From The Orchard To Your Long Chill

We would agree that Strongbow truly brings natural refreshment into the city. Indeed it did do just that as it brought rejuvenating vibes into the city on the 25th of April 2019 with its Urban Orchard pop-up bar. Hunnnnny it was a vibe!


What Did You Miss?

The question is were you there? I know we were and we had a blast! We were in the heart of Joburg in the lush inner-city orchard at Victoria Yards and the drinks were definitely flowing, where guests enjoyed delicious Strongbow cocktails, good tunes and mouthwatering food, all while mingling with some of Jozi's coolest kids on the block. If you weren't there it's okay you live vicariously through us and that's also fine, cause we've got your back. But you have to be there next time!


It Is Refreshing By Nature

The world’s no. 1 cider is positioning itself to South African consumers as the perfect drink for the long chill as it can be enjoyed during the day and well into the night. The Urban Orchard Pop-Up bar hosted a mentorship bar where people tasted an array of taste sensations and a few different ways to enjoy this delicious drink. And of course the entertainment line up of DJ's was the highlight of the night giving us Julian Gomez, Deniece Marz and Uncle Party Time, we couldn't escape the dance floor the music was that good.


In addition a secret ingredient, an international variant was introduced on the day. This variant was served as the base ingredient to refreshing cocktails featuring Strongbow, fresh fruit and herbs. This secret ingredient is the Artisanal Blend - a cloudy appearance, reminiscent of traditional ciders. The subtle yet charming aroma of farm-fresh heirloom apples is balanced by the pleasant refreshing texture. The semi-sweet finish indulges your palate with the velvety and crisp apple kick. Told you apples are important! Trust and believe we kept going to the bar to get a refill.


For More Information

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