Mo's Genesis

Mo's love of clothes began when he was a young man, growing up in Morocco – Marrakech, and having his father as a motivational figure. “My father was either in an army uniform or a suit, which were all tailored - and all displayed in his wardrobe from the lightest colour to the darkest!"

Growing up in Morocco also played a vital role in inspiring him with its diversity, striking contrasts, vibrant colours and the contradiction of its terrain. “You can be sitting in Marrakech in 28 degrees while watching the snow on the top of the mighty Atlas Mountains and marvelling at the contrast between the backdrop of the snow and palm trees of the desert!"

From The Top

“I would describe my fashion inspiration as a mighty tree: the roots are deep in Morocco/Africa and the branches are overlooking Europe, exactly like the location of Morocco within Africa. I think this is one of the reasons I have managed to work with the likes of Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford and so on. I draw my inspiration from a lot of places," he explains.

Emzo Bespoke

Tailor To The Stars

Mo, as the master tailor likes to be called, has worked with the likes of Idris Elba, Mark Strong, Tom Hardy and P. Diddy - to name but a few. He says that it was such an honour to work with all of them, but it is Eric Clapton that stands out the most. Apparently, when Mo's wife gave birth prematurely, Eric Clapton caught wind of it and sent a variety of gifts through!

African suits for the African male

According to Mo,“Bespoke menswear suiting in South Africa is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. As a proud African myself, it bothers me to see some Africans investing in ready-to-wear suits from known European designers - when our body shape (as Africans) is completely different. Emzo BESPOKE aims to create a pattern that will suit the muscular body of the African man. It just doesn’t make sense to invest a fortune in a Dolce & Gabanna suit, for example, if it doesn't fit. South African men embrace innovation, colour and new ideas, and I truly believe that Emzo BESPOKE offers all these things to our clients.”

What's In A Suit?

"Firstly, the client picks their fabric of choice, all of which are imported from England, and then measurements are taken. Thereafter there will be a mid-fitting before the final product is presented to you, to perfection," Mo explains. He then goes on to tell us why all Emzo Bespoke suits are handmade in Italy. Apparently he once worked with a gifted Napolitano dressmaker who has since retired and moved back to his village in Italy. He now makes all the suits for Mo's clients - and has them sent to the studio in Linden! The prices of his suits starts at R 14 500.

Emzo suit process

Current And Future Products

"I am trying to reach out to those who are willing to pursue their dreams in tailoring, but do not have the necessary equipments and knowledge to do so”, says Mo. "In addition, I am currently working on a ladies’ collection, mainly jackets, feminine suits and skirts so that everyone can experience the luxury of having their very own tailored outfit!"

Emzo Bespoke

For More Information:

For more information about Emzo Bespoke, visit www.emzobespoke.comemail [email protected] or call 082 816 7895. 

Address: Emzo Bespoke, 22 8th Street, Linden, Johannesburg.

Also check out his, Facebook account.