Kaylee's Eatery opened its doors in early 2019, becoming one of the only fully plant-based restaurants situated in the quiet East Rand. Situated just next door to the epic Comic Warehouse in Bedfordview, Kaylee's provides vegans of the East with their fill of tasty breakfasts, burgers, salad bowls and scrumptious desserts (their decadent chocolate brownie served with dairy-free ice cream is legendary among vegan sweet tooths). Kaylee's food motto is all about feasting to your heart's desire, as all their ingredients are cruelty-free and kind to the earth. So the next time you feel a hankering for a tasty vegan burger, sandwich or waffle coming along, check out Kaylee's Eatery for a delicious, guilt-free feast.

Kaylee's Under Lockdown

As we entered level 3 at the start of June, we received the excellent news that our favourite vegan hangout would be open again! Kaylee's is now offering walk ins, collections and delivery through Uber Eats. The menu has been compressed somewhat to facilitate contactless delivery. However, if you prefer to visit them in person, you can rest assured that the restaurant is fully COVID-19 compliant, safe and ready to welcome you back. Pop in to get a taste of their special blend almond and oat milk coffees, smoothies, wine, whiskey, beers and wholesome vegan meals.

Kaylee's updated trading hours are as follows:


Photo sourced from Kaylee's Eatery on Facebook.

All Day Breakfast And Winter Warmers

Kaylee's all day breakfasts offer the ultimate plant-based indulgence. Thankfully, their new menu features a great selection of these tasty and energising breakfasts. Our top pick is the Breakfast Burrito - tofu scramble, roast tomato, salsa, black beans, vegan cheese, spinach, red onion and avocado sandwiched in a tortilla wrap. This is the kind of meal you could wharf down for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, it's loaded with healthy proteins and fibre, so you can feel good about what you are putting into your body.

As the season grows colder, you will probably crave warming, hearty dishes. Luckily, Kaylee's Eatery is here to see us through the chilly winter with their hot and hearty vegan meals. We love their Red Pimento and Blush Tomato Pasta. Made with red pepper, garlic and blush tomatoes, served atop linguini, fresh basil and toasted pine nuts, this winter warmer is sure to satisfy your deepest cravings.

Gourmet Shakes

When last did you indulge in a good gourmet milkshake? Kaylee's shakes are all made from a coconut base so you can tuck in without any worry of triggering your allergies or stepping outside of your strict vegan lifestyle. Take your pick from an Oreo, Strawberry, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chocolate Brownie or Coffee shake. Paired with one of Kaylee's Beyond Burgers, this is vegan 'junk' food at its very best.

The Beyond Burger - Photo sourced from Kaylee's Eatery on Facebook.

How To Order

Now that you've got a taste of what Kaylee's has on offer, you're probably wanting to order from them. You can call them on 011 524 7603 to place your order for collection. Alternatively, download the Uber Eats app and order your Kaylee's meal for delivery. You can also visit the restaurant in person, but please do remember to wear your cloth face mask and maintain a good physical distance from others at all times.

For More Information

Visit kaylees.co.za for more information on their menu offerings during level 3 lockdown. You can also follow them on social media to stay up to date with their COVID-19 safety precautions:


Details: 147 N Reef Rd, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

Plant-Based Haven At Wonderland Park

If you have ever driven along the N12, you have most likely spotted the signs for Wonderland Park. No, it's not a theme park or carnival, but a wonder-filled emporium for nerds of all kinds, home to the epic Comic Warehouse, The Cookie Co. and Kaylee's Eatery.

The rise of veganism has taken Bedfordview by storm in recent years. Unfortunately, restaurants have been slow to catch up. Luckily, at the start of 2019, Bedfordview vegans were gifted with Kaylee's - a strictly plant-based eatery dedicated to good food, great flavour and saving the world! What could be more heroic than that?

Kaylee's food motto is simple: feast freely. Offering their loyal patrons wholesome and nutritious plant-based breakfasts, snacks, bowls and sweet treats. All of Kaylee's ingredients are cruelty-free, so you can indulge with the knowledge that your food is 100% compassionate, conscious and super healthy.

Kicking It Off With Quinoa

The super food of the moment, quinoa features heavily on Kaylee's menu. This nutty grain is gluten-free and packed with nutrients and fibre. Start your day the right way with a bowl of vanilla-spiced quinoa oats, served with almond butter, berry compote, chia seeds and nuts.


Not much of a morning sweet tooth? No worries. Kaylee's all-day breakfast menu features a great selection of savoury spreads. Think herb-infused Mediterranean shakshuka, Swiss potato rosti and a breakfast burrito filled with scrambled tofu, black beans, vegan cheese and red onion. Our favourite is the Greenhouse - a farm style brekkie with tofu scramble, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, vegan bacon, spinach and your choice of toast. Washed down with one of Kaylee's double shot coffees, this is vegan breakfast heaven.

Power Bowls & The Beyond Burger

Fresh food movements are popping up all over the place. With the Japanese poke bowl gaining popularity, Kaylee's adapted their menu to feature a range of Power Bowls. Try out their take on the traditional Poke Bowl, with wild rice, edamame steamed corn, pickled beetroot, mange tout, spring onion and sriracha mayo. Or, take a journey to Mexico with their Taco Bowl, featuring quinoa, black beans, tomato salsa, avo, creamy lime and coriander dressing and crunchy tortilla chips. You won't leave Kaylee's hungry.


Another vegan must-try is the Beyond Burger. Since it hit stores and restaurants, this 100% plant-based burger patty has had vegetarians and vegans tingled with curiosity. Designed to look and taste just like a beef burger patty, the Beyond Burger is juicy and flavourful. It is also soy and gluten free. Kaylee's offers two Beyond Burger options - The Original, served with homemade pickles, sweet onion relish and mayo, and The Beyond Cheeseburger which features all that plus gooey vegan cheddar cheese. Give it a try.

A Little Sweetness

Kaylee's mission is to prove that plant-based eating doesn't have to be boring. That's why their menu features a few sweet surprises, Belgian waffles served with vegan ice cream, traditional apple pie, lemon meringue, chocolate mousse and chocolate brownies! All made without dairy or egg, these desserts are a real treat.


For More Information

Follow Kaylee's Eatery on Facebook for more information about their menu and special events.

Details: 011 524 7603 | Wonderland Park, 147 North Reef Rd, Bedfordview.