Safety Barriers

From sharp corners to stairs and door edges, our homes are pretty much a danger zone for any crawling or standing baby. Safety barriers help to prevent baby from bumping into sharp corners, falling down the stairs or having the door slam on them. Baby City outlets have a great variety of barriers you can get for your home.

Our Picks: Door Finger Guards, Cabinet/ Wardrobe Lock, Corner Cushion, Open Door Lock, and the Safety Gate.

Baby Cot

Fall Prevention

If you leave your baby unattended, for example to use the bathroom, leave them in their cot or Moses basket (if they're under 6 months). Alternatively, if you've left baby to nap, secure their sleeping space with cushions and pillows, so that if they wake up and roll over, they won't meet the floor but comfy pillows and cushions instead . There is a great selection of cots, nappers, and Moses baskets at Babies R Us.

Our Picks: Moses baskets,  Wooden Cots, and Bounce 2-in-1 rocker bassinet.

Poison Prevention 

This links to safety barriers by making sure hazardous chemicals are kept far from baby's reach. These could be anything from cleaning products to medications. If you don't have high shelves or storage to keep hazardous products out of reach, then invest in safety barriers. And if your baby loves water, definitely invest in a toilet lock. Baby City also stocks some great options.

Safety Socket

Electricity And Cables 

The last thing you want is to have baby crawling behind the TV cabinet and playing with the cables. The best way to prevent this is to get a cable management system in place. Crabtree has some great options you can pick from, depending on your taste, home design and cable location. Also, should you have any exposed electrical sockets, get those covered up ASAP! Crabtree also has a variety of covers you can pick from.

The Swimming Pool

An uncovered swimming pool is a safety hazard for babes and young children, so secure your swimming pool with a cover or net. Mana Pools & Covers has a great selection of covers you can pick for your pool.

Our Picks: Solid Safely Cover.

Know of other crucial baby-proofing tips not mentioned above? Let us know below!

Toy Zone

This specialist mega toy store (yes, mega) stocks everything your child would ever dream of playing with. In the boy's zone is an array of cars and action figures. Meanwhile, doll houses and karaoke sets can be found in the girl's zone. They also have a family zone and cyber zone with board games, TV and computer games, puzzles and so much more. They have numerous stores in Gauteng. Click here to find your nearest store.

The Toy Factory Shop

The Toy Factory Shop, as the name suggests, is a factory shop fully dedicated to the play needs of little ones. Branded toys from Barbie to Ben 10 and Disney can be found here. Not to mention a huge variety of iPod docks and electric scooters. They really have everything a youngster could want and it’s all far cheaper than commercial toy shops. The owner further assures us that the products are not damaged or imperfect in any way. The stock is all end-of-range and new. This means you get great toys at a considerably better price. You can thank us later.

Polly Potter's

Polly Potter's is a family fun business. Their toys are divided into age, gender, pretend play, arts and crafts, educational, puzzles, wooden toys, wheels and other. This way you are given a range that caters to your kids' specific toy needs. Polly Potter's also offers online shopping for your convenience.


Toys R Us

Toys R Us, well-known and trusted retailer available nationwide, offers a wide range of toy options in their different categories. They also frequently post hot deals and specials on their website. Be prepared, your kids won't want to leave the store once inside.

Babies R Us

Babies R Us is a division of Toys R Us, which specialises in merchandise and toys for babies and toddlers. You get everything from walkers and strollers, to soft rattle toys and wooden building blocks – just in case you have a little architect on your hands.


Founded by William Hamley in 1760, Hamleys has a reputation for delivering only the finest quality toys for kids. Their stores are a child's paradise, offering wish fulfillment deluxe. The store is also well known internationally and its branches in South Africa can be found in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Splurge on your kids in this wonderland.

toy store

Toy Kingdom

Toy Kindgom describe their stores as fantasy wonderlands. With every item your prince and princess could ever want under their roof, they're exactly that. Take a browse through Baby Boulevard (with items for 0–24-month-old's), girls and boys sections, Lego Lane, Barbie House, Princess Place and Soldier Street. Every one of their five stores is unique.  We encourage you to visit each spot to find the one you – and your little one – love most.

Toy Adventures - Pretoria

What started as a small family-run store in 2009 selling only Lego, has now grown into three well-loved toy stores in Pretoria and Centurion. Toy Adventures' focus is on quality toys that give good value for money. They stokc all major brands including Lego, Playmobil, Top Model, Burago and many more. They’ve since expanded into e-commerce, stocking over 6000 products. Check out their online store, as they offer free door-to-door delivery for orders over R499. Find them at Byls Bridge Promenade in Centurion, and Grove Mall and Irene Village Mall in Pretoria.

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