I know, no one ever necessarily sits and decides that they are going to write article about candles, but here I am writing away about the best candle spots.

Trust me when I say candles go a long way, and before we start thinking in our South African ways of how they can get you through all the load shedding. Yes! They can most certainly do that however we are about to go to the depths of why you might need good candles and the benefits of buying a specific kind for every occasion.

Sparking A Confession

In all honesty, being the incurable romantic that I am; I find that candles are the best thing ever to really set the mood for almost anything depending on what kind of candles you use. I feel like something as small as using the wrong colour can put you off theme (sounds like science I know, but reality is some candles just do not accommodate a beautiful candlelit dinner).

Now, let's go to a few places in Johannesburg that offer a wide and unique set you can use for different kinds of occasions. I'm talking domestic, candlelight dinner, meditating or even aromatherapy to enhance fragrant in the house, your wedding and many more. I could ramble all day about it so let's check these spots out...


Soy Lites

Soy Lites is absolutely awesome, with an offering that will have you seeing everything from a different light. LOL!

You can probably find any candle you are looking for here, they boast with a creative bunch that includes their versatile aromatherapy range. This one in particular, has something fruity, drops of citrus in some, herbal, floral - it's refreshing really.

They have amazing sets that are perfect for gifting.


Candle Makers

The words 'Candle Makers' alone is enough to let you know that they are good at what they are doing.

They have a wide variety including the super cute scented wax melts and holders. They have a lot of accessories that you need to accompany your candles. This is definitely the spot to visit when you are preparing for that romantic dinner.

Here's a cherry on top - you can create your own masterpiece, with a massive fourteen colours to choose from; you might end up making something rainbow coloured.


Yankee Candles

'Yankee' is probably the most well known candle spot around and I think after seeing their candles you, you will understand why.

They have a wide range from the classics to decor with the added aromatherapy plus, car lovers are going to love this - they also have car fragrants.

With all that said, we have seen how important the right candle is, so don't go using your aromatherapy set for load shedding (unless desperate times call for desperate measures).