Eastgate Shopping Centre has some exciting news to announce to all their loyal shoppers. On Friday, 29 November 2019, not only will they be bringing you the best Black Friday deals in the city, but the centre will also be launching its rooftop Aquaponic Farm District! Eastgate Shopping Centre is breaking new ground. Partnering with Ichthys, one of the most influential aquaponic companies in the world, to provide sustainable solutions to food production and food security for its clients, offering them 100% natural and fresh produce at the source.

Eastgate's Aquaponic Farm is the first of its kind across shopping centres in Southern Africa. Utilising smart new technologies, they will effectively use 90% less water than conventional farms. This eliminates waste produced by aquaculture systems and regular hydroponic systems. It also reduces carbon emissions, as there is no need for road distribution. Overall, Eastgate's Aquaponic Farm will produce 100% natural food that tastes great and is healthy. The centre will also eliminate the use of plastic packaging, creating a cleaner area around the farm. 

“Liberty Two Degrees (“L2D”), owners of Eastgate Shopping Centre, have committed to reaching a Net Zero Sustainability target by 2030. The addition of the Aquaponic Farm District at the centre entrenches our continued efforts to spread awareness about the current environmental crisis, while providing our customers with an environmentally friendly alternative to food sourcing. We are extremely proud to be home to an innovative, organically designed and operated farm that supports our natural ecosystem,” says Asset Management Executive of Eastgate Shopping Centre, Carmen Collison.

aquaphonic farm

What Is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics marries aquaculture and organic farming with hydroponics, the process whereby plants and fish are grown together in one integrated system. The fish produce clean and natural fertiliser that provides a natural food source for the growing plants. The plants in turn provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in. 

“The chemicals and synthetic fertilisers used in conventional farming, as well as excess water usage, carbon heavy distribution and plastic packaging of produce has become increasingly more harmful to both our environment and to our health. So, what we do is offer the ultimate solution to sustainable farming through aquaponics. We are excited to be showcasing the future of food production that is affordable, sustainable, certified by nature and educational alongside Eastgate Shopping Centre”, says Managing Director of Ichthys, Justin Hess.

Eastgate Shopping Centre’s Aquaponic Farm District will offer customers the option to buy direct. Selling organic fresh fish, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, spinach and so much more to the public. For your convenience, these products will be sold every day from Friday, 6 December 2019 outside Entrance 10. 

For More Information

If you are interested in how the process works, visit Eastgate Shopping Centre this December. They will be conducting guided tours of their Aquaponic Farm District. Find more information about this at the Farm District Information Kiosk, located next to the Piazza, or on the centre's website

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