Where To Eat

Cosmopolitan is such a terrible word but it'd be the best one to use when explaining the Melville cuisine scene. At the top of 7th Street there's Xai Xai serving Mozambican food and then on 4th Avenue there's Perron - the self-proclaimed Mexican appreciation society. In between there's a French-style patisserie, a restaurant that specialises in eggs (yeah) and tons more. Pretty much whatever you're in the mood for you'll find in Melville. Also, it's worth mentioning that Ant Cafe serves the best pizza in the area - we can't stop eating their stuff.

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What To Do


Melville takes on a whole new appearance at night. Because it is central to two major universities there is a vibrant student life. The bar and lounge scene is huge here. If you're going bar hopping then start at Hell's Kitchen with its Fire Water whisky and work your way down the strip. There is also an LGBT vibe going on at Ratz. Be sure to check out the best cocktails in Melville as well. Note that you will most likely bump into a celebrity when hitting Melville so don't act too starstruck, you hear. Just go out and explore Melville.


As one of the original cultural hubs of Jozi, Melville boasts a bunch of art galleries, historic second-hand bookstores and cool places for writers, artists and TV people to hang out at. Be sure to stop by The Art House on Corner 4th Avenue and 5th Street.

27 boxes

Points Of Interest

Melville is home to the world renowned 27 Boxes - a shopping centre constructed out of shipping containers. Melville Koppies is an awesome place to go for a walk - it's dog-friendly too. A lot of the old mining houses in the area were built during the gold rush and some have been turned into guesthouses. Melville also is full of second hand and charity shops which are all filled with amazing treasures. Remember the best way to experience a neighbourhood is to run headfirst into it... so, you know, go explore Melville.

Words and photos by Shawn Greyling

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