What makes it unique

B Swim School in Bryanston is unique in its approach as it aims to teach water safety skills in a matter of WEEKS! Using a very gentle and fun programme that was developed and tested in the USA, it quickly shows babies how to turn onto their backs, float, rest and breathe for an indefinite period of time. This amazing skill could prove to be a lifesaver if children accidentally fall into the water during a momentary lapse in adult supervision.

Plus, children undergo a “clothes test” before graduating to show that they can happily float on their backs while wearing heavy winter clothing. After all, accidental drowning can happen year-round and not just when they are dressed in light summer clothing. Special needs children are also accommodated.

b swim school

Next Step...

Children are then taught the float-to-breathe method – to float and swim with their faces in the water. This is very different to the doggy-paddle we all did as kids and builds a solid foundation and correct head position going forwards.

Thereafter, strokes and correct breathing techniques are introduced in group classes.

b swim school

Contact Details

Address: 27 Chesterfield Road, Bryanston

Phone: 083 649 9067

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.bswimschool.co.za

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BSwimSchool

b swim school