shop online, click and collect or shop in-store at Truworths during level 4 lockdown.

Little Lumps

Little Lumps is an online baby boutique, offering parents a full winter clothing range, as well as accessories, toys and wholesale baby items. Their online store also features a very special collection for preemies, so even the littlest humans can keep warm and look good doing it. Order a personalised baby grow, beanie or blanket from Little Lumps to welcome your bundle of joy into the world (because even during a pandemic, new life should be celebrated!)

*Please note that orders may take up to 14 days to process due to lockdown conditions.

Shop online with Little Lumps here.

Koco Bino

Koco Bino has been a part of the children's fashion industry in South Africa since 1978. They have also played a huge part in many milestone moments, from christenings to first birthdays and much more. While you and baby may not be attending special functions any time soon, there is no harm in spoiling them with a custom quality outfit from Koco Bino. You may even want to get them all dolled up for an at-home family photo shoot. Shop online with Koco Bino here.

Alternatively, you can visit their store at Sandton City.

Kids Emporium

Are you struggling to get the kids to sleep on time under lockdown? Kids Emporium are experts in infant and toddler sleep solutions, as well as teething, feeding and bathing. Their children's wear collection is limited, but is adequate enough to see you through the coming winter. With ten stores situated around Johannesburg and online shopping options, Kids Emporium should be your go-to for nifty accessories to make parenting under lockdown a whole lot easier.

Find your nearest store here.

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Where will you be shopping for baby clothes and essentials during level 4 lockdown? Let us know about your experience! 


This should be without a doubt the first thing you pack, because the last thing you want is a baby with a diaper full of poop. We particularly love pull-up nappies for travelling, especially when baby can sit and stand. They're also perfect for active babies, because you don’t have to fight with them to lay down while you change them – most of the time, that is...

Changing Pad

You definitely don't want to change your baby on any surface without ensuring it’s clean. And even if it is clean, babies can be messy during nappy changes, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your changing pad is a dark colour and easy to clean. Luckily, most baby bags come with changing pads built in them these days. We absolutely love the ones that come with Jean Kelly baby bags. And for dads, there’s DaddyKool.

Baby Wipes

This is the second thing to always pack in your baby bag, as baby’s bum has to be wiped clean before every new diaper is put on. Start your baby on wipes for sensitive skin to reduce the chance of a reaction occurring.

Bum Cream

Although most diapers these days are hypoallergenic, to reduce the chances of baby getting a nappy rush, a little more moisture on the bum can’t hurt. Babies are also prone to dry skin, so the more moisturised, the better. We love the Pure Beginnings Baby Bum Cream with organic baobab – it smells great, too!

Nappy Sacks

There’s nothing more annoying than spotting a full nappy carelessly thrown in a bin. Eew! To avoid doing this, get yourself disposable nappy sacks. The best part is that most of them are fragranced, which hides any telltale smells.

Hand Sanitiser

You never know when baby is going to go, and you might not have a bathroom close by to wash your hands, so make sure you keep some hand sanitiser in the bag. It's also unhygienic to go from changing to feeding with dirty hands. Try out the Oh So Heavenly hand cleansers for starters.

Baby Moisturiser And Sunscreen

Protect your baby’s skin by packing an extra tub of baby jelly or aqueous cream, a bottle of baby oil and sunscreen. You can even throw in a sun hat to make sure baby is well-protected from UV rays. Check out the MooMoo Kids range for some great options.

Gripe Water

The best way to get rid of hiccups is by giving your baby 5ml of gripe water. Gripe water also has other benefits for baby’s tummy, so it’s always good to have handy.

Baby Blanket

Most babies love to be warmly wrapped and swaddled. Always keep a blanket packed and handy so that baby will be nice and warm on those cold days, especially in their younger months before the rolling over, sitting, crawling and standing starts. Romy & Rosie has some fabulous options.

Change Of Clothes

We all know that babies can be extremely messy. Pack an extra set – or three – of clothing for them, and don’t be shy about packing an extra clean top or jersey for yourself too – just in case.

Bottle/s And Snack

Pack a bottle of milk, formula or breastmilk and/or a snack for babies over 6 months. Purity has teething biscuits for teething babies – these are wonderful as they double as a tasty treat.

Have we left out any baby bag essentials? Let us know below!

Baby Crib

When you think of a baby's nursery, one of the first things you think about is a baby crib. You might even go on to think, DIY baby crib versus store-bought? Needless to say, having a crib is one of the most essential things you will need – otherwise, where will the baby sleep?

Moses Basket

A Moses basket is convenient because it is not only limited to just being in the nursery. You can move around with it in the house and even while travelling, but keep in mind you will need a car seat for the baby during car rides. The basket is also handy if your baby is still in the early weeks and prefers cosy spaces.



The nightlight will be mostly for your peace of mind and vision because babies aren't usually afraid of the dark. You will want to keep a dimmed light just to make sure your baby is fine during the night or whenever needed. Getting a nightlight with cool patterns on it might be something fun to consider for the baby.

Changing Station

Depending on what type of crib you get, you might be able to change your baby's diapers in there. But really, who wants a diaper change where they sleep? Consider getting a separate changing station for your baby. You can have it complete with diaper drawers, baby wipes, a diaper disposal bin –  the works.


Speaking of baby wipes, your baby is going to need his or her own toiletries as well. Think baby lotion, nappy cream, baby wipes, cotton wool balls, cotton wool buds, baby oil, baby cologne, baby shampoo and so on.

Baby Bath

Baby bath

Babies need support while in the bath so do not forget to get a baby bath, and for extra caution a bath thermometer and digital thermometer to monitor the water and baby's body temperature. Needless to say, you will also need towels just for the baby and perhaps some cuddle robes.

Comfy Chair

During feeding time your comfort is just as important as the baby's comfort so invest in a comfy chair. This will come in handy especially during night-time feeds. You could even up the tempo and get yourself a rocking comfy chair. Babies love the back and forth motion.

Soft Toys

Babies might be all cute and cuddly but they too need something soft cute and cuddly to hold on to and play with. Get your baby some soft, baby-safe toys. It's also great to start thinking of toys you can get that they can safely chew on when they start teething.


Warm-mist humidifiers are great for baby nurseries because they have no added chemicals that could harm the baby and they keep the air from drying out and potentially becoming a breeding ground for viruses or bacteria. Also look at ultrasonic humidifiers as these are the most recommended for babies.

Baby Clothes

Do not go crazy buying tons of baby clothes all in the same size because they will outgrow them faster than you can imagine. Also, much as you can splurge on your baby due to the excitement, you might want to go the budget-friendly route until the rapid growth slows down.

By Cleopatra Shava

Know other baby nursery essentials we didn't mention? Let us know below!