Before you whip out your art and craft gear, it’s important to talk to the kids about what upcycling is and why it’s so important. Explain that similar to recycling, the projects you will be undertaking together are good for the environment. "By reusing what we already have, we are helping to save the environment and the world's animals", you could say. 

If your kiddies haven’t yet learnt about what these terms mean at school or from you, incorporate a few minutes of learning about the environment into their daily routine. There are tons of great online resources to help you out, so don’t neglect this important part of their education. Your first upcycling project may even be to create a poster out of old cardboard filled with all the new words they have learnt related to recycling, upcycling and the environment. Alternatively, make it part of the children's chores to dig through their cupboards for old clothes, toys and craft materials. It’s a decluttering project and educational lesson all in one! 

Now that you’ve done the homework of explaining upcycling, you can get started crafting. Here are five simple upcycling projects you can do with the kids using cardboard boxes, old jars, tin cans and toilet paper rolls. Plus, there’s a fun colouring-in project at the end. Enjoy.

Cardboard Box Board Games

Families world over have been hosting game nights to keep entertained in lockdown. If you’re short on family-friendly board games, make your own out of a cardboard box. You can make anything from Battleships to Foosball and even a handheld labyrinth. Let the kids decide which game they would like to make (this way they’ll stay invested in the project). Check out the video below for inspiration and then get busy making! 

Glass Jar Fairy Lamps

Every child needs their own night lamp to help scare away the Boogeyman. Rather than purchase an expensive new light for their bed stand, get them involved in creating their own fairy lamp made out of used glass jars. 

You will need:

Check out this tutorial for a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect DIY fairy lamp.

Tin Can Marimba Band

Have you always wanted to start a family band? Now you can! Gather the kids together to create your own instruments out of tin cans. Please be sure to thoroughly rinse your cans first and check for any sharp edges or snags - the last thing you want is a nasty boo boo when working on an upcycling project. Remove all labels from your cans and then get started transforming them into a set of drums, shakers or clashing cymbals. Let the kids paint their instruments using acrylic paint and once they are dry, fill them with grains of uncooked rice or popcorn kernels. Jam session anyone? 

Click here for more fun homemade musical instruments you can make with the kids. 

upcycling projects

Toilet Roll Train

In the time before kids could code by the age of six, toilet roll snakes and trains were the coolest school projects. Teach the kids about what your school days were like with this nifty upcycling project. After nearly two months in lockdown, you should have ample toilet paper rolls stored away. Get the kids to paint their train or snake and then help them string it together. You can use old bottle caps for the train wheels or odd buttons for the snake’s eyes. The family member who makes the slinkiest snake gets an extra helping of pudding after dinner!

Funky Shoes

Last, but certainly not least, is the funky shoes project! We all have a pair of shoes in our cupboards that could use a little TLC. Encourage the kids to find a pair of shoes that still fit them but may have lost their colour or are looking a bit worse for wear. These should preferably be cotton or canvas sneakers, but any old shoe will do. Now, let the kids unleash their creative energy by either colouring in or embellishing their shoes. You can use khoki pens, fabric paint, fabric cut-offs, melted wax crayons or stick-ons to jazz up your shoes. Just be sure to lay out lots of newspapers to catch any spills or mishaps! 

upcycling projects

Good luck with all your upcycling projects! Let us know how it goes. 

What Is It?

Beat the lockdown boredom by joining an online creative class with Cassie's Workshop! Each Monday and Thursday during lockdown you can join Cassie via Zoom to get creative and shared what you have been up to while at home. Whether its an art project, a craft or a DIY adventure, this creative workshop is all about sharing and dedicating an hour to your artistry. Here's what you will need:

Happy creating!

When Is It?

Every Monday and Thursday between 11:00 - 12:00 during the lockdown period.

Where Is It?

Online, Zoom - Subscribe via to get the zoom link!

How Much Is It?


For More Information

Follow Cassie's Workshop on Facebook for more information.


The lockdown period is the perfect time to teach the kids how to whip up basic meals. Get them involved in dinner planning by making a list of their favourite meals or cuisines they have an interest in. A good way to encourage children to brave the kitchen is by gifting them with their own recipe book. This may be something you buy online or a special hand-me-down book of granny's old recipes. Also invite the kids to help you out with tasks in the kitchen, such as chopping vegetables or preparing the ingredients for a sauce. Don't forget to teach them proper knife skills to avoid accidents!


Do you or your little one have a birthday coming up? While you may not be able to go out and celebrate, you can still throw a cool lockdown party. Get the kids involved in baking their own birthday cake, cupcakes or making party packs for the family. This way they are still allowed to feel special on their birthday, while learning a great new skill. Check out our article on baking for beginners to find a few easy recipes to try out with the kids.


Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your garden for the coming winter and impending spring season. Get the kids involved in mulching your soil, transplanting herbs and watering your garden. Studies have shown that there are numerous motor-neuron benefits attributed to playing in the mud and getting a little dirt on your hands. So, get out your child's wellington boots and allow them to explore the garden and discover new worlds. Make up stories of garden fairies and gnomes if you must, but make it as fun as possible.

As older children may be less inclined to join you outside, make gardening part of their chores. Teach them the names of the plants and how or where to plant them. They may not show much interest in gardening now, but they'll learn that later on in life it sure comes in handy to know your petunias from your primroses!

Arts & Crafts

You may be asking, are arts and crafts really a life skill? The answer is yes. Learning a crafting skill at a young age not only helps children develop healthy hobbies, but can be revisited later on in life as a means to make extra income. Plus, teaching your child how to knit, crochet, sew or sculpt is a great bonding experience. During this time, you may also want to invest more time in your children's artistic education. These skills are often the first to be forgotten in overburdened education systems, but play a vital role in young people's mental health and ability to express themselves with confidence. Check out these handy online arts and crafts resources for kids and adults to get started.

life skills


Dads, this one is directed at you. Teach your kids how to fix things for themselves! Not only may this save them money in the future, but it's a deeply personal gift to pass on to your little ones. If you are blessed with the ability to pull something apart and put it back together better than new, don't let this talent end with you. Start with the basics - how to change a tyre or a lightbulb. If you seem to spark an interest, move on to bigger DIY tasks. They may become your right hand man or woman!

What are some of the valuable life skills your parents passed on to you? Let us know how you will be imparting this vital knowledge onto your kids during this lockdown period! 

What Is It?

Crafters and hobbyists, it's that time of year again. Hobby-X makes its return to the Ticketpro Dome this March, bringing along with it all you could ever need to get creative, from mosaic to paper craft, decoupage, scrapbooking, card-making, journaling, woodwork and so much more! You can also get expert advice from vendors or try your hand at a new hobby craft. This is the 22nd annual Hobby-X event, so be sure not to miss out.

When Is It?

Thursday, 05 March 2020 - Sunday, 08 March 2020.

Where Is It?

Ticketpro Dome, Northumberland Rd & Olievenhout Ave, North Riding, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets are R100 at the door.

For More Information

Visit the Hobby-X website for more information or follow them on Facebook.

Details: +27 72 364 7809 / + 27 11 478 3686 | [email protected]

Papier-Mâché Easter Baskets

Let the kids make these papier-mâché baskets for their egg hunt instead of spending a fortune buying baskets.

What you need: 


Blow up the balloon and tie it closed. Draw a pattern around the balloon with a marker. Balance the balloon on a bowl to prevent it from moving around too much. Next, tear the newspaper into long strips. Dip the paper into the papier-mâché and attach it around the top of the balloon until the pattern you drew is complete. Continue attaching newspaper until you have a thick layer of paper around the balloon (about five layers). Allow the papier-mâché to dry, this will take a few hours. When the papier-mâché is dry, pop and remove the balloon. As an optional step, sand the basket to get smooth edges. Next, paint the basket and attach embellishments of your choice. Make some small holes in each side of the basket and attach the ribbon.

Image and idea sourced from Red Ted Art.

Easter Egg Wreath

These wreaths are not only adorable, but easy to make too. Make a few and hang them off a tree outside during the Easter holidays for a gorgeous decoration.

What you need: 


Start this project by cutting out the inner portion of the paper plate. Cut out large egg-shaped patterns from the coloured paper. Next, glue the eggs onto the paper plate. Tie the ribbon into a bow and attach to the top of your wreath.

Image and idea sourced from The Resourceful Mama.

Eggshell Painting

Let your little ones have a blast creating their own art masterpieces. But be warned, this project can get a little messy. We recommend doing it outdoors with lots of newspaper!

What you need:


Carefully wash the eggshells to remove any remaining egg then fill them with various colours of paint (we recommend using washable paint). Glue a bit of tissue paper (in the colour of the paint) over the opening of the egg shell. Now, hand the eggs over to the kids and watch as they make a mess throwing their paint bombs at the canvas.

Image and idea sourced from Growing A Jeweled Rose.

Bunny Boxes

This is a great way to put an Easter spin on your children's juice boxes. When they are done with their juice, they can use the box as a delightful organiser.

What you need: 


Wrap the sides of the juice box in brown paper. Cut two feet and ears per box out of the brown paper. Next, cut out pink inner ears and foot pads and glue onto the brown pieces. Attach the feet and ears to the juice box and draw on a face.

Image and idea sourced from Scrapping With My Bug.

Peekaboo Eggs

These unique crafts are made using clothing pegs. When you pinch open the peg, you'll receive a surprise visit.

What you need: 


Start by cutting out small egg shapes from the glitter cardboard. Then, cut the egg shape in half in a zig-zag pattern. Glue each side of the egg to the clothing peg. Make sure you align the egg and peg, so that the egg closes when the peg is pinched closed. Cut out a small piece of yellow paper and draw on eyes and a beak using the coloured pens. Cut out a tiny piece of cardboard and attach it to the other side of the peg. Stick the yellow paper onto the cardboard so that it is facing the egg.

Image and idea sourced from One Little Project.

Easter Character Jars 

These cute jars can be made in any Easter character of your choosing, think bunnies, chicks, eggs or even carrots. Fill them with speckled eggs, Smarties and other sweets and hide them for the kids to find during their Easter egg hunt.

What you need:


To begin, paint the jars and their lids in the colour of the Easter character, such as white for bunnies, yellow for chicks or orange for carrots. Next, cut out embellishments from the coloured paper, such as a beak and feet for a chick and ears and feet for a rabbit. Make whiskers for the rabbit using white pipe cleaners. Glue on these embellishments with the hot glue gun and fill with sweets.

Image and idea sourced from Creative Ramblings Blog.

Do you have any other Easter crafts for kids? Tell us about them in the comments section below!

1. There Are Plenty Of Delicious Goodies

What's a market without delicious nibbles and treats? At The Linden Market, you can expect an array of gourmet food stalls offering many delights to tickle your taste buds. And if you're looking for something refreshing to keep you hydrated and cool while you stroll and shop through the stalls, take your pick from a selection of craft beers, cocktails and wines. Don't forget to visit the gin and bubbly bars!

The Linden Market

2. Lots Of Entertainment

The Linden Market has a great entertainment lineup in store for you on the day. You can start off the day with some Yoga In The Park, then catch some live music from 10:00 onwards, including performances by Jack & June and Bad Peter (to be confirmed). Also, don't miss Classics in the Garden, which is proudly brought to you by Classic1027. The show will take place from 12:00 - 14:00. This six-piece orchestra will thrill audiences with music from modern classics to much-loved favourites by classical masters.

linden market

3. Shopping Galore

Now for the main event - over 150 stalls for you to explore, wander and shop through! These curated stalls showcase an interesting selection new and antique wares. There definitely is something for everyone at the market, from stunning handmade jewellery and the cutest one-of-a-kind baby-grows to authentic leather accessories and shoes, and much more.

The Linden Market

4. You Can Date-a-Dog On The Day

Along with bring the best in local arts, crafts and wares, The Linden Market is also passionate about supporting local charities. CLAW with Benji & Moon will once again host their date-a-dog initiative, giving market goers the chance to meet the beautiful four-legged sweethearts looking for their forever homes. And if want to spoil them, you can take them for a walk through the market! Just keep in kind that by the afternoon, they are a little pooped after all the love, spoils and walking all morning, so make sure you arrive early if you want the opportunity to walk one (or two) of them. Also, you can support this amazing cause by making a donation.

The Linden Market

5. There's Fun For The Kids

This market is the perfect outing for the whole family. There's plenty of creative activities and excitement for the little ones to keep them busy. There'll be a bungee trampoline and a jumping castle to let them blow off some steam, face painting, as well as tie dying and of course the opportunity to walk and love the dogs at the CLAW with Benji & Moon initiative.

The Linden Market

When Is It?

Saturday, 28 September 2019 from 09:00 - 16:00.

Where Is It?

Johannesburg Botanical Garden, 45 Thomas Bowler Street, Emmarentia, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Entrance is R30 per person at the gate on the day. Or you can get your tickets online at Quicket.

Pensioners get in at R15 per person and children under the age of 12 get in for FREE.

There is safe parking at Rooseveldt High across the road for R20 (proceeds go to the school) and lots of shaded seating to enjoy the live entertainment.

For More Information

For more information about the Linden Market, visit

You can also contact them on 079 509 6446 or [email protected].

Also, follow or like them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay informed on the latest news and upcoming events.

Images provided by The Linden Market.

What Is It?

The Bedfordview Sunday Market is finally here! Join them for their Sunday Fun Market. It's all the fun and excitement of the The Bedfordview Night Market, but on a Sunday. As a bonus, with the spring weather rolling in there is bound to be plenty of sunshine and warm breezes.

Join market goers for an awesome selection of craft stalls, amazing food, new cocktails, wine tastings, live music, plenty of shopping, great atmosphere, great company and a sunny day out for the whole family! This is Bedfordview's largest multi-cultural market, so you definitely won't want to miss it.

When Is It?

Sunday, 29 September 2019 at 11:00 - 16:00.

Where Is It?

79 Boeing Road East, Bedfordview, Johannesburg (Jeppe Quondam Sports Club Fields).

How Much Is It?

Not mentioned.

For More Information

For more information visit their website or Facebook events page or contact them via email at [email protected]

Herbert Evans Art Shop

Herbert Evans arrived in Joburg in 1889 with only a cart, a ladder, some paintbrushes and pure ambition. Over a century later, the Herbert Evans Art Shop is still thriving. Their specialist fine art supply shops are a wonderland to painters, sketch artists and even props makers. Supplying graphic pencils, charcoal, oils and acrylics, calligraphy ink, polystrene blocks and the finest paper, Herbert Evans is the go-to for all things artsy. Plus, their friendly staff are often artists themselves and always have the best advice on which materials to use.

However, for years, those of us hailing from the East side of Johannesburg have had to schlep all the way out to their stores in Fourways or Rosebank. Those days are finally over, as Herbert Evans has opened up a quaint fine arts supply store right in the heart of the Maboneng Precinct!

Welcome to Maboneng

Herbert Evans officially opened up their Maboneng store in February 2019. The store is situated within the Arts on Main building. Tucked neatly between a clothing boutique and the Arts on Main entrance, you could easily miss the store in between the hustle and bustle of the street. Things get especially rowdy on Sundays, as the Market on Main action takes over the street. Pop into the store when it all gets too much. The sight and smell of new paper, pens and paintbrushes is sure to soothe you right away.

Now, I must mention that the Herbert Evans Maboneng store is quite small. Unlike the Fourways and Rosebank stores, this is a minimalist, bare essentials kind of place. But, they have not skimped on quality at all. You can still get all your favourite branded art products at decent prices. Most importantly, the signature Herbert Evans wood mannequins liven up the shelves.

Arts and Crafts

Herbert Evans offers fine artists, graphic artists, scrapbookers and creative hobby enthusiasts only the finest quality products. From Mont Marte paintbrushes in all shapes and sizes, to Van Gogh and Rembrandt watercolours, Copic markers and the finest grain cotton-art-paper, they have it all. One half of the Maboneng store is dedicated just to paper and canvases! So, no matter what kind of project you have undertaken, they are bound to have just the right materials to bring your creative imaginings to life.

Looking for school art supplies? Herbert Evans is your answer. They often have sales with up 50% off pencils, fine liners and acrylics. Check out their Facebook page for upcoming sales offers.

For more information

For more information, visit their website, or, follow them on Instagram.

Contact them on 011 614 0000 / 083 633 4430 or via email at [email protected]

Craft Café

Craft Café is an arts and crafts store and café in Benoni. Aside from serving a good cup of java and freshly baked cakes that change daily, they also specialise in quality wool, scrap-booking necessities, a wide array of beads and beading tools, as well as a rainbow of mosaic tiles. They offer daily arts and crafts classes on beading, mosaics, quilting and scrap-booking for every level of experience. Check out their website to see what courses they are running on any given day. You can also see their Facebook page for handy arts and crafts hints and ideas and even memes.

Find more information here. 

Pottery Junxion

The Pottery Junxion in Edenvale is a specialist store in all things ceramic. They have a huge variety of ceramics, paints and mosaics. And they offer a variety of workshops for both young and old, professional or amateur. They also host some specialty courses. Some of the workshops they offer are ceramic painting, mosaics, Powertex and clock making. And they also host birthday parties, so you can make a day of art and craft fun with your friends and family. Check out their Facebook page to see their workshops.

Find more information here.


Craft Classique

This craft store in Kempton Park imports special 180gms Premium Italian Flower Crepe paper. They use this high quality crepe paper to sculpt the most beautiful realistic flowers. This shop also stocks various other fine craft materials. They offer classes to teach how to use their high class products to make crepe flowers and for decoupage. You can find the date and times of these classes on their Facebook page.

Find more information here.

The Yarn Tree

Needless to say, The Yarn Tree is a yarn store. What makes this store special is that they have a wide variety of yarn, available in natural, hand dyed, acrylic, imported and local. They also have crochet and knitting accessories in store. While knitting and crochet might be a little old-fashioned to some, it can still be an enjoyable hobby. You can join them for a class on knitting and crochet to learn beginner techniques or to make bags, shawls, jerseys, teddy bears and even baskets. Make sure to check out their Facebook page to see when their workshops take place.

Find more information here.



This gallery and studio in Kensington focuses on pewter. Pewter is a clay like substance made from a mixture of metals that hardens. The final product from pewter crafts looks similar to silver. Mimmic offers beginner workshops that includes a kit with all the necessary tools and supplies. They also offer workshops in copper and other techniques. Check out their Facebook page to see their upcoming workshops.

Find more information here.

Lavender and Time

Lavender and Time are also based in Edenvale. They sell and repair sewing machines and stock everything needed for quilting, embroidery and crocheting. These include fabric, wool and cotton, thread and needles. They host classes in quilting, embroidery, crocheting and even have the occasional smocking class. To see when and where their workshops are, check out their Facebook page.

Find more information here.


Do you know of any other arts and crafts courses we may have missed? Let us know about them in the comments section below!

Arts and crafts activities are great for children to partake in. Not just because it's fun, but because it improves their coordination as they often have to use both hands. It also helps them solve problems, practice patience, tolerance and persistence. Most importantly, it helps them release their creativity and express themselves. Allowing them to get creative can get pricey when you need to buy paintbrushes, clay, glue, glitter, tape, pencils, crayons, ribbons and everything else. And kids are notorious for giving up their old hobbies and replacing them with something new in a blink of an eye. So, affordable arts and crafts are something every parent needs. These crafts will give them all the benefits of arts and crafts without the massive price tag.

Paper Mâché

Paper mâché is the art of mixing together some gloopy stuff, dipping strips of newspaper in it and using the soggy paper to build something interesting. When dry, the final product can be quite pliable. If you want the result to be more rigid, simply add a tablespoon or two of wood glue to the gloopy mix. Remember that paper mâché needs a long time to dry, so start your project a few days before you need it completed.

What you need: 1 cup water, 1 cup flour, 2 tablespoons wood glue (optional), a base and strips of newspaper.

Method: Mix the water and flour, add glue if using. Mix until it is mostly lump free. Make a base shape. Dip the newspaper strips in the gloopy mix and attach to the base. Continue until you are happy with the project. Allow to dry. Decorate as desired.

Check out this page for some paper mâché ideas to try out.

paper mache


Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into various shapes, objects and forms. This can be used to make anything from extravagant animals to simple book marks. Younger kids and beginners can start with the easier projects while older kids and adults can do something a little more complex.

What you need: Sheets of multi-coloured paper

Easy, Peasy and Fun has some great origami templates.



Clay is a fun way for kids (and adults) to have a lot of squishy fun. They can spend hours building whatever they want and if they are not happy with it they can just tear is apart and start again. Clay can get quite expensive, so we have found this home-made recipe that can be made in all the colours of the rainbow. This clay will also dry hard so you can keep your children's works of art for years to come.

What you need: 1 cup corn flour, 2 cups bicarbonate of soda, 1 1/4 cups water, food colouring

Method: Mix a few drops of food colouring with the water. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cook over medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Cover with a cloth. Allow the mixture to cool. Knead and use.

Recipe sourced from



This colourful string is an easy way to keep your kids busy for hours and to teach them patience and resilience. Trust us, there is nothing that can be quite as frustrating as a wild ball of yarn that won't behave. But once this string as been tamed, it can create beautiful crafted pieces.

What you need: yarn, wool or string, glue, other; depending on project.

Find some fun yarn projects here.



Decoupage is similar to paper mâché as it also involves a glue-like substance and paper to make a project. However, decoupage glues paper onto objects for decoration. This is a lovely way for kids to personalise some of their belongings or to make extra special gifts and cards for others. The kids will be busy for hours, combing through newspapers and magazines looking for pictures for their decoupaging.

What you need: 1 cup white craft glue and 1 cup water for the glue as well as pictures; cut out from magazines or newspapers, stickers, photos etc.

Method: Mix the water and glue. Brush this mixture on the back of the pictures. Stick the pictures onto your surface of choice. Seal the front of the photo and object with more of the glue mixture. Allow to dry.

Look at Crafts By Amanda for some cute decoupage ideas.


Easter Egg-citement!

What are you up to over the long Easter weekend? If you have no idea what to get up to with the family, then be sure not to miss out on all the egg-citement at Carnival City. The outdoor Pocket Park will be a hive of activity for the kids from 19 to 22 April 2019.  Expect special visits from the Easter Bunny, plenty of arts and crafts, face painting and of course, an egg hunt. The Easter egg-tivities will take place from 12:00 to 17:00 daily and are all FREE to enjoy (including the Easter egg hunt at 12:00 and 15:00 on Easter Sunday, 21 April 2019).

Carnival City’s Pocket Park is an exciting, grassed children’s outdoor play area complete with modern climbing frames. The brightly coloured, circling structures feature obstacles for children to climb and slides to zoom down while parents take a breather on one of the benches. There is no cost to climb and play in the Pocket Park.

Carnival City

There's More Fun!

Other family friendly entertainment to enjoy at Carnival City include laser games at the Lazer Zone, Go-Karting on a simulated Grand Prix circuit, arcade games at the Magic Company, the latest movies at Ster-Kinekor and ten pin bowling. Outdoor activities include rides for smaller children and carnival stalls, where youngsters can take a stab at winning a few cool prizes. There's plenty to keep the little ones entertained at Carnival City!

Easter Feasting

After all the Easter fun, families can relax and enjoy a hearty meal at Carnival City’s Thunder Eagle Spur or Panarottis. The restaurants share a large kids’ play area, featuring play modulars and plenty of entertainment. The new RocoMamas is another enticing option for hungry guests. Famous for their meaty smashburgers, mofo wings and seriously messy ribs, RocoMamas also has a great vibe.

Carnival City

Don't Miss The Joyous Celebration!

A highlight over the Easter weekend entertainment lineup are performances by South Africa’s biggest and best loved gospel ensembles at the MTN Joyous Celebration at the Big Top Arena. These shows are part of their nationwide MTN Joyous Celebration Tour 23. Tickets are available at Computicket.

For More Information

For more information about all this egg-citing entertainment and Carnival City, visit their website at You can also call them on 011 780 7800.

Don'r forget to give them a like or follow on Facebook and Twitter.


Quilling is the art of rolling and folding strips of paper and gluing them together to form creative designs. The resulting art is a colourful and vibrant 3D art work. This is a great way to use up any paper you have lying around whether it is from magazines, coloured paper scraps of left over scrapbooking paper. Simply draw an outline of a design on a piece of cardboard, cut your paper into strips, roll the paper into circles, glue the edge of the paper down so that it does not unravel and stick the circle of paper onto your cardboard design. The Spruce Crafts has some gorgeous quilling ideas for beginners.



We have all seen the pretty mosaic tables made from broken tiles. But there is no reason that mosaics arts and crafts should be limited to tiles. Some magnificent pieces can be made from materials you have lying around your house like beads, stones, glass, bottle caps and even straws. Simply break your chosen medium into different sizes and arrange into a pattern of your choice and glue with an appropriate adhesive. Check out Craftionary for some inspiration.



This hobby traditionally uses yarn or thread to form objects like fabric and baskets. But weaving can be a very diverse hobby depending on what materials you choose to use. Weaving can be done with fabric ribbons, paper, plastic and even wire. Weaving is a great way to reuse plastic bags to make something that won't clog our oceans. Simply cut the plastic bags into ribbons and weave away. Check out WeaveZine for a tutorial on how to replace yarn with plastic for your weaving projects.

weaved bags


This one is all in the name. Scrapbooking uses scraps in a creative way to beautify precious memories like photographs, letters and cards. The method involves framing memorabilia with various arts and crafts objects like buttons, sea shells, beads and stickers. You can even decorate your projects with some of your weaving and quilling projects or make a mosaic. This is a lovely craft that can use up left overs from other crafts or anything you find around your house such as paper clips, pressed leaves and flowers from your garden or cut outs of old cards, magazines and wrapping paper. Better Homes & Gardens will inspire you to get scrapbooking.


Modelling Clay

Modelling clay can be a fun way to create amazing pieces. The only limit to what you can create is that of your imagination. This is a relatively easy hobby to master as it only requires making a shape out of clay, allowing it to dry and then adding some colour. You can easily make your own air drying clay out of old newspaper, cardboard or egg cartons, water, and glue. Make a base shape out of old jars, cardboard and even foil. Creative Mom, our inspiration for these crafts, has many ideas and tips on her Youtube Channel.


What Is It?

There will be dancing, drinking and captivating displays of beautiful art at the Henley Wine, Art & Music Festival. Festival lovers can look forward to grand concert featuring an orchestra and various soloists, a classical car show, arts and crafts on display, tasting wine at various venues, and enjoying dinner at a number of restaurants in the village. There's also a charity fun run that will take place at Fraser Park. Will you be there!

When Is It?

Saturday, 25 August 2018 - Sunday, 26 August 2018.

Where Is It?

Henley on Klip, Meyerton, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets for the Henley Wine & Art Route cost R120 per person (pre-book online). Put in an additional R150 per person if you want to attend the concert. Register online here!

For More Information

Visit their website for more information on this event.

What Is It?

Weekend Market JHB is hosting a stunning night market so we can enjoy it while it lasts! Spend the evening indulging in gourmet meals from around the world and savour the outdoors under the stars and fairy lights. You can also browse and support the craft stalls while spending quality time with the entire family.

When Is It?

Friday, 25 May 2018 from 18:00.

Where Is It?

Weekend Market JHB, corner Nasrec Road and Rifle Range Road, Ridgway, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets are free.

For More Information.

For more information visit or contact 082 497 7218 [email protected].

What Is It?

Saturdays are all about relaxing and doing a little shopping. There is better things to do, other than lazing around the house on this beautiful morning, then why not head to the Crafters & Food Market at Cedar Square? Expect a morning (and afternoon) filled with delicious foods and loads of drinks, plenty of arts and crafts, accessories, gifting ideas and so much more. This makes for a great outing for the whole family.

When Is It?

Saturday, 28 April 2018 at 10:00 - 15:00

Where Is It?

Cedar Square Shopping Centre, corner Cedar and Uranium Road, Fourways, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Entrance to the market is FREE.

For More Information

For more information about this market, visit their Facebook page

What Is It?

Kick start the Hindu festivities with family and friends at this fabulous market. Joziburg Lane brings a public festival of light and it’s going to be amazing! Attendees get to experience India in our beautiful city, enjoy tons of entertainment, tantalising food, arts and crafts, fashion and so much more. Remember to tell all your friends.

Where Is It?

Joziburg Lane, Cnr Eloff & Wemmer, Johannesburg

When Is It?

Friday, 04 November 2015 at 13:00 – 22:00

How Much Is It?


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Toy Zone

This specialist mega toy store (yes, mega) stocks everything your child would ever dream of playing with. In the boy's zone is an array of cars and action figures. Meanwhile, doll houses and karaoke sets can be found in the girl's zone. They also have a family zone and cyber zone with board games, TV and computer games, puzzles and so much more. They have numerous stores in Gauteng. Click here to find your nearest store.

The Toy Factory Shop

The Toy Factory Shop, as the name suggests, is a factory shop fully dedicated to the play needs of little ones. Branded toys from Barbie to Ben 10 and Disney can be found here. Not to mention a huge variety of iPod docks and electric scooters. They really have everything a youngster could want and it’s all far cheaper than commercial toy shops. The owner further assures us that the products are not damaged or imperfect in any way. The stock is all end-of-range and new. This means you get great toys at a considerably better price. You can thank us later.

Polly Potter's

Polly Potter's is a family fun business. Their toys are divided into age, gender, pretend play, arts and crafts, educational, puzzles, wooden toys, wheels and other. This way you are given a range that caters to your kids' specific toy needs. Polly Potter's also offers online shopping for your convenience.


Toys R Us

Toys R Us, well-known and trusted retailer available nationwide, offers a wide range of toy options in their different categories. They also frequently post hot deals and specials on their website. Be prepared, your kids won't want to leave the store once inside.

Babies R Us

Babies R Us is a division of Toys R Us, which specialises in merchandise and toys for babies and toddlers. You get everything from walkers and strollers, to soft rattle toys and wooden building blocks – just in case you have a little architect on your hands.


Founded by William Hamley in 1760, Hamleys has a reputation for delivering only the finest quality toys for kids. Their stores are a child's paradise, offering wish fulfillment deluxe. The store is also well known internationally and its branches in South Africa can be found in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Splurge on your kids in this wonderland.

toy store

Toy Kingdom

Toy Kindgom describe their stores as fantasy wonderlands. With every item your prince and princess could ever want under their roof, they're exactly that. Take a browse through Baby Boulevard (with items for 0–24-month-old's), girls and boys sections, Lego Lane, Barbie House, Princess Place and Soldier Street. Every one of their five stores is unique.  We encourage you to visit each spot to find the one you – and your little one – love most.

Toy Adventures - Pretoria

What started as a small family-run store in 2009 selling only Lego, has now grown into three well-loved toy stores in Pretoria and Centurion. Toy Adventures' focus is on quality toys that give good value for money. They stokc all major brands including Lego, Playmobil, Top Model, Burago and many more. They’ve since expanded into e-commerce, stocking over 6000 products. Check out their online store, as they offer free door-to-door delivery for orders over R499. Find them at Byls Bridge Promenade in Centurion, and Grove Mall and Irene Village Mall in Pretoria.

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From plenty of materials and inspiration, to creative fun with interesting hands-on workshops, Hobby-X is a crafter's haven! Perfect for those up-to-the-minute, one-of-a-kind, made-with-love, hand-crafted designer pieces you want to create!

What Was It?

Whether you are looking to start a hobby, or just want to enjoy a few hours of crafting and getting your hands dirty, Hobby-X is just the place to be! This expo offers creatives and crafters a spot to “dream it, design it, and make it”, with plenty of inspiration from their array of supplies and workshops.

Just imagine stunning mosaics, fabulous yarns, scrapbooking supplies, canvases and paints, laser cut décor, vintage crafts, specialised tools, baking and cake decorating, clock making, how-to books … the list is endless! And, regarding workshops, you can try your hand at doing embroidered butterfly canvas art, mosaic masterpieces with glass and beads, multimedia scrapbooking, and even art décor blocks. Click here to see what workshops they have in store this year at the Hobby-X expo.

When Was it?

Thursday, 03 to Sunday, 06 March 2016. Expo times are as follows:

Thursday and Friday – 10:00 to 18:00
Saturday – 09:00 to 18:00
Sunday – 09:00 to 15:00

Please note: Thursday, 03 March 2016 is for TRADE ONLY.

Where Was it?

Ticketpro Dome, Northumberland Road and Olievenhout Avenue, Northriding, Johannesburg.

How much Was it?

Entrance is R70 per adult and R20 per child aged between 6 and 12. Tickets are available at the door.

For more information

For more information about Hobby-X, visit their website at You can also contact them by calling (011) 478 3686 or via email at [email protected].

Also, keep up to date with the latest news about the expo, be sure to like their Facebook page.

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