Mini Zen Garden Sea Life

Enjoy the ocean life on your desk at home or in the office. Bringing you zen like before, this beautiful zen garden will melt away your stress. This zen garden includes all the ocean-themed accessories you need to escape to an ocean getaway. This also makes a great gift to help adults mediate, reduce stress and practice mindfulness.

Price: They go for R1283 and you can buy yours here!

Buddist Statue Zen Garden Sand Kit

This mini zen garden is just what you need to feel calm on those busy days. It comes with a tealight and incense stick holder to help you relax even further. This spiritual meditation decoration is the perfect accessory for your desk or home.

Price: They go for R349,19 and you can buy yours here!

Japanese Feng Shui Sand Zen Garden

Used for meditation purposes, zen gardens help clear your mind of stress, pressure and mental turmoil. The physical components of this beautiful garden are broken down simply; sand represents the sea, stones represent the mountains and the wooden rake is used for tending the sacred garden. Enjoy the ancient tradition by cultivating your own zen garden and create endless patterns.

Price: They go for R406 and you can buy yours here!


Nature's Mark Mini Meditation Zen Garden

This beautiful tabletop zen garden comes with eight pieces; a base, four rocks, a bag of sand, a rake, a Buddha and a bridge statue. Use this one to aid in meditation sessions and to create positive energy. You can place this beautiful garden in your 'serenity room' or in a peaceful corner in your home or office.

Price: They go for R790 and you can buy yours here!

Nature's Mark Yin & Yang Mini Zen Garden Meditation

The important benefit of a mini zen garden is stress relief. By raking the sand and arranging the stones, you will feel yourself starting to relax and let go of negative energy. Get this calming zen garden and rake the sand in repetitive movements to help focus on the present and forget about the past.

Price: They go for R945 and you can buy yours here!