Why You Need To Visit Baby College®

The saying goes, "it takes a village to raise a child", which is why Baby College® is just the place to help you find your bearings in the world of parenting, while having plenty of fun. Their classes are designed for both parents and children aged from newborn to three years old, taking little families through a variety of fun activities that not only offers bonding time, but also enhances every aspect of your child's development.


As parents, you'll gain valuable insight into the various areas of early development through the Baby College® classes, which will assist in your child's growth through linguistic play, music, movement and other activities. Their programme is designed to grow with baby, catering to three different age groups:

Infants: 0 - 9 months

Infant classes offer new parents insight into early development. It will also grow your confidence and understanding of your little bundle of joy. The classes consists of gentle activities suitable for babies as young as newborn, with the pace progressing as baby grows.

Toddlers: 9 - 18 months

As your little one starts exploring more, the Toddler classes will introduce them to additional learning themes that will include music play and rhythmic movement. These activities will promote language, listening and body awareness.

BC Juniors: 18 - 36 months

Junior classes are fun-filled and more active than the other two classes, assisting in developing your little one's cognitive and motor skills. Here, each individual child will be able to express their creativity and imagination. This will grow their independence and emotional understanding, build the confidence, as well as skills needed for later learning.

About Their Classes

Baby College® offers a wide range of classes that doesn't only cover the development of your little tot, but also caters to parents and their needs during this transition into parenthood. With everything from dietitians and consultants, to first aid and fitness fun for moms, they've got your back in every aspect along the way.

Baby College® Classes

Baby College® offers weekly parent and baby development classes, catering for babies aged from newborn to 3 years old.

Lactation Consultant

Baby College® are passionate about helping mothers and families breastfeed and enjoy making eating a fun experience.

Support Groups

Having a baby is a wonderful experience, but also trying at times. Mom-baby support groups can help you get through rough patches and allow you to make new lifelong friends.

First Aid & CPR

Be ready for anything with Baby College®'s interactive and informative child and infant CPR and First Aid courses. This course is fully accredited and are presented by First Aid Counts.

Infant Massages

The massage classes will teach parents how to develop and strengthen the bond with their new baby. This also aids in support and assists with optimal development.

Fit Mommy Classes

Pre- and post-natal health is important. Which is why Baby College® offers fitness classes that presents fun, body conditioning exercises with your baby. All fitness levels and ages welcome.

Visit their website and Facebook for more information on these classes and when they'll be held.

For More Information

For more information on Baby College, visit their website at www.babycollege.co.za.

You can also contact them on 084 462 6313 or [email protected].

Don't forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest classes and blogs.

Moms And Tots

The Moms and Tots group is a great option for mothers with kids from the age of two months up to four years. The group has been working with moms, babies and toddlers since 1993 and strives to enrich the little ones' learning experiences through the workshops and playgroups on offer. With additional physical, emotional, social and intellectual benefits provided by this group, you and your baby are in great hands.

Moms and Tots is also a wonderful way to bond with your little one, and find a support group of friends. You never know when you will need a helping hand, so don't be hesitant to reach out to other new parents or even more experienced moms and dads. There are three classes to join, Moms and Babes (2 - 12 months), Moms and Tots (1 - 3 years old), and Jungle Tots which is a daycare playgroup that gives young children the opportunity to learn while having fun (for toddlers aged between 1½ to 4 Years).

There are Moms and Tots groups all around Johannesburg. Click here to find your nearest group.

Details: 074 369 9194 | [email protected]

Waldorf Parent Child Classes

The Waldorf Parent Child Workshop offers a gentle, holistic and mindful approach to parenting. Join them for weekly discussion groups, where they explore mindful parenting and support and encourage each other in respectful parenting practices. During free play, the children can explore equipment which was developed by paediatrician, Emmi Pickler, and toys made of natural materials. Singing, movement, music, verse and elementary story telling are also part of the workshop.

Waldorf's weekly sessions are based on the principles of respectful parenting. In other words, they see babies and children as complete human beings. Capable of a full range of feelings and experiences, with their own desires, and deserving of our respect and conscious connection. Guidance is also provided for raising confident, independent, self-directed learners. Waldorf encourage children to develop at their own pace and according to their own internal clock, rather than pushing them to meet imposed expectations.

Details: +27 11 706 6125 / 6 | [email protected]

Moms And Miracles

At Moms and Miracles, the importance of play is emphasised by creating fun and interactive learning experiences for babies and toddlers from the ages of three to 36 months. Not only do babies and toddlers get exposed to intellectual development and stimulating activities, among all the other amazing benefits, moms have the opportunity to meet and interact with other like-minded moms all gathered for one great cause: to give their babies the best therapies. Click here to stay up to date with their upcoming classes.

Details: 082 413 7666 | [email protected]


Established in 1994, Toptots creates a space where parents can meet and learn how to develop quality interactions with their children. The group's programme has been well researched and developed by Liz Victor, who holds a Higher Diploma in Education and an Educational Diploma with Remedial Education, and her partner Pat Rehm. One of the group's top mission statements is to find the special gifts in each child and set them on the road to success with love. Click here to find out more about their workshops.

Details: [email protected]


Respectful Parenting Playgroup 

This playgroup is guided by respectful parenting philosophy - seeing the child as a whole person. Their underlying behavior is from Magda Gerber (RIE) of "do less, observe more". There are minimal toys, and no planned activities. It's all about letting the kids work out their agendas on their own, with as little adult intervention as possible. This offers parents a nonjudgmental environment, where they avoid making judgments about the kids, ourselves and each other.

Topics they discuss include:

They also encourage allowing children to problem solve with little intervention from parents. For the moms/dads that attend, it's a time to discuss respectful parenting and get support on this philosophy. They also have Mia von Scha of Transformational Parenting on board as a guide. Both parents and children can enjoy a healthy snack during the session, using proper cutlery and crockery. The venue also has jungle gyms and sandpits for some fun outside climbing and socializing.

Kindermusik @ Stimustation

What's better than being in a positive environment with your child and a passionate teacher? Grow closer to your child at Kindermusik and unlock their potential. Think research-based programmes that enhance your child’s holistic development, prepare them for school and future music training, as well as instilling a lifelong love of music. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? The programme is aimed at children aged 0 - 7 years old. So, even if you are a little behind on the parent-child classes, Kindermusik offers you a chance to work on your communication skills through music.

Click here for more information.

Details: 44 Alexandra Street, Centurion, Gauteng | 012 667 5199 | [email protected]


The Baby Lady

Want help with the basics of childbirth, breastfeeding and baby stimulation? Then you need The Baby Lady. Additionally, for constant help throughout your early motherhood journey, there's a WhatsApp support group where all the moms are in contact. You can ask questions, discuss products, vent or just learn from other parents. It's absolutely fantastic! Click here to follow them on Facebook.

Details: Hyperion Drive, Northriding, Johannesburg | 082 494 2903 | [email protected]

Baby College

Baby College takes in children from birth until the age of 3 years old. Classes include a carefully designed mixture of physical, multi-sensory and cognitive games, exercises and activities including music, dancing, signing and much more – all created to cover every aspect of your child's development. For their latest classes, visit and follow their Facebook page.



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