This pizza and pasta joint has several locations all over Joburg. Which is great, because then we can grab some of their yummy food no matter where we are. They have several vegan pizza options, such as the Margherita, Lazio and Cosi Verde. We love the Lazio with avocado, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin seed pesto. But all of these pizzas are delicious in their own right.

Find more information here.

Smack Pizza Co, Rivonia

This pizza shop just popped up out of nowhere and suddenly, it's the pizza place on everyone's lips. And we are loving it. They don't have a huge selection, but what they do offer is just right. Try a vegan pizza topped with vegan cheese, beetroot, avo, tomatoes, onions and olives. Not only is this delicious, but all the fresh ingredients also make it healthy... well, sort of.

Find more information here.


Doppio Zero

We love the vegan range at Doppio Zero, featuring delectable bowls, wraps, burgers, curries and pasta. But have you tried their vegan pizza? If not, you should. This pizza is loaded with Napoletana sauce, vegan cheese, basil, artichokes, roasted red pepper, olives and rocket. If that isn't enough to satiate your appetite, top off your pizza with your choice of extra toppings. With everything from broccoli to pineapple, there's something for everyone.

Find more information here.

Andiccio 24

This fast food shop has popped up just about everywhere in recent years. And we aren't complaining. They offer some of the best fast food pizzas and pastas available from a takeaway joint. These include tasty vegan options. The Vegherita is basically a vegan Margherita. If you'd like more ingredients on your pizza, they have a wide array of extra toppings. We like the sound of roasted garlic, avo and caramelised onions.

Find more information here


Lupa Osteria

While this isn't strictly a fine dining restaurant, it's the closest on this list. This Italian restaurant serves some of the best Italian fare in Joburg. And, they have an entire vegan menu, an oddity for a cheese and meat loving Italian eatery. But we won't complain. Their vegan menu offers up the Yoga Bunny Pizza with Napoletana sauce, vegan mozzarella, roasted butternut, Peppadews, vegan basil pesto, avocado and rocket.

Find more information here

Piza ē Vino

When it comes to Piza ē Vino, Italian food is a way of life! And this is why Piza ē Vino has been celebrated as one of the city’s top pizza spots. Their pizzas are just SO good! Here, you can expect to indulge in flavourful pizzas, created with only the best in high quality ingredients, and the crusts are just so moreish. Here, you can substitute your mozzarella with vegan cheese at R15 for a medium pizza and R20 for a large pizza. You can never go wrong with a pizza treat from Piza ē Vino!


What is your favourite vegan pizza spot? Let us know in the comments section below!

Andiccio 24

Have you ever looked at a pizza menu and been at a loss over what to order? Sometimes, the combination of toppings just doesn't tick all the boxes, right? Rather than compromise on what you really want, head out to Andiccio 24 to build your own pizza. There is no set menu here, but a collection of base options, toppings and sweet treats. Start by picking out your perfect base - margherita, vegherita (vegan cheese and tomato), calzone or focaccia. There are Banting and health base options too, for those of you on strict diet regimens. Next, choose your cheese - with over 15 varieties, there is an endless array of options at Andiccio. Throw on some protein or veg and you are good to go!

Andiccio also has dessert pizza options. Build your very own Nutella base pizza, complete with sweet toppings, including marshmallows, jelly tots, Kit Kats and Astros. You could quite literally never eat the same pizza twice at Andiccio. So, what are you waiting for?

Click here for more information.

build your own menu

Salsa Mexican Grill

Salsa is a DIY Tex-Mex heaven, offering their patrons the chance to pick and choose all their favourite Mexican flavours to compile into towering plates of nachos, crispy tacos or the cheesiest quesadillas. Once you have been seated, your waitperson will bring around menu sheets filled with meal and topping options. It can be a little daunting at first, especially if you are unfamiliar with Mexican cuisine. However, Salsa staff are usually friendly and accommodating, so ask for assistance if you need it.

Create your own Mexican feast by selecting your base or bowl - either a soft or hard shell taco, burrito wrap, quesadilla or lettuce shell. Next, pick a protein. We like the sound of their new nacho-crusted chicken strips! You can then add a few extras, including cheese, grains or veg. Finally, pick a salsa topping. The menu has icons to help you decide the level of heat you want in your salsa, from mild to 'tears running down your face' spicy. Choose wisely!

Click here for more information.

BGR Rosebank

BGR Rosebank is all about the simplicity of a good American burger. They serve no-fuss, down-to-earth fast food with hand-formed beef patties, perfect buns made without preservatives, real mayo and smokey BBQ sauce. The menu has only four set options - hamburger, double hamburger, cheese burger and double cheeseburger! However, they have an array of free toppings to choose from, so you can customise your burger to exactly the way you like it. Throw on some lettuce, tomato, onions (grilled or raw), grilled mushrooms, pickles, peppadews, jalapeno, BGR Sauce, Ketchup, mayo, mustard, hot sauce or BBQ sauce. There are also two vegetarian burger options here, as well as good old American fries and milkshakes. Check them out the next time you take a meander down the Keyes Arts Mile.

Click here for more information.

Brooklyn Brothers

For more American-inspired build-it-yourself grub, head out to your nearest Brooklyn Brothers restaurant. Their menu features 13 different buffalo wing flavours, including garlic Parmesan, honey mustard, sticky maple, masala spice and chipotle. You can order a four or eight piece snack in one flavour, twelve pieces in two flavours or 20 pieces to share. There are also an array of hot Brooklyn Brothers flavours, which range from mild to 'suicidal'. Vegans can enjoy cauli-wings as a delicious meat-free alternative.

If you aren't in the mood for wings, try out a customised BB burger. Add an assortment of toppings to your original burger, or swap out an ingredient you may not like on one of their gourmet meals. Building your own burger has never been this exciting. We recommend customising an original BB burger with sliced pickles, emmenthal cheese and tomato relish. If that doesn't rock your boat, then visit a BB eatery to build your own menu instead.

Click here for more information.


This is the spot for serious foodie DIY-ers. Here, you can build your own menu, complete with smash burger, ribs and wing combos! For the ultimate smash burger, choose your base, add your toppings and unhinge your jaw for the messiest burger meal you have ever eaten. RocoMamas' variety of meat and vegetable bases include a Southern fried chicken breast and a super meaty beef patty, paired with extra bacon, cheese, veg, pickles and sauces. They also offer eight different wing flavours, as well as two creamy dips to choose from. Sadly, their ribs only come in two different flavours - Sweet BBQ and Sweet Fire - but we think that there is more than enough variety here to keep you coming back for more.

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Rockets Express

Now, for something a little less deep-fried and a lot more fresh. Rockets Express stores offer build-it-yourself designer salads, featuring one base, a portion of protein and your choice of dressing to bring it all together. You can opt for a leafy base of lettuce, spinach or kale, or grainy brown rice, pasta or quinoa starter. Next, chuck in a little meat, veg, dairy or added carbs and top off with a delicious dressing. We like the idea of quinoa, chicken, feta, mixed veg and pesto vinaigrette salad bowl. But, the joy of this place is that you can customise your salad to your preference. So, whether you are all about the leaves or think that meat on meat is the perfect salad, there should be something to fill your tummy here.

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build your own menu

Crumbs and Cream

Our final indulgence is a little Crumbs and Cream. Build your very own ice cream sandwich here, made with the most chewy biscuits and creamy ice cream. The three step process is simple - pick any two cookies, select your ice cream flavour and choose a topping or spread. You can also order a DIY kit for up to 10 people to take home! Their new summer menu features three new cookie flavours; White Chocolate Macadamia, Triple Bar One and Chewy Ginger. However, it's the waffle sandwich we are most excited to try. Imagine smooth and sweet ice cream sandwiched between two crispy waffles. Yum!

Click here for more information.

Do you know of any other restaurants in Joburg that offer a build your own menu? Let us know about them! 


You are spoiled for choice at either Rosebank Mall or The Zone when it comes to eating out. Each boasts a variety of impressive restaurant and cafe features. So, whether you are in the mood for a quick coffee or a long lunch, you can find your perfect fit at these malls.

Rosebank Mall

In line with their African-meets-European retail experience, Rosebank Mall offers shoppers a great selection of eateries with diverse menus. Catch an Italian-inspired lunch or dinner at Andiccio 24 - serving up custom craft pizzas, salads, ciabatta and Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream 24 hours a day, this is a pizza lovers dream restaurant. You can order your pizza without cheese or with a gluten-free base too, so nobody is left out of the experience.

In the mood for coffee and cake? Pop into Caramello's. This Rosebank Mall resident has been in operation since 2002, bringing shoppers the tastiest artisan cakes. They also have a full A La Carte menu to enjoy on special occasions. With more than 20 varieties of cheesecake, there really isn't anywhere else you need to be!

Rosebank Mall

Caramello's Cakery

Europa is one of Rosebank Mall's most popular foodie joints. The atmosphere here is always welcoming and the smells wafting from the kitchen are oh-so inviting. For a classic Margarita pizza with a super crispy base and fresh basil, or the best white hot chocolate in the city, visit Europa. Breakfast, lunch or dinner - their Mediterranean fare is always a treat.

Of course, we must also mention Starbucks at Rosebank Mall. Free WIFI, great coffee and tasty sweet snacks, what more could you ask for?

Rosebank Mall

The Zone @ Rosebank

The Zone offers hungry shoppers an array of restaurants to choose from. The food court here is all about elegance, indulgence and good vibes. Most of The Zone's eateries have outdoor seating, so you can enjoy a little sunshine and fresh breezes, too.

For good wine, freshly made pasta and great service visit Piza ē Vino. This is real Italian food made authentically, with the finest ingredients. Delicious.

Health fanatics have two options here - Lexi's Healthy Eatery or tashas. Lexi's is all about healthy, ethical and sustainable eating. Plant-based eaters can indulge in delectable breakfast bowls, gourmet toast, sarmies, wraps and sweet indulgences, all made from plants and with very little processed animal products. There is a kiddies menu too, so the whole family can go out for a healthy bite to eat.

The Zone

While tashas have a number of franchises across Joburg, each have their own menu and personality. tashas at The Zone is always bustling. Their decor is eye-catching and stands out from all the rest - think lots of green, splashes of gold and bold prints reaching out in the courtyard to call you inside for a bite to eat. This is the ideal spot for a Saturday morning brunch with friends, before you head out on that shopping spree.

In a hurry? Pop into Motherland Coffee for a pick-me-up. Their premium African roasts are just the right balance of bitter and sweet. Or, you can ditch the diet and order a divine doughnut from Krispy Kreme. They have free WIFI, so sit back and answer a few emails while dunking away at your secret cheat.


Shop till you drop is an understatement when it comes to both Rosebank Mall and The Zone. Featuring your favourite department stores, fashion boutiques and kids clothing emporiums, these malls are the ultimate places to shop in the city.

The Classics

Rosebank Mall is perfect for seasonal clothing shopping and getting hold of all your essentials. Offering you tons of variety in style, function and price range. Our must-visit ladies fashion outlets at this mall include, H&M, Poetry and Nicci Boutique. For the guys, we recommend Cotton On, Fabiani and Jones & Kent.

Rosebank Mall is also a great place to do your year end stationery shopping. With a Cardies, CNA, Exclusive Books and TYPO, you can get all you need for school, work or fun.

The Mall anchors itself on South Africa's most well loved department stores - Edgars, Clicks, Pick n Pay, Dis-Chem and Woolworths. So, come and get your grocery shopping, clothing run and stationery needs all at one super chic Joburg mall.

International Extravagance

The Zone @ Rosebank is home to a number of European and American apparel brands, including Timberland and Adidas. They are also home to the Thula Sindi brand - a proudly South African women's wear brand dedicated to affordable quality. Get yourself some fancy new footwear at Superga, Nike or Europa Art Shoes. The Zone is the place to deck yourself in the latest international fashion trends. Shop here for special occasions or the next time you score a big bonus!

The Zone


Joburg shoppers are hard to please - we don't only demand the best in food and fashion, but we expect to be entertained by our shopping experiences too. Luckily, Rosebank Mall and The Zone are well equipped to cater to all our needs.

Markets & Movies

Rosebank Mall offers two alternative retail experiences - the Rosebank Sunday Market and the Rosebank Art & Craft Market. The Sunday Market takes place on the parking rooftop, bringing you a large selection of craft stalls, live music, kids entertainment and gourmet food traders. This world-class market is a must-visit. Check out their Facebook page for event updates.

The Rosebank Art & Craft Market is a permanent feature at the mall, taking its residence right next to Europa. Don't let first impressions fool you, this is no ordinary flea market. As you descend into the underground market, it opens up into a plethora of stalls selling African curios, trinkets and hand-crafted goodies. You could spend a few hours exploring down here, discovering the warmth and ingenuity of traders from across Africa.

Rosebank Mall's Ster-Kinekor Cinema is dedicated to bringing you the best art-house films, live screenings from the National Theatre in London and South African releases. The cinema has recently been revamped, offering movie goers a coffee bar, gourmet menu and more comfortable seating. Click here to see our list of must-see movies at Rosebank Mall Cinema Nouveau.

Family Fun & City Sightseeing

The Zone @ Rosebank is family-fun orientated, offering you and the kids a world-famous toy emporium, arcade games galore and the chance to explore the city.

Pop into Hamley's to be transported to the magical world of toys. Their plushies are too cute for words and their range of toys are superior. Plus, kids can enjoy a ride on the Hamley's train or an impromtu dance off with the Hamley's Bear.

Older kids will appreciate the good times to be had at The Fun Company. Arcade games, bowling, mini-golf and spinning bumper cars will keep them entertained for hours. Parents can unwind at the Sports Bar, or have a go at competing with the kids at their favourite games.

Lastly, bring the family along for a City Sightseeing tour on the iconic Red Bus. The bus departs from The Zone, taking you on a trip through the city to the Johannesburg Zoo, the Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill and Carlton Centre. Afterwards you can catch a family-friendly movie at The Zone's Ster-Kinekor Cine Prestige theatre.

So, there you have it. All that Rosebank Mall and The Zone have to offer. We'll leave it up to you to decide who wins this battle!